Jaejoong and his Fanboys:

It seems that you particularly have many fanboys when analyzing the genders of fans in each JYJ member’s fandom.

Other members also have many male fans. I guess the older I become, the more fanboys I get. It is so cute when teen boys love me, calling me ‘Hyung’. Whenever choosing fans to go on a stage by drawing lots in fanmeetings, if it’s male fan I encourage and hug them more [than I do to female fans] on purpose. And then I also instill this idea ‘Loving Hyung is a highly advisable thing’ in them. (laugh)
(Source: @CheesecakeJJ, Trans: @jaetaku)

The mushy story-line in ‘Missing You’:

It really made my hands and feet curl. After reading the script, I thought, how should I act it out, but when it was aired, the response was very good. I guess if I…

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