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1. Oh Jung Se on Yoo In Na’s Turn Up the Volume

Q: You have recently filmed ‘Missing You’, our listeners are curious about the atmosphere on set with Yoo Seungho, Yoon Eunhye, and Park Yoochun. A: Although the drama is rather dark and heavy, the atmosphere on set is pretty lively. By taking part in this drama, I learned and realised many things, and received lots of shock.

Q: Why is that so? A: I witnessed many people with great acting – my juniors, colleagues, seniors – performing really well at their respective positions and understood why they were able to take on those roles. Scripts of Korean dramas don’t come out early for the actors, instead they come out really late, adding on to that is that the weather was really cold, and that they were emotional scenes, (where the script) was written very detailedly – after what lines, “tears fall” and such – but after seeing them and the actors and seniors’ performance, I felt, “I needed to work harder”, it’s a drama that allowed me to learn a lot.

Q: During interviews, you are often questioned about your relationship with Yoochun. Yoochun really has many fans, have you ever been put in a difficult position when answering for being afraid of the fans? A: It’s fortunate that I’m not too familiar with idols, for Yoochun too, I got to know him as a person through “Park Yoochun”, so I don’t really understand those things about fans. Towards Yoon Eunhye too, I don’t see them with the ‘singer-turned-actor’ prejudice, and just treat them as actor Park Yoochun, actress Yoon Eunhye, so I don’t have any burden and is not bothered towards this. On set, they were not some kind of star or idol as well, they worked hard to make the atmosphere lively and joked around despite the sufferings. Not only me, the staff too feel much relaxed because of this.

Q: Are you guys now close? A: We became really close in a short period.

Q: So that’s the case. Then let’s listen to a song before sharing more stories about Oh Jung Se. What song shall we play? We’ll play a song that Oh Jung Se would like to listen to tonight. A: Just like previously discussed, regarding Yoochun, he’s a friend whom I have a lot more to understand…

Q: So, it’s singer Yoochun A: How charming the songs of singer Yoochun are, I actually wasn’t aware in the past. Q: JYJ’s songs. A: Although I know about JYJ, but I want to take this opportunity and request for Yoochun’s self-composed song – JYJ’s I Love You! Q: Let’s listen to it now!

Source: Sina

Video Credit: ParkYoochunSGFC

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part 1

I Am, I Am Music


내 운명 피하고싶어


1st Talk




이렇게 사랑해본적 없죠


2nd Talk


Can You Hear Me?


The Last Dance


지금 이순간


Jaejoong’s Narration Video


I Dislike Love




You’re So Beautiful


3rd Talk


I Believe


4th Talk with Guitarist




5th Talk + Piano Practice


Really (Nice Guy OST)


Song for his noonas~




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part 2



Tarantallegra DANCE ver


 슬픔의 행방 / 悲しみのゆくえ / Kanashimi no Yukue

Really (Innocent Man OST)




I Believe


Opening Screen


I am, I am Music


내운명 피하고 싶어


First Talk




FULL AUDIO of entire DAY 1 concert


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Source: Movie Naver
Credit: Marina (@Selestelle)
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This audio was recorded during Jaejoong’s Dr Jin fanmeeting on July 22,2012. Jaejoong chose this poem himself and recited it for his fans.

Audio Credit:  진쨩
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A beautiful poem and how manly and affectionate JaeJoong’s voice sounds in Japanese ^^.

Part 1

Before i already speak about the transformation of Junsu as a singer to Mozart. The first step that Junsu take to the new worlds. The worlds that he never thought before, even though he felt so worried and not really confident with his ability and the pressure that he must endured from the musical viewers and the others but in the end he proven it to other people also to himself that he can do it. The result from his hard work and the collaboration among the other musical actors bring him a new hope. Not only for him but also for his beloved members on JYJ because he is the first member who step out from their dark world after withdrew from TVXQ on 2009.

After successfully debuted as a musical actor and get praises by many people as Mozart, Junsu come back to the musical stage as Joon, a Korean soldier who fall in love with a girl from Vietnam on Tears of Heaven.


In the well-known Vietnam War, Joon is a South Korean soldier who is dispatched to Vietnam. The South Korean soldiers of that time are sent by the American troops, and Colonel Grayson is the leader of the unit that Joon belongs to. Colonel Grayson becomes enchanted by Linh, a Vietnamese female singer who performs at the concert hall. At the same time, Joon falls in love with Linh at first sight. The two of them sink into the river of love and commit to marriage. Colonel Grayson learns of their love, and in his jealousy sends Joon to the most difficult and dangerous battlefield. He also conspires with Quyen, who is secretly in love with Joon, to deceive Linh and tell her that Joon has already died. Succeeding, he brings Linh to America. Joon returns from the battlefield and Quyen tells him the truth that Linh had left for America, pregnant with his child. Thus Joon searches the world and finally finds his and Linh’s daughter, Tianna.

