I never thought that this day gonna come……Jae covering Glamorous Sky, one of song that i really loved which composed by Hyde, Mika nakashima is the one who singing it first but Hyde also ever cover it with his band L’arc n ciel  (Laruku). I also heard that Hyde, Gackt also came to JYJ concert on the last day………So basically other celebs that came from day 1 to the last day are :  Shirota Yuu, Hyde, Yamapi, FC Men, KARA’s Nicole and hara, GLAY’s TAKURO, JUNO, Yoohwan, LeeU, Baek Seung Heon, gackt, Hyde, EXILE’s Atsushi & Takahiro, Takei Saki, Yamamoto Yuki, Ooshima Mai (AKB48), Kinami Haruka, model Mao Nagai, producer Josh/Keibo, actress Kumaga Imami, Japanese Broadcast President Miki, actress Takei Emi, Abu Chan, many more

Day 1 ( 130402)

Day 2 ( 130403)

Day 3 (130404)

One Kiss + Glamorous Sky

Video Credit : ayajae11 + Miki4jj via ceskjj9 + kim jenny +  natsuki100165

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