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JYJ4SF  and JYJ3 joined together for this project, anyone who want show your love to Junsu’s second album (incredible) please join this project

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Credit : JYJ3

Hello dear JYJFamily! As you know it’s JJ’s birthday. We, as JYJ’s Turkish fans, have prepared specially designed gifts for him. We hope that Jaejoong and you will like them. ^^

Lots of love,
Team LunaReds,


Jaejoong is a good cook but at the same time he is really talented in the kitchen of music as a composer!
So we chose to present him a special design apron!
Apron is designed by Mutlu Mufak Önlükleri

Our other gift is inspired by his love for music! Specially designed headphones!
It is designed by Merve Paydos via New’in Boutique.




Credit: JYJTurkey
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PrinceJJ sent a rose bouquet to Coffee Cojjee for Jaejoong’s birthday!
Specially designed to include a coffee cup with a ♥ in it ^^

We also delivered 5 Hello Kitty bouquets with notes of well-wishes, signed off with ‘Jaejoong’s fans worldwide’
Each card comes with a special message!
The Hello Kitty bouquets are now on display at Coffee Cojjee.

Source : PrinceJJ via jyjsoul

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Before there are already a tweet about this here

Message on ad says: Japanese fans support Jaejoong’s album

The advertisement will run for one month, starting on Jan 25.

Credits: JJSupportersJP + DC JJ
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By Peruvian Fansite Jaejoong Addiction:



Source:  @JJAddiction_

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To: South Korean Press, Media, Journalists, etcetera,

We the JYJ International Fans Coalition (JYJIFC), seek your assistance in forwarding the requests of the JYJ global fandom to South Korean Broadcast Stations, e.g. SBS, KBS, MBC, Mnet, etc.

As representatives of the JYJ fandom:

A. We request the South Korean broadcast stations to respect the new FTC standards, in regards to singers’ freedom of choice in TV show appearances. The FTC standards ban South Korean Entertainment Companies from controlling K-pop singers, TV and radio appearances, on any music/entertainment program show. This means there should be no outside influence on broadcast stations anymore, in regards to JYJ’s appearance on any music or variety program.

B. We appeal to the Broadcast Stations sense of fairness and objectivity, to admit that JYJ has the equal right to appear on music shows, variety programs, and other entertainment programs, just like all other artists in the Korean entertainment industry. JYJ earns this right by virtue of their chart topping sales, millions of views on YouTube, a huge fandom at home and abroad who want to see them. And their numerous, significant contributions in promoting Korea, both at home and internationally. The members of JYJ have an ever growing fan base, which is at the present time, growing more and more frustrated and outraged at continuing to be denied the right to see and hear them on Korean airwaves.

C. We refer you to the Korean Communications Commission (KCC) Broadcasting Act Chapter 1 – Articles 3, 5, and 6. Of which, pertinent sections are provided thus with:

Article 3 (Protection of Rights and Interests of Viewers)
A broadcasting business operator shall make the viewers to be able to participate in decision-making with regard to planning, programming or producing broadcast programs, and shall make the results of broadcasts to comply with the viewers’ interests.

Article 5 (Public Responsibility of Broadcasting)
(2). A broadcast shall contribute to the unity of the people to a harmonious development of the State and a democratic formation of the public opinion, and shall not promote any discords among regions, generations, classes and sexes.
(3). A broadcast shall not injure other’s reputation or infringe on other’s rights.

Article 6 (Impartiality and Public Interest Nature of Broadcasting)
(3). A broadcast shall respect the ethical and emotional sentiments of the people, and contribute to the safeguard of the fundamental rights of the people and the advancement of international friendship.
(4). A broadcast shall protect, extend the people’s right to knowledge and freedom of expression.
(5). A broadcast shall strive to faithfully reflect the interests of the groups or classes that are relatively small in number or at a disadvantage in realization of the pursuit of their interests.

The JYJ international fandom makes the following demands to the South Korean Broadcast Stations:

We petition the broadcast stations in South Korea, to give the artists JYJ, individually, known as Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, and Kim Junsu the following:

1. Their well-earned and deserved right to appear on TV, radio and all other applicable avenues, to perform and promote their music.

2. Equal opportunities to be included on music charts, as may be rightfully deserved, commensurate with sales and in nominations related to official music award ceremonies; as well as to receiving invitations to attend these ceremonies, as deserved.

We do not ask for special treatment for JYJ. We simply ask for what is fair, to allow them to compete fairly, in the entertainment marketplace.

