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Part 1: Shrimp fest

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[TRANS]Recently, a strange old man has apparently been causing trouble by tweeting about JYJ. Does this dirty old man takes pleasure in hurting someone’s heart? Everyone, please be careful ok.

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JYJ member Kim Junsu will be holding concerts on August 10th and 11th in Busan’s BEXCO.

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Dear all JYJ Fans around the world,

As you know, fangoods has become an essential part of fans’ life as well as the culture of each fandom, which help us show our support to JYJ as well as satisfy our love. Therefore, JYJFamilyVN, a JYJ fansite in Vietnam comes to launch a contest for all JYJ Fans around the world to design fangoods, which bears the hallmark of JYJ.

Quickly join the contest – “Chibi Design Contest” with us to satisfy your love for the boys as well designing and get a set of fangoods for your own.


Time: 2013.08.05 – 2013.08.15

ContentDesigning by your own anything related to JYJ (Note: 3 members of JYJ must be included)

You can draw chibi, cartoon or create symbol or stimulation, which reminds of JYJ members such as Park Yoochun with flip-flop…

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Avex appeal – Second court hearing
Date: August 6th
Time: 11:00am

  • The court has instructed C and A to reach a settlement decision and will meet on Sept 9 at 1:10 pm JST for the agreement.
  • Everything will be finalized on Sept 9.
  • C has won the trial before. Possible that A just appealed because they want a settlement, which is the result of today’s hearing.
  • It is not certain if JYJ can promote freely in Japan after this.

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i am really sad about this matter and it’s really remind me about 7 wonder accident but i am also have a faith that no matter what happen later i am sure there are another big event which involved our boys and bring a positive also happiness like before………. SM have a control on Korea Broadcast but it’s only gonna bring another awareness to the public about the unfair treatment that happen to our boys.


[TRANS] I also have the same stance of hoping to see JYJ at the concert though, I heard from Incheon Urban Development Corporation that MBC is in charge of the lineup since it’s the producer/host broadcaster. I will ask IUDC and the IAG, and check how it happened.”

(T/N: This is Regarding the IAG excluding JYJ from its concert lineup and C-Jes’s stance:

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JYJ the Ambassadors of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, but their appearance at its concert is impossible?

“I clearly saw it. That JYJ were appointed as the ambassadors of the Incheon Asian Games. However, Incheon City tries to hide JYJ from our nation’s citizens while it uses JYJ for promoting Incheon City globally. No matter how hard I look at the Incheon Asian Games music festival lineup, I see no trace of JYJ’s name as the ambassadors they are. Holding a concert to wish for Incheon Asian Games’ success without the ambassadors? It’s their shame to the world.”

This is some JYJ fan’s writing in a social networking site. If you read it thoroughly, you will feel the harangue as well as wrath. In social networking sites, posts saying, “We don’t understand how the ambassadors of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games (hereafter IAG) are not in its concert lineup” have flooded…

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