i really love his wise quotes…….if i am not mistaken he ever said that he learn about a lot of things through interaction with people than a book so i am not surprise if he can see/read through other people like a book


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[TRANS] Attacker and defender. Speaker and listener. Doers and sufferers.
It does not matter.
If there is a conflict because of misleading and contradictory words and actions..
Whether it’s too much or not, it depends on the person’s criteria.

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[TRANS] Listen and experience as much as possible.
Others’ curiosity about you can be triggered and then you can do forms of encouragement for them..
What is important is that you have created your own big weapon.

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[TRANS] Same freedom.
More than your freedom to express.

You might deprive yourself of the freedom to listen to everything around you..

Depending on your level of awareness, you can become the center of this world, or create an empty ego that even you can’t control…

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