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more and more people started to join CJES……


After making YG Entertainment her home, Kang Hye Jung has now parted ways to join C-JeS Entertainment.

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On August 12, C-JeS Entertainment announced that the talented actress is now part of its family. The company promised to do its best to help Kang Hye Jung showcase her excellent acting abilities to the public.

“She is a talented actress who is like a jewel. Her action to actively step forward in her acting career will be good news to the movie industry,” said C-JeS Entertainment.

Kang Hye Jung will be joining JYJ, Seol Kyung Gu, Lee Jung Jae, Park Sung Woong, Song Ji Hyo, and Park Yoo Hwan.

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JYJ3’s Note: She acted alongside with Yoochun in “Miss Ripley” in 2011.

Some details about her is she gained acclaim from the movie ‘Old Boy'(2003) and married Tablo (from Epik High) in 2009.
More information about Kang Hye…

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It’s My Heart, Fans

Fans that warmly keep watch over the group JYJ. They exist with no need of any vanity nor compliments, they can breathe happily, unchanging love and trust, in the past, now, and from now on, people that JYJ cannot be separated from.

JYJ members have always felt sorry towards everyone.
As trusted friends watching over us, always believing us, following us, the gratitude to fans cannot be put into words.
The members were unanimous in saying that they are grateful for the quiet support and it is most beautiful when their reliance on this confidence makes them shine brighter. “Always paying close attention to you all”, “always listening to your songs”, these kind of words that seem ordinary, they are evidence of the deep trust given to us, they give us the greatest support, we are most thankful.

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