Characters (in order of appearance):
Tianna: Linh’s and Joon’s daughter
Linh: female singer
Joon: South Korean soldier
Sang: Linh’s older brother
Grayson: American colonel
Tam: female singer
Quyen: Linh’s friend, loves Joon

1. Between heaven and earth: opening song
2. Shadows on my heart: Tianna always feels anxious about her life
3. Pearl of the east: sings the praises of Vietnam’s splendor before the war
4. The first time I saw Paris: a song performed by Linh in the concert hall the first time Joon sees her
5. The tiger and the dove: A tiger (Joon) treads all over the world, finally finds the dove with the voice of an angel, and they fall in love
6. Who can you trust?: Linh’s brother Sang interrogates Linh about her relationship with the American colonel and advises her not to trust Grayson
7. Morning comes: describes the first glimmer of dawn and the approach of troops advancing into Vietnam
8. I’ve never loved like this: Joon and Linh tell each other their feelings and say they’ve never felt such a deep love before
9. Can you hear me?: the two of them commit to marriage
10. I’ve had to learn: Joon tells of his helplessness in the war and tells Linh that her love gives him courage to continue living
11. The end of the world: the devastation of the fire of war; in the morning children have families, but by night they are orphans
12. Tears of Heaven
13. Moving on: Grayson tells Linh that Joon is already dead, and tells her to not be attached to someone who is already dead and to consider her own happiness
14. Raining fire: describes the fire of war destroying Vietnam, artillery shells and bullets flying, “raining fire” everywhere
15. Without her: Grayson tells Linh of his love and says that without her, the world is gray and dark
16. Sweet song of life: Linh gives birth to a daughter in America and joyously welcomes the arrival of a new life, but she herself dies
17. This is my confession: Quyen frankly tells Joon that Linh didn’t actually go to America for her own interests, but rather because she believed Joon had died; moreover she tells him that when Linh left, she was already pregnant with his child
18. Tiger and the dove finale: Tiger (Joon) searches the world and finds a singing voice the same as Linh’s, but it is a much younger girl; she is actually his daughter Tianna

Credits: TVXQBaidu (夜羽扬)
Trans by: Sherry @ DBSKnights
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The musical [Tears of Heaven], which opens from the first of February in the Haeorum Theatre at The National Theatre of Korea, is the most highly anticipated piece of work in 2011. The planning period itself took 3 years. The production cost was also more than 5 billion won. Composer Frank Wildhorn, producer Gabriel Berry and famous Broadway creators have been involved. What’s unique is that the team and overseas creative team is made up of people who come from 5 different countries, like the United States, Britain and the Czech Republic.

Junsu is completely  immersed in musicals.“The energy and emotions from musicals set my heart aflame with delight. Not being myself, transforming into another person; and not just acting, but singing and dancing, the actions and behaviours are all taken into consideration together and because of this, musicals embrace all the different aspects of the arts.”

He also clearly answered the difference from singing (as a singer). “Previously, we had to show our abilities when we sing a song, but in doing musicals, I’m learning how important the virtue of ‘moderation’ is.”

Source: [JoongAng Ilbo (1) (2)]
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The Sales Record of Tears of Heaven

The first round of reservations of 10,000 seats was sold out in 5 minutes and the second round of 13,000 seats was sold out in 3 minutes and 30 seconds. In this third round, 4,500 seats were sold out in 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Kim Junsu set the record of selling out all 17 of his ‘Tears of Heaven’ performances of 27,500 seats.

Source: [donga+Yuaerubi]
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110305 Special stage of Tears of heaven for Junsu fans

Upon receiving a moving letter from a 15 year old fangirl recently, Kim Junsu who had consulted with the production company beforehand, will perform special extended stage on March 13th for two times (14:00 and 19:00), meanwhile the 3000 seats tickets for this special stage are instantly sold out within 1 minute after the sales started.

Therefore combining all together, Kim Junsu successfully sold 35,000 seats in 12 minutes only, prove his definite ticket power.

Source: Newsen
Trans by: Sharingyoochun


Junsu strength and Motivation Sources

On the afternoon of 10th January, Junsu was interviewed in “Tears of Heaven” rehearsal room of Seoul Namsan Arts Center with the question, “There are a lot of troublesome matters recently. Who gave you the strength and motivation?”.

His reply was “The JYJ members and fans gave me a lot of strength. The intensive schedule of Tears of Heaven’s rehearsals helped me to overcome the difficulties as well.”

Trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun


The Passion Of Junsu

Wherever Junsu go, he always bring the script of Tears of Heaven and started to practice till makes the script look worn out. 

“The script changes often.  They said that the script for our next rehearsal changed a lot too.  I sometimes sing the wrong lyrics since we have to go through sudden changes when we’ve been practicing something else for days already.”

Source: Sports Chosun #1, #2, #3 via Nate
Credit: Allkpop


[VIDEO] 110201 Junsu – Tears of Heaven Press Preview

TV Daily

Xiah Junsu – Can You Hear Me (Joon Reprise) T_T

Credit: wickedinutopia2


“Tears of Heaven”musical producer Seol Doo Yoon talks about Junsu



TOH casts  Opinion About Junsu:

Brad Little commented, “American pop singer Cher won an Oscar award through her musical.  I believe that Junsu will achieve similar results.  He’s young and handsome, and even sexy.  He fits well with his role.  I have to act angry towards him in the script, and my emotions are based off of the jealousy I feel against him.  When I first heard that Junsu was acting, I thought it was a great idea.  The idea of being able to act with him is interesting.”

He continued, “The first skill that a musical actor must learn is to stand naturally before an audience and show off his acting.  Junsu is so great at that.  The second is communicating with the audience.  Maybe it’s because Junsu has done it all along with his career as a singer, but there’s nothing he falls short on in that aspect.  Junsu has a beautiful heart; audience members will find no problem in feeling the emotions he’ll be delivering.  His large fanbase has created a wider audience range for this musical as well.

Source + Photos: Asia Economy, Everyday Economy, Newsis, Herald Economy, EDaily, Newsen, Newsen via Daum (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
Credit: Allkpop

Note : Brad Little has undertaken the role of the lead in more than 2,200 performances of [The Phantom of the Opera] and he is also of the most leading Broadway actors of the highest standard. His first debut on 1988 in [Anything Goes]


Audience Opinion about Tears Of heaven

There are many positive opinion about TOH casts and the musical itself. Not only an ordinary people who watched it but there are many famous people spotted on who get touched by the story and the TOH casts skill too.

“It was sad and I cried so much. It’s such a touching production.”

Audience members of the first performance of ‘Tears of Heaven’, the global project musical featuring Kim Junsu , were busy wiping tears away as they left the theater.

The dramatic scenes in Vietnam, San Francisco and Seoul captivated the audience who couldn’t help but clap enthusiastically at Xiah Junsu and Yoon Gong Ju’s perfect performance. Women could be seen wiping tears away as they left the theater for intermission after the first act.

In the second act, the earnest love between the Korean soldier and Vietnamese woman that overcame an ill-fated love and death made the eyes of audience members prickle with tears, and many women could be seen wiping these tears away as they sat deep in thought watching the show.

When the performance was over, the entire crowd gave the production cast a standing ovation.

Source: [newsen+DNBN]
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According to Core Contents Media and Seol Company, world renowned musical giant Frank Wildhorn, who is most famous for the musical ‘Jekyl and Hyde’, watched the first performance of ‘Tears of Heaven’ on the 1st and stated, “Kim Junsu showcased great acting skills. If I ever get the opportunity, I’d like to offer him the lead role in ‘Jekyl and Hyde’ on Broadway.

Source: [star news+DNBN]

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SBS’s popular “Star King” contestant, Shannon Williams, revealed that she’s a fan of JYJ’s Junsu and musical actor Brad Little.

She revealed, “I want to grow up fast and stand on the same stage as the seniors.” Junsu added, “I saw her perform on SBS’s ‘Star King’ numerous times. Shannon has such impressive skills, I’m sure she’ll grow up to become an amazing singer. I’ll always be supporting you and watching for you.”

Source: Sports Today via Nate
Credit: Allkpop


Actress Lee Yo Won recently praised the musical ‘Tears of Heaven‘, which stars JYJ’s Kim Junsu.

Lee Yo Won, who saw ‘Tears of Heaven’ on the day of its debut, revealed, “I love melodramas, and ‘Tears of Heaven’ was something that I knew I had to watch and have wanted to see, so I took some time out of my schedule to come and watch it”.

Lee Yo Won praised the musical, “It is a very moving and tear-jerking product”, and added,“This is the first time I’ve cried this much while watching a musical. The timeless love of the two lovers was so sad/moving. I loved the acting and singing of the stars, it helped to immerse the audience in the story. In the musical, the character ‘Jun Hyung’ was so charismatic, it makes me want to start dating again.”

