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wanna cry right now……..i don’t know how describe my feeling right now…..when i read and watch the news, the support tweets i can’r help my self for remember every event/moment that happen from 3- 4 years ago till now…sadness, angrier,happiness,grateful, bemused, etc…..everything became one in my heart……
but i also really….really can’t help myself to smirk too……never ever underestimate the power of fans especially JYJ fans…
hurrah for JYJ!!!! Hurrah for JYJ fans/families !!!!!


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My lovely little brother Jaejoong, adorable Yoochun, and charming Junsu, endure the hardship for now and let’s show that you have the competence for broadcast. It’s a happy day. I want to see you on television soon. JYJ, fighting!

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It has come to light that the signatures from JYJ’s 180,000 fans were a great help making the result in which the Fair Trade Commission (hereafter FTC) sided with JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, and Park Yuchun.

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Official statement of C-JES Entertainment regarding FTC’s correction order against the activities of SM Entertainment and Korea Popular Culture and Art Federation to hinder JYJ’s activities as singer.

C-JES Entertainment hereby announces its position with regard to the corrective order of Fair Trade Commission to ban SM Entertainment and Korea Popular Culture and Art Federation from obstructing JYJ’s performances as singer. (full statement of CEO Baek Chang-ju)

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It’s still long and maybe became more hard than before but in those darkness there are always be a light which lift up our boys burden even though it’s just little and slowly but time by time everything gonna became more better than before


“Through this investigation, it has been clearly revealed that SM Entertainment broke fair trade laws and used their monopolistic, dominant position to pressure those who are at a disadvantage multiple times. We believe the orders of Fair Trade Commission appear to raise the alarm to those despotic companies which go against the current governments Creative Economy Policy.

Despite releasing albums, JYJ is still facing the disadvantage of not being able to appear on public programs. However, with the support of today’s policies and systems, we think that JYJ can stand on a fair stage with their future activities.”

Statement from JYJ

“We thank the FTC for their decision. This fight began in 2009 and since then, we felt that we’ve been walking on a path with no end. However, with the announcement from the FTC, we feel a bit liberated and that we received much support. We hope that through…

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i pray that with this event, our boys path for get back their Right as an entertainer gonna be more opened…….(amin….) i hope with the statement from FTC now, those TV broadcast especially entertainment industry started to considered for invite our boys to come to their show and stop being so coward and stop to be so obeyed to SM and their cronies……..It’s really very long long way not only for our boys but also for us, their families, friends and people who really care about this case also care about our boys…..I know it’s not over yet but even though .it’s slow progress but i always believed that it’s gonna bring a positive result for our boys….


On July 24th, the Fair Trade Commission (hereafter FTC) revealed that they have ordered SM Entertainment and the orea Pop Culture and Arts Industry Coalition (hereafter KFPCAI), who have been obstructing JYJ’s broadcast activities, to cease their obstructive actions.

The FTC found that SM and the KFPCAI have worked together to request businesses’ in the industry to prohibit JYJ’s appearances on broadcast programming and musical distribution after JYJ, who were active as members of TVXQ, formed in October, 2010.

**The KFPCAI and SM collaborated in November, 2010, to send documents requesting that JYJ be prohibited from appearing on public broadcast and engaging in music distribution. Including the music distribution company Warner Music Korea, the documents were sent to 9 broadcast stations, 11 music distributions, and 5 online music service companies, making that 26 companies in total.**

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