Lucky International Fan:

She was [an] international fan.
I first knew her when she was 14.
Around 10 years ago, I received her fan letter with her photo.
When I was working as scheduled, I could see the face.
She learned Korean diligently and later, she graduated summa cum laude from college that I advised her to go to.
Also she’s now working in a company that I suggested to her.
And friends around her became my friends, too.

[T/N: JJ actlly didn’t specify the fan’s gender, but I thot he wud’ve said “boy fan” if it was male b/c we all know how he loves his male fans 😀 That’s why translated it as “her” story, so please don’t be too jealous over “her” because we don’t know if it’s she or he. hehehehehe. But yeah, still envious whether it’s a girl or boy.]
(Source: @sweetsvanilla via @catchballJJ_bot Trans: @jaetaku

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