Other than Lee Yo Won, stars such as SeeYa’s Lee Boram and KARA’s Goo Hara have been just some of the celebrities who have seen ‘Tears of Heaven’, which has been gaining much popularity.

Source: Celebrity News via Nate,
Credit: Allkpop


T-ara’s Hyomin left a raving review for the musical ‘Tears of Heaven’.

“I was at the National Theater to watch the first performance of ‘Tears of Heaven’! I watched the performance pushing down my feelings of anticipation because people told me that anticipation only brings great disappointment,” and “But it was beyond my expectations! If I had to summarize my review in one line, it would be something along the lines of, ‘I got a taste of the tears of heaven’.”

“And I even got to see the composer Frank Wildhorn and Yoon Gong Ju up close yesterday. The memories of listening to their music and studying hard in high school came rushing back to me and I suddenly got really emotional! I’m such a lucky person.”

“The musical genre is full of charms,” and “It was a place that gave me much to think about as I was watching the performance. It was like the shade under a tree that I could rest under for a while.”

Source: [reviewstar+Yuaerubi]
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[TRANS] 110208 “Tears of Heaven” Stylist’s Blog: Junsu Is A Really Strong Performer.

He is a really strong performer. His level of calmness…is to a shocking degree.

Moreover, I am extremely surprised at his progression in vocal ability during this time. And his personality is very good as well. Just like his time as “Mozart,” he should be able to grow even more as the performances progress.

(T/N: Only the portions that mention Junsu have been translated)

Source: [BaiduTVXQ]
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110212 Kim Takhwan ( novelist/writer) twitter

Yesterday night, my wife with much difficulty bought refunded ticket for Xiah Junsu’s Tears of Heaven. Today she went to watch the show alone. JYJ…is the real thing!

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(PICS) 110212 The celebrities at junsu’s Tears of Heaven

SG wannabe


Kim Hyung Joong

Hwang Ji-Hyun

Kim Sarang


Credit: as tagged

(VIDEO) 110212 The celebrities at junsu’s Tears of Heaven

Credit: anpan2H


[TRANS] Yoon Il Sang, a famous Korean composer praised Junsu in TOH

I saw musical ToH. It was a solid performance w/ impressive lighting, sets, and visual images. Most of all, Xiah Junsu’s acting and singing were excellent.

Credit: @Spring_Breezes


The ladies of T-ara were revealed to have been moved to tears while watching the “Tears of Heaven” musical.

“More so than anywhere else, Haeri unni was as beautiful as ever and shined so bright. Not only unni, but Kim Junsu, Brad Little, and the ensemble actors were all so very amazing. The performances were great, and the production itself was so moving, the members all cried.”

Hyomin added, “This is already my third time watching ‘Tears of Heaven.’ This is the first time I’ve ever watched one production so many times, but I fall deeper into its charms each time.”

Source: Star News via Nate
Credits: TVXQBaidu
 Kim Hyunjoong attended the musical performance by JYJ’s Kim Junsu.

 “I Came To Support JYJ’s Kim Junsu”

Source: [BaiduTVXQ] + [Sports Chosun]
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The latest celebrity account is from “queen of ballads’, Baek Ji Young, who attended the musicalon February 16th alongside Jewelry’Jooyeon and actor Jung Suk Won.

Junsu is a junior who I think preciously of both on a musical and personal level.  He has so much talent and is always showing growth in the blink of an eye. I’m looking forward to this musical.”

I believe I saw a new charm to Junsu, not as a dongseng, but as a man.  I was moved with his ability to always exceed my expectations.  The performance was perfect on all levels, not only with the acting, but the music as well. The fantastic stage and Frank Wildhorn’s music was stuck in my head, even after the end of the musical.”

Other celebrities who have attended the show thus far include Shin Sung Il, Park Haemi, Yoon Il Sang, Lee Yoon Ji, Kim Sarang, JYJ, Kim Hyun Joong, T-ara, Davichi’s Kang Minkyung

Source: Newsen via Nate
Credit: Allkpop


The transformation of Kim Junsu the idol to Musical Actor

JYJ member Kim Junsu (Xiah Junsu) has announceed his extravagant rebirth as a musical star through the large-scale production ‘Tears of Heaven’.

Kim Junsu plays the role of Jun, a Korean soldier in Vietnam in the musical ‘Tears of Heaven’ which opened in the National Theater on the 1st. Through the role of the solider who falls in love with a Vietnamese woman Lin, Kim Junsu showcased charismatic singing and acting.

His slightly unstable and nervous acting at the beginning of the show stabilized as the show progressed. His witty and outstanding ad libs gave a new sense of joviality to Jun and Lin’s love. Though he still has minor areas to fix up and put the finishing touches on, he deserves high marks if you take into consideration that this is only his second musical.

