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Love… Love… Love…

Friends of the same sex, friends of the opposite sex. How do JYJ members understand this? Is it possible for a female friend to become someone that you are in love with?

Junsu was the first to speak: “My answer is very clear. 100% not possible. From the female point of view, it may be possible, but from the male point of view, it is definitely not possible! A female friend who grew closer as a platonic friend, it is not possible for her become a girlfriend.

Yuchun agreed with this opinion of “not becoming confused between love and friendship”.

Jaejoong said, “I think it is not possible.”

Why do you say this?

“Because I have never wavered between love and friendship.”

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My Dear The JYJ

To be together no matter what, sharing the joys as well as the sorrows. When bearing a friend’s pain together, even if the tears shed are the same, your own pain is actually more acute than your friend’s.

Jaejoong and Junsu said, “We cried the most for Yuchun.”

Last March, when Yuchun’s father passed away, they shed more tears than Yuchun. Although Yuchun was part of the bereaved family, he could not keep crying and grieving.

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[TRANS] [Official] While he was recording the narration, he told ‘so adorable’ and ‘so lovely’ to animals repeatedly ^^

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