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JYJ Junsu‘s international fans donated various things in support for Junsu’s concert.

The ‘2012 XIA Ballad & Music Concert with Orchestra‘ ran from December 29th to 31st at the Seoul Samsung Coex D-Hall. Fans from Japan, Malaysia, Kuwait, and Peru donated 2000 coal briquettes, 6000 eggs, and 910 kgs (2002 lbs) of rice to support Junsu.

The rice will be donated to children who are starving or to people in need, the coal briquettes will be given to the elderly who live alone who need the warmth, and the eggs will be donated to a national food bank.

JYJ’s fans have always donated items for Junsu’s concerts, fanmeetings and musicals before, and he has been donating the items to help the disabled.

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Supermarket Support for <Missing You> started from November 15th to December 14th

We’ve always said that we want Yoochun to see Chinese Chunsas’ love, so after knowing Yoochun’s participation in “Missing You” we had began to consider various possibilities, hoping to help advertise Yoochun’s new drama and show his international influence.

In the end, we decided to aim for the population in control of the tv remotes – the housewives, and the location where they frequent – supermarkets. As the filming schedule rapidly unfolds and comparing different methods’ costs as well as effectiveness, we settled on support through supermarket shopping carts.

Based on our budget, we chose the largest supermarket in Korea, Emart, and placed the advertisement at the three locations (Seongsu, Yeongdeungpo, and Cheonggyecheon) with the biggest traffic in the Seoul area.

We placed 390 carts total in the three stores (the contracted amount was 380, but the contractor provided 10 extra for free, thus we placed 130 carts in each store, totaling to 390 in the end). The advertisement period will be from 11/15/1012 to 12/14/2012.

Below are the design of the ads and the actual photos of the carts:

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i am always feel impressed by every project that the boys fans made for support their activities both as a group or solo because it always unique and fun one.

Supermarket Support for <Missing You> starts from today till December 14th

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Kim Jaejoong’s international fan club has attracted attention for their latest donation. Jaejoong’s international fan site, Prince JJ, has reportedly donated $1,500 USD (1.7 million won) to the U.S. international children charity, Operation Smile.

Operation Smile is an non-profit medical organization that started in 1987 in the United States and was founded by Bill and Kathy Magee. Plastic surgeons provide cleft lip and palate repairs for children who are in need of them. To date, they have provided over 150,000 reconstructive surgeries on children and young adults in over 60 countries.

The money donated by Prince JJ is being used to pay for the surgeries of six children.

Prince JJ commented, “Just like how Jaejoong’s smiles bring joy to us all, we hope that this donation will bring joy to these children and their loved ones.” The fan site also revealed that they are planning to donate another $1,500 in…

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JYJ Junsu‘s philanthropy efforts have spread overseas to his Taiwan fans.

The Kim Junsu fan club in Taiwan has recently donated school supplies for 500 children at the “Xia Junsu Village” in Cambodia, which Junsu sponsors himself. The Taiwanese fan club donated supplies like notebooks, pencils, erasers, rulers, pencil cases, pencil sharpeners and more. Each supply was marked with a “Xia” logo.

There were many instances when Korean fans made donations in the past. But this particular donation is very significant because it is the first overseas donation made to “Xia Junsu Village.” This donation was made to celebrate Junsu’s first solo concert in Taiwan.

The Taiwanese fans visited Junsu’s parents, who were there for Junsu’s concert on June 22, and gave them the donation supplies to give to the “Xia Junsu Village.” On the day of the concert, fans gathered cash on the spot and raised about $10,000 dollars to donate.

The Taiwanese fans stated, “As we’ve watched Junsu make various donation and philanthropy efforts, we were deeply moved. We also wanted to join in our Junsu’s good deeds. It is a small gift, but we hope it will help the children in making their dreams and futures.”


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It’s truly amazing, i hope efforts of this kind continue to spread through out the JYJ Fandom. It’s more positive activities and more  worthwhile  than attacking each other and create some fanwars which really meaningless on the fandom.