Compared to his acting skills which were not extraordinary, his musical capabilities were beyond expectations. This only proved why he’s singled out as the idol singer with the greatest vocal talents. His sweet voice in the first act that sang of his love with Lin, and the husky singing style he used in the second act to express a painful parting, mesmerized the ears of audience members. He stood out immensely during his solos in ‘Do I have to say’ and ‘I had to learn’, both of which are the opening songs of the first and second acts respectively. He was able to draw applause from audience members from the start.

Source: [asiae+Yuaerubi]
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[TRANS] Rediscovering Kim Junsu of the musical ‘Tears Of Heaven’

Armed with the ability of inner mental acting to stimulate sensibility

Excelennt ability of communication with the audience

Now, the musical, TOH, which paints the tragedic love of a couple in the war is the topic among performing arts fields everyday.
One of the reasons that only this work draws the public’s interest is because of Kim Jun Su, who play the role of Jun, the male hero.

Rising as the blue chip of the musical field immediately, being awarded with the male Rookie of the Year award & the most popular award at 4th of the musical awards, and the male Rookie of the Year award & the popular star award at 16th of the Korean musical grand prize consecutively with his debut work, catches the audience’s attention with more mature acting ability in this work.

Kim Jun Su’s transformation is superior. His acting is unwound in harmony together with messages of love, betrayal and loss, forgiveness, toward the auditorium pile by pile.

The pity, resignation, conflict ahd expectation that he holds eagerly in his life against the impassible limit of war and the actual walls dissolve into the auditorium and become objectifed/depersonalized intactly.

The ability to express emotion that became more stable and detailed, compared to the previous work makes certain that he took a step more forward as a musical actor now.
Showing various actings from the grey-haired middle-aged writer coming to find his daughter to the appearance of faded military uniform, he succeeded in erasing his previous image and putting on ‘Jun’ over it.

From a little naive and unbashed, to regret/misery to head for the battle field leaving his lover, and scream of parting dap fragments of sadness to the auditorium.
His emotional inner mental acting has grown up enough to stimulate the audience’s lachrymal glands.

Especially, his heartrending glance when he looks back while heading for the battle field even merges the viewers’ minds with misery/regret.

Communication or communion with the auditorium is his greatst arms and strength.

His control of emotion’s dynamics, which make possible the criticism that he widened the width of acting one more grade captures our eyes definitely.

Not only sweet whispers with his lover, 린, but also the conflicting scene with his rival in love, captain 그레이슨 draws near realistically enough to the grade that tight tension can be conveyed to the audience’s heart.

His charisma of drawing power to make the audience absorbed in having the same emotional moving line with the actor on the stage is outstanding.

On the contrary, his innocent naturalness glitters all the more, reflected by the Broadway star Brad’s dignity and gravity.
His ad-lib thrown in the right time in the right place is the tonic inspring cheerful vitality into the play’s dry development.

However, this comicality’s never flippant. Because it’s not prodigal/wasteful/reckless.
The point is also superb.
So these ad-libs of Kim Jun Su become the tool for a innocent, pure young man, Jun to come close more friendly to the audience and prop to ease the strain.

But, most of all, what brighten him on the stage is music. Frank’s uniquely sweet melody and chord full of lyricism harmonize with his acting and double appealing power.

Kim Jun Su’s strong and explosive singing ability, which requires no more explain stimulates Jun’s heart line and helps the audience absorbed in the play more deeply.

His tone covering subtle border over sweet voice and husky one sometimes twists softly & mellowly like spun sugar, and before one knows, suddenly rages like a storm and melts inside with fierce emotions likely to tear the heart to pieces.
So it confirms his steadily progressive skills.

Ah, Looking at Kim Jun Su’s skillful digest of love scenes a higher level, compared to the previous work, is another joy with meeting this work!

Source: Today Korea
Trans by: @misshan1215


[NEWS] 110226 Junsu’s “Tears of Heaven” receive favorable reviews from war veterans

JYJ’s Kim Junsu is receiving favorable reviews for his enthusiastic performance in the musical “Tears of Heaven.”

At 8pm on February 22nd, 30 Vietnam War veterans and their wives came to see the musical “Tears of Heaven” in Haeorum Seoul National Theatre and was moved to tears. The current KEPCO KDN President Jun DoBong (the previous commander of the Marine Corps), who served during the Vietnam War, was also present on this day.

The war veterans lavishly applauded the performance, stating that “we were moved to tears by the characters’ ardent love for each other and the story which realistically portrayed the Vietnam War period.” The heart aching love story born during the war had successfully won the sympathy of the audience.

