Music & Acting:

“Even if I release a solo album, I want to include one or two pieces of music or songs and essays etc; I want to present it in a slightly special way.”
Park Yuchun mentioned in passing that his works gave him the opportunity to meet colleagues who are like friends. With Han Ji Min from ‘Rooftop Prince’ and Oh Jung Se from ‘Missing You’, they talk like there is no need to rest to take a breath. Seems like these 2 persons are a special existence for Yuchun.
(Source: @02springtree via 暖日呀呀 Trans: Christie)

Epitone Project’s ‘Let’s Go’:

The song Yuchun listens to when feeling sad: Epitone Project’s ‘Let’s Go’.
“Let’s go! Let’s go for a walk, walk towards those distant days somewhere, when we once laughed.
When I’m sad or depressed, I will listen to Epitone Project’s ‘Let’s Go’. I like…

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