We, the JYJ fandom, have watched with great concern and growing distress, the treatment JYJ has endured these last three and a half years. The South Korean broadcast stations excuse for excluding JYJ, was the ongoing legal dispute between JYJ and their former agency. Since, that dispute has been resolved and JYJ vindicated, there should no longer be a hindrance to JYJ receiving the same opportunities afforded to other South Korean Entertainers.

As a loyal fan base, like those of other Korean artists, we have the same desires to see and hear JYJ on the same programs the others appear on. We, JYJ fans in the diaspora, join with our fellow Korean fan family, in demanding an end to the blocking/blacklisting of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, and Kim Junsu.

We want the South Korean broadcast stations to understand, we are keeping our eyes and ears open. We are not going away. We seek justice and equity for JYJ.

Thank you in advance, for your heeding our request, in getting the message out. Please help publicize this request, in your articles/publications etc. Your anticipated assistance is greatly appreciated.

Signed by:
JYJ International Fans Coalition (JYJIFC) –


한국 방송신문 및 언론계 분들께,

저희는 JYJ 국제 연합 팬덤(JYJ International Fans Coalition(JYJIFC) 으로써,
SBS KBS MBC MNET 등 한국 방송국들에게 저희 JYJ 팬덤의 요청사항을 전달하기위해 언론인분들의 도움이 필요해 이 글을 올립니다. 아래 글을 여러분들의 매개체를 통해 전달해주시기 바랍니다.

저희는JYJ 팬덤의 대표자로써 한국 방송국들에게 다음과 같이 요청합니다.

1. 공정위원회의 새 연예 모범거래기준에 따른 가수들의 방송출연에 대한 자유선택을 존중해주시기를 바랍니다. 공정위의 새 연예 모범거래기준은 한국 연예매니지먼트사들이 한국 가수들에게 TV 와 라디오의 음악연예쇼 출연을 지배하는것을 금지합니다. 이 의미는 곧 어느 외부인이든지 더이상 방송국들에게 JYJ의 음악 쇼 프로그램 출연에 대해 영향을 끼쳐서는 안되는 것입니다.

2. 우리는 또한 방송국들에게 공정하고 객관적 의식으로 다른 한국연예인들과 마찬가지로JYJ가 음악 쇼 버라이티쇼및 다른연예프로그램에 출연할수있는 동등한 권리를 갖고있다는것을 인정해주시길 호소합니다.
JYJ는 그들이 발매한 모든 음반이 국내와 해외차트에서 항상 상위로 판매되고 유툽에 몇백만의 시청자및 또 국내와 해외에있는 거대한 팬덤이 그들을 보기원하고 수많은 한국에서의 홍보에 국내외팬들이 당한 수준의 기여를 해옴으로서 이 권리를 얻었고 또 갖고있습니다.
JYJ 멤버들은 국내나 해외에 거대한 팬덤을 가지고 있고 또 현저히 커져가고있으나 현재 그들을 한국 방송에서 보고 들을수있는 권리가 계속해서 거부돼 실망과 분노가 커져가고 있습니다.

3. 우리는 여러분께서 한국방송통신위원회 (Korean Communications Commission: KCC) 방송법의 1장 3조, 5조, 6조의 적절한 부분을 참조하길 원합니다.

3조 (시청자의 권익보호)
방송사업자는 시청자가 방송프로그램의 기획.편성 또는 제작에 관한 의사결정에 참여할 수 있어야 하고, 방송의 결과가 시청자의 이익에 합치하도록 하여야 한다.

5조 (방송의 공적 책임)
(2) 방송은 국민의 화합과 조화로운 국가의 발전 및 민주적 여론형성에 이바지하여야 하며 지역간.세대간.계층간.성별간의 갈등을 조장하여서는 아니된다.
(3) 방송은 타인의 명예를 훼손하거나 권리를 침해하여서는 아니된다.

6조 (방송의 공정성과 공익성)
(3) 방송은 국민의 윤리적.정서적 감정을 존중하여야 하며, 국민의 기본권 옹호및 국제친선의 증진에 이바지하여야 한다.
(4) 방송은 국민의 알권리와 표현의 자유를 보호.신장하여야 한다.
(5) 방송은 상대적으로 소수이거나 이익추구의 실현에 불리한 집단이나 계층의 이익을 충실하게 반영하도록 노력하여야 한다.

저희JYJ 국제 팬덤은 한국 방송국들에게 다음과 같은 사항을 요구합니다.

우리는 한국방송국들이 아티스트 JYJ 또는 개인으로 알려진 김재중 박유천 김준수에게 다음과 같이 청원합니다.