President Jun DoBong revealed, “because I am part of the generation that directly experienced the Vietnam War, the musical affects me in a unique way. I was surprised by how similar the story’s background and the main character “Jun’s” situation was to my own. The musical touched the emotions that were deeply buried in my heart and moved me endlessly.”

Furthermore, President Jun stated, “the story itself was also impressive. The dense storyline directly portrayed an accurate image of history. I was frightened throughout the musical because I was constantly reminded of the horrendous nature of the Vietnam War which occurred 40 years ago.”

Source: StarNews
Trans by: withjyj (@_withjyj)


110302 Interview with junsu

Kim Junsu “Acting has a different fascination to compare with singing but it’s still difficult to me. When I’m immersed in my role, I shed tears naturally.”

“It’s such a sad love story. When I was immersed in my role, I shed tears without even realizing it because it was too sad.”

Xiah Junsu of JYJ turns into a musical actor Kim Junsu and he is enjoying a tremendous popularity.

He plays a mournful love as a Jun, the hero at the large creative musical ‘Tears of Heaven’, which is now on performing amidst rising popularity.

He said “At the first performance, on Feb 1, I shed tears without even realizing it because it was too sad. Most of the audience was on the verge of tears.” and “Before I knew it, tears are really falling from my eyes when I’m acting on the scene to part with lover.”

We asked him ‘do you think which is harder, singing or acting?’ He told his difficulties of acting “it’s also hard to sing a song but it’s harder to act. It’s so much harder to sing with acting and I think that it requires much efforts. The most difficult part is to express emotions in detail and I think that it can be possible to fall into that.”

In the internal musical industry, his influence is huge. Tens of thousands tickets that he performs were sold out for just a few minutes.

The role of Jun is acting by Kim Junsu and other 2 actor like Chon Dongsuk. He is playing just 17 times of whole 53 performances. His fans are obliged to buy an illegal ticket to watch his performance.

After hearing about it, he told “To my fans, I feel sorry about that. And to mitigate inconvenience for my fans, I should perform on the stage just a couple of times more .. but there are actually lots of problems.”

He said to explain the reason “Musical performance is a hard work due to sing a song with acting. Especially I’m not overworking to preserve voice. To control my condition, actually I don’t perform on the stage a lot.”

He told that “It is an unavoidable choice to keep my best condition. I feel so sorry for my fans.”

Official of production company said “Some fans want to watch Junsu’s performance after watching other actor’s performance. There’s a craze for re-watching it.” But his parts of whole performances are already sold out.

Many top-class creators who work on the Broadway are joining this musical.

He said “‘the Mozart’ that I performed last year was already successful abroad but ‘Tears of Heaven’ is more interesting to me because of the process to change and modify its scenario. I feel like making it one by one.”

He added “It was so hard that singing in the musical is too much different to doing as a singer when I started to perform in the ‘the Mozart!’ So I complemented it more after I learned a lot on the actual stage.”

Brad Little, one of top-class actor in Broadway, who plays with Junsu in the musical highly praised like this. “His acting is very natural and he has the ability to interact with the audience.”

He is not an actor. And he is not also a professional musical actor. But his attraction gripping ability that captivates the audience far surpass other actors. That’s the ability that he has.

Kim Gwang-soo, the producer of ‘Tears of Heaven’ lavished praise on Junsu. “He is a great actor in the musical part. The audience simply doesn’t come to watch just him. They come to watch the musical with his acting and singing. After performance, almost of them wipe their tears with a handkerchief. It means that he has a great acting ability, of course singing ability also.”

He shows kiss scenes with Lee Hae-ree (or Yoon Gong-joo). At the early of exercising, he was very ashamed after a kiss scene.

He told about it “There were four kiss scenes in ‘Mozart’. At this time, there are twice or three times. Actually, I felt a little bit sorry in those days.”

And he added “Honestly, because of my fans, I was worried about it. But it’s just an acting. So that’s okay to be absorbed in the musical. However, sometimes I feel sorry for Hae-ree or Gong-joo.”

At that time, Brad advised to shy Junsu.. “Practice it several times!” It made us laugh

We asked that ‘You can’t feel difficulty to communicate with Brad, can you? How much can you understand English?’ He answered “I can’t speak English well. So interpreter helps me a lot. But sometimes there’s no need to help. Because there are acting and songs in the musical, we can see each other by looking in the eyes. At first, I was really worried about acting in English. But director said to me ‘Because Jun went to Vietnam for a war, it is more realistic to use Konglish(it means broken English used by Koreans)’ I also think that speaking Konglish is more natural. It’s just as well that I can’t speak English well.”

