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JYJ4SF  and JYJ3 joined together for this project, anyone who want show your love to Junsu’s second album (incredible) please join this project

in English

in Indonesian/ Bahasa

in Japanese

in Spanish

Credit : JYJ3

‘Humour on stage, is it “well scripted” or “impromptu”?
Answer: Of course it’s unscripted! JYJ too, we are totally unscripted.’ ————> that ‘s why i really love u guys, no need a ‘crap’ script to be funny because u guys already funny, so natural and always be yourself….that was one of any other things that makes me really love you guys and Jun-chan you are always be a cute one,
‘Perhaps it doesn’t match his image, but shopping for cooking utensils is Jaejoong’s hobby.I am recently very interested in CHOPPING BOARDS and KNIVES’ ————> (ROFL)
‘Because we’re together for SO LONG, one another’s parents are like our own parents. We’re brothers already.’ ————–> Joongie – ah can you write and release your own book about interior design and cooking too please, it’s good right ? you guys have really a big family now, ^-^
“Kim Jaejoong’s sentiments towards his two brothers are extraordinary.”“Whenever he is with Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, he[Jaejoong] is SO SWEET beyond words.” ————> indeed



  • Calling nuna refers to all my nuna fans. It’s like saying, “don’t just think of me as a younger brother”; don’t just think of me as a younger brother, don’t just touch my head and say im already 28.
  • When it comes to girls, we don’t care about age. Yuchun lived in the U.S. for a long time. A person’s vibe and charm is more important.
  • Have you ever sang ‘Nuna is my Woman’ to a nuna you loved before?
    Answer: No
  • Even if it was 5 years ago, holding an official concert with my name is an unimaginable dream.
  • (On his 31 Dec 2012 concert) that’s the most precious moment of a year..they come to my concert, I ought to treat them very well.
  • Humour on stage, is it “well scripted” or “impromptu”?
    Answer: Of course it’s unscripted! JYJ too, we are totally unscripted.
  • There’s no need to…

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Because we are missing JaeChun these days  photo cry.gif,
Let’s Spazz 2009, when they released “Colors (Melody and Harmony) / Shelter” single,
Wherever you are, We miss you Jaejoong & Yoochun!!!
  photo cry2.gifWe love you and Junsu too  photo kiss.gif

”COLORS ~Melody and Harmony~/SHELTER” is a special japanese single by Jejung and Yuchun released on September 30, 2009


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Curtain Call

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Remembering the Singer Park Yoochun^^

Note: It’s not included Yoochun’s solo performances at JYJ’s Concert in Tokyo Dome 2013, still waiting for HQ version.

Audio Collection By: 6002 Town
Shared by: JYJ3

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