1. JYJ가 쌓아온 실력과 충분히 받을 자격이 있는 권리로 모든 한국 TV와 라디오의
쇼 오락프로그램 및 모든 연예부분에 공연하고 출연할수있게 해주기를 요구합니다.

2. 음반판매실적에 의해 공정하게 올려지는 음악챠트와 공식 음악상 투표에서 후보로 포함되기를 원하고 또 그 밖의 모든 공식 음악시상식과 축하공연에 출연할수있는 동등한 기회를 주기를 요구합니다.

우리는 JYJ에게 특별한 대우를 요청하는것이 아닙니다. 우리는 단순히 공정하것, JYJ가 연예 시장에서 공정하게 경쟁하게 해 달라고 요청하는것 입니다.

우리 JYJ 국제팬덤은 많은 관심과 커가는 염려로 지난 3년반동안 JYJ가 참아야하는 대우를 지켜봤습니다. 한국 방송국들은 JYJ가전 소속사와의 법적분쟁 소송중이라는 설명할수없는 핑계로 출연을 못하게했으나 정작 똑같이 소송을 하고있는 매니지먼트사에게는 이핑계를 적용하지 않았습니다.
이제 소송분쟁은 해결됐고 JYJ는 정당화됐기에, 더이상 JYJ가 다른 한국연예인들과 동등한 기회를 받는데 어떠한 방해도 있어서는 안될것 입니다.

다른 한국아티스트의 팬들과 같이 충성스런 팬덤으로써 우리도 JYJ를 같은 프로그램에서 똑같이 보기를 희망합니다. 전 세계에 퍼져있는 우리 JYJ 팬덤은 한국의 팬덤가족과 함께 김재중 박유천 김준수의 출연을 차단하는것이나 블랙리스트에 넣는것을 종료해주기를 요구합니다.

우리가 계속 지켜보고있다는것을 한국 방송국들이 알기를 원합니다. 우리는 떠나지않고 지켜 서 있을것입니다. 우리는 JYJ에게 정의와 공평이 실현되기를 추구합니다.

저희 요청에 관심을 주시고 이 메세지를 전달해주시는 여러 언론인분들께 미리 감사의 말씀을 드립니다.
이 요청문을 여러분들의 기사와 간행물등에 발표해 주시길 부탁드립니다.
여러분들의 도움에 다시 한번 감사를 드립니다.

JYJ 국제 연합팬덤
JYJ International Fans Coalition (JYJIFC) –


We invite International Fans to participate on the Tweet Campaign: STOP THE BAN! for JYJ
Tweet to @KBSWorldTV @withMBC @SBSNOW @MBCMusicCore @SBS_inkigayo @KBSMusicBank

[TRANS] [JJ fan support] Japanese fans have donated to advertise JJ’s album. Approved by c-jes, they will put up subway ads in Myeongdong starting Jan 25. The ad will run for 1 month. The message to be included in the ad is “Japanese fans support JJ’s album”

Source: @lovejaejapan
Translated by: Ruby of JYJ3
Credit: JYJ3

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Credit : Xiahpress
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JYJ3′s Note: This project is organized by Korean Fans, they are asking international fans to join and support this project ^^

Credit: 1128theday
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The past November 15/2012 JYJ Colombia donated 80 scholar kits to the Maria Luisa de Moreno Philanthropic Foundation, to help 80 boys and girls in need from a poor school in Quibdo, Choco; a region located in the north west of Colombia.  JYJ Colombia decided to donate the 80 kits in the name of JYJ Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu to these particular children because they live in a very poor condition, knowing that their families survive with less than a dollar a day.  They live needy lives, no doubt, although this is only a small grain of sand in the desert, JYJ Colombia wanted to help them to ease their studying conditions in such a way.   Each kit contained the following items:

. 2 notebooks
. 1 box of colors
. 1 eraser
. 1 pencil sharpener
. 1 pencil
. 1 pen
. 1 box of water colors
. 1 box of play-dough
. 1 ruler
. 1 scissors
. 1 t-shirt (size according age)
. 1 toy (according gender)

These scholar items were donated and reunited by the JYJ Colombia administrators and other persons who wanted to join the project.

Photos of the delivery of Schools Kits to the Foundation “Maria Luisa de Moreno”

Certificate of Donation

Photos of the 80 children receiving School Kits

Fotos de los niños haciendo las cartas de agradecimientos

Photos of Letters

Click here to read more letters Link

Credits: JYJColombia 
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