And he told about Brad “Despite he is top-class actor in the musical industry of the world, he gets along with others. And he also shows to learn and to communicate with younger people. I’d like to grow older like him.”

Meanwhile, he told about the situation after breakup. “I had really hard time. Everybody has both good and hard moment in his lifetime. I also had a crisis. It happened last year and the year before last year. It was really hard time but I learned many things from it. I’ll be happy and I’ll try to hard. After it, I’ve lost many things. Especially I’ve lost people around me. On the other hand, however, I’ve got the people who trust me in spite of what happened.”

Junsu plays the man who devotes him to love just one woman.

He told about the experience to love “I never think about love lightly. The most important thing is to be truthful..”

He said.. “In former days, there were some entertainers. She didn’t tell me directly but she gave off that she likes me. There was a member of girl group but it wasn’t accomplished. There was a female entertainer that I liked but I couldn’t date her. I regard the personality besides appearance.”

Now he is working as JYJ with Jaejoong and Yuchun instead of TVXQ’s name.

Source: Newsen
Trans by: @theyoungestmin


The Result

  • Kim Junsu was overwhelmed with honor to be an honorary ambassador at the press conference for the 5th “The Musical Awards” held on the 12th at 2pm in Seoul Mapo-gu Hongdae Nanta Theatre.
  • Junsu nominated for “Best Actor” in Musical Awards
  • Junsu’s <Tears of Heaven> has been nominated for 11 awards at the “5th Musical Awards” in Korea .The nominees from the musical “Tears of Heaven” have been boxed in red 😀
  • Photobucket
    PhotobucketSource. @lovethemusical
    Image edited by. withJYJ
  • Junsu won the ‘Popular Star Award’ on 5th The Musical Awards
  • Junsu won the ‘Popular Star award on 17th Korea Musical Awards
  •  110714 Musical Mozart and TOH are two musicals that attracted the most number of int’l fans
  • Popular idol group JYJ’s member Kim Junsu appeared in musical ‘Mozart!’ and ‘Tears of Heaven’ and shook Japanese and Chinese audiences’ ticket hearts [T/N: attracted Japanese and Chinese audiences.]

To be honest for this musical, i can’t say much but the one for sure, from all of the audience reaction to his musical, i can took some conclusion that Junsu already became more better than before. Once again he proven to other people that he is not an ordinary idol who only can sing in the stage but he already became a musical actor. Despite when he started in this musical, he got involve with a bad situation with SM artist because the tweet that he wrote that time but i guess it is not really disrupt his activities. Beside Junsu is known as the master of positive thinker among JYJ members. He loves to clown himself or tried to cheer up his members with his act or jokes.

Junsu always give his 100 % or more in everything that he done and one thing that i always felt so amazed from him, he can make the audience absorbed in having the same emotional moving line with him like blend everything to be one soul – the audience, the story, the actors, the music, the songs-. It same goes to the other members of JYJ which makes them more special for me, they are not an ordinary idol who only know how to sing or dance on the stage.

For me, a singer can’t be called a true singer if that person not able to bring out the message from inside the songs itself. I found that it’s really rare to found a singer like that and i found it on every JYJ members so that’s why every song that they sang or create always  can shakes  my heart and i don’t think i can’t fall in love  with the other group again. These boys always give their best effort to every project that they done from a small to big project. It’s really interesting to watch over the boys progress both their music carrier and their solo projects.

there are many news related with Jaejoong these day, not only about his talent or Dr Jin but also news that related with his fans too.

[NEWS] 120620 Conspicuous cooking-dols – Kim Jaejoong


(Unrelated parts omitted)

Besides Suzy, there are other idol members who made news because of their cooking skills. The representative members include JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, 2AM’s Changmin and Kara’s Han Seungyeon.

Kim Jaejoong’s cooking ability has been known since he was in TVXQ. He was in charge of the members’ meals and played the role of a mother. While he was filming the Japanese drama ‘Hard to Say I Love You’, he prepared food for the staff. He had previously said that he wanted to obtain a chef qualification.

Source: Nate
Translated By: Shermin of JYJ3


[PICS] 120621 A Chinese school newspaper features Jaejoong

A school newspaper in China featured Jaejoong, including his profile and a short introduction






Credit: Hero Baidu
Translation Summary: g.fanns of JYJ3


[VIDEO] 120621 MBC Every Idol Mania – JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Next Generation CF-dol

Credit: JJYCJS2


[PICS] 120621 Official iMBC Gallery Update: Jaejoong in Dr. Jin

PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket



Credit: iMBC

[HQ CAPS] Jaejoong in Pink Hanbok for Dr. Jin Episode 8




























Credit: As tagged via JJ DC Gall


[NEWS] 120621 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong wears colorful hanboks on Dr. Jin

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong recently showed off his beautiful face in colorful hanboks.

