wanna cry right now……..i don’t know how describe my feeling right now…..when i read and watch the news, the support tweets i can’r help my self for remember every event/moment that happen from 3- 4 years ago till now…sadness, angrier,happiness,grateful, bemused, etc…..everything became one in my heart……
but i also really….really can’t help myself to smirk too……never ever underestimate the power of fans especially JYJ fans…
hurrah for JYJ!!!! Hurrah for JYJ fans/families !!!!!


 photo 0724kkjjtweet1.png

My lovely little brother Jaejoong, adorable Yoochun, and charming Junsu, endure the hardship for now and let’s show that you have the competence for broadcast. It’s a happy day. I want to see you on television soon. JYJ, fighting!

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