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to jaejoong from jaejoong:

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To Jaejoongie…

Hi Jaejoong ah~ I find it really funny.. to write a letter to myself like this..
It’s embarrassing..^^
At first I thought.. “Let’s write it with a light heart..”
But the moment I wrote “Hi”, it made me look back at many memories of the past and the present image of mine.. First.. if you ask me, “How are you now??” my answer is..
“I’m very happy.” I think I will answer like that.

Looking at “me” who was born as “Kim Jaejoong” with countless memories and who is breathing for now, I feel a great happiness, not as celebrity Kim Jaejoong who is receiving so much love but just as human being Kim Jaejoong.
Uhm… Breathing to live day by day, that feeling itself brings me happiness. That’s my “life”.
From countless mistakes and faults which were repeated over and over so far

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About Friendship:

“Friend is one soul put together in two bodies, who understand each other and do not push you out.”
(Trans: @rubypurple_fan)

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On the topic ‘friend’, Jaejoong said “Manners must be preserved [even between friends]. Recently I denounced my friendship with 3 fellows. Unfortunately, they crossed the line – the do’s and don’ts in friendship.” and “For instance, when there’s an age gap between someone and me, even if I talk informally with him, it means the distance between our hearts is shortened, not that he doesn’t need to observe his manners that should still be preserved between us. I can’t be a friend with that kind of person who ignores the line.”
(Source: @4U_JYJ Trans by: @jaetaku)

“People have left my side but a friend is someone who comes to me when I call. Someone who believes in you when others won’t.”
(Trans by: @rubypurple_fan)

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