Kim is currently appearing on MBC’s weekend series Dr. Jin as an officer named Kim Kyung Tak.

Kim usually wears a black and red uniform and shows off his dignity and charisma as an officer from Joseon Dynasty.

As a result, when he appears on the series out of uniform, the audience pays more attention to him. Colorful hanboks, including, pink and purple, complement Kim’s bright face. Those hanboks are also taking a huge part of portraying his strong but tender-hearted character in the series.

People who saw Kim wearing hanboks and uniform responded: “He looks good in uniforms but hanboks make his beautiful face stand out.” “He looks good in both uniform and hanbok.” “Fashionista Kim even captured Joseon Dynasty.”

The series airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:50 p.m.

Source: Xportsnews
Credit: En.Korea 


[AUDIO] 120621 Dr. Jin OST Part.3 – 2AM’s Seulong & Changmin “The Road of Tears”

i just wondering why till now Dr Jin OST always sad song ? oh by the way both of 2AM Seulong and Changmin  are members of  FC MEN too together with Jinwoon.


Buy on MNET here

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[NEWS] 120616 Jaejoong’s fan sang “I Will Protect You” and won K-pop singing contest in Japan

I hope Jaejoong can heard her singing his song too (like me ^^).

Miyazaki Asamo won the highest award at the singing contest by singing “I Will Protect You” and said that she hopes to sing in Korea, the country where Jaejoong was born.

Trans: @worldclassJJ + PrinceJJ
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Listen to the audio HERE

Q: Fans have been waiting for your solo album for 9 years. Please say something for the fans who have waited.

A: It’s been 9 years since my debut, for us everything has changed a lot more than we expected, and it obviously took a lot more time than I intended. It’s obvious, but to be honest I also..It will be sad when I talk about this issue but I’m fine with it now, so are the other members. Everything was beautiful before but honestly, even though we have appeared on TV and I used to want to appear on variety shows a bit but recently I don’t want to go to TV shows anymore. Frankly, it is really…with that much…But as I have said before… not doing something and not being able to do it is completely different in my mind so honestly, I was really worried when releasing the solo album that I’ve been expecting and waiting for too. At first, when the director proposed the idea, I  rejected his proposal. I didn’t want to release my solo album like this…I want to show better things but waiting again seems so long, also meeting the public through musicals like this obviously has its limits too. Acting in drama is clearly risky. Well even though it’s not that risky and I could do it, but I am not satisfied with myself. Since, later if there is a good opportunity, I will be able to act in a drama but when comparing it with an album, of course I want to choose an album. When putting them on scales and looking back at myself, I am a bit…The situation right now is difficult…Working as a singer feels so hard so I have even thought of acting, even though I thought like that but to be honest, I like singing. I really like singing. If musical was only about acting, I would have avoided it too but because I was able to sing, I really like it. That’s why I started (being in musical). Anyway, even though it was late…But when thinking about releasing the album this time, if I did release it years ago, I would obviously not be able to write the music that I want to write like I do right now, it would have been a solo album made by someone else for me. It would not be the music that I want to show, that I want to communicate with my fans, so because a solo album is important like that, it’s better to release it now. Also, because of the album this time, I was pessimistic about releasing an album in such situations but because everyone of you has been supporting me for 9 years long…that really gave me strength to release it. So honestly, the album is able to be released thanks to every single one of you. That’s all I want to say. Thank you.

Translated By: SweetieXiah of JYJ3
Audio Credit: picnicxiah
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when i heard and read the trans of this audio, my eyes started to teary, actually it’s not because i am sad but because Junsu’s answer really touched my heart. If i look back into the past, there are many things that makes me felt so emotional.

‘why this is happen to these boys ? how dare they do something like this to the boys ? why these sad things always came out when these boys started to smile again ?’. These question keep coming to my mind. Every time i read/heard these unfair things, it always makes me like a volcano who gonna erupt immediately.

But now, if i look back again, i think it’s not really bad…. It’s true that the boys must endure many bad situation till now but maybe it’s the way…. Even though it’s hard and long way but in the end from every bad situation that these guys must faced, the result that JYJ have i guess always a good one…. Every crisis moment always became a big opportunity for the boys and us to became more stronger.

Don’t worry Su…..we always be with you….We  are always here for you……… no matter what happen in the future, i always gonna tried my best to support you and your beloved brothers too so Junsu-ah Fighting!!!! JYJ fighting!!!!.

Another OST from Dr jin already revealed

Buy on MNET here

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