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Note: Korea summer is from June to August.

The group is working for the songs to release the new album in 2 years after Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu have focused on individual activities since its album in 2011.

The three achieved remarkable performance in their individual activities last year. Jaejoong Kim showed his presence by his drama , film and the 1st solo album < I >. Yuchun Park swept end-of-year drama awards with his drama and . Junsu Kim also won the Best Actor for a Leading Role at 2012 Korean Musical Awards, and proved himself as No.1 ticket-selling actor with and .

This year seems to be the group’s activities by riding the momentum gained from the achievement that raised JYJ’s own brand equity.

Meanwhile, the members’ individual activities are in a row for a while. Jaejoong Kim is heading to his Asia Tour after the concert with fan-meeting event in KINTEX, Ilsan, on JAN 26 ~ JAN 27. Yuchun Park is on the moves for CF and fan-meeting after the drama , and Junsu Kim is having break-time and working for the new songs at the moment.

Source: Donga via Nate
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[NEWS] JYJ Readies New Album and Aims for a Summer Release

JYJ is looking to make its return as a group this summer.

Since releasing their last album In Heaven together in 2011, the JYJ members have gone on to pursue their individual activities appearing in dramas, musicals, movies and releasing solo albums along the way.

After two years, the JYJ members have begun work on their new group album and are targeting a summer release.

For now, JYJ is keeping tight wraps over the upcoming album and concept, but many industry experts are saying that with the success of the members′ individual activities, JYJ′s brand value has risen considerably.

Production on the album is slowly picking up steam and with JYJ at the end of a long legal battle with SM Entertainment and Avex, many are wondering if 2013 will be the year JYJ will be able to spread its wings and make a full-fledged comeback.

Source: EnewsWorld
Credit : JYJ3

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JYJ Wins the Case: Regaining Freedom from Avex and Sm’s Vicious Connection

SM and Avex all efforts to paralyze JYJ have ended in vain. The textbook example of vicious entertainment firms’ tyranny, SM and Avex must not continue their predatory behavior according to the judgment.



SM and Avex have been behaved as a powerhouse based on their capital power, which was clearly exposed during the lawsuit with JYJ. Like gangsters, they have controlled the mess media, enfettered their entertainers, and, if those entertainers don’t act as they demand, try to sink those entertainers deeply down. All these are now known to most. Their malicious and mean behaviors frankly speak volumes about greedy large entertainment firms.

 JYJ Thwarts Mean Attacks from SM and Avex

Pointing out SM’s problems and getting out from it, JYJ have been in hard times. It was out of great courage to point out the long-term contraction, so-called Slavery Contraction. This historic action by top group TVXQ served as an opportunity for the Korean entertainment industry to correct its absurd and irrationality. In this sense, JYJ deserves praises.

 Against SM who made a contract that gave thoroughly disproportionately high advantages to the firm, JYJ has challenged to lead the contract into more rational way for more than 3 years. And JYJ has been driven into a situation in which the group was unable to appear on TV. They were not only putting restrictions on TV activities but also criticizing and maliciously disturbing JYJ. Their behaviors were dirty and shocking.

If it had been not for JYJ and its fans’ power, it would have been rarely possible to gain winning from the large firms like SM. Myriads of fans have been firmly supporting JYJ and JYJ, gaining courage from fans’ support, has astoundingly paved its own way without bending its knee.

Performing excellently in dramas and musicals, JYJ has enlarged its potential not through domestic but through overseas tour. JYJ’s hardship paradoxically served as a chance to pioneer a new market. JYJ’s struggle eventually made SM succumb. The mighty firm has even acted as if it was above the law. Mobilizing interest groups in favor of the firms, pressing the broadcast companies, and exausting every means to drive out JYJ, the mean firms came to be not able to stand any longer.

JYJ even gave up profits from its activities in Japan and continued the lawsuit, and the lawsuit has ended in totally favor of JYJ. Until the very last moment, the firm showed their greed for money, raising criticism from the public. JYJ utterly gained victory through consent by giving up money with ridicule on the firm who can’t give up its greed for enormous profits from Japan.

SM’s Japanese partner, Avex has no difference from SM. JYJ found it hard to appear on TV or perform a concert due to pressure from the two powerhouses in Korea and Japan but now its victory in Japan’s court will lift restrictions.

 “We received a short news of winning the case at 2 PM from our Japanese attorney. We’re waiting for more details about the judgment.”

After prolonged litigation, the result was JYJ’s victory in Japan. It’s surprising that the group won the case in foreign country since it was really difficult even in its own country. For Japanese part, it’s more worthy because its court ruled that the foreigners, JYJ, were treated unfairly.

On January 19 the Tokyo District Court ordered Avex not to claim the exclusive management right for JYJ in Japan. In addition, the court ruled that Avex should pay reparations of 660 million yen(7.8 billion won) to Cjes Entertainment and 1 million yen(11 million won) to chief of Cjes.


 As we can learn from the reparations worth a whopping 7.8 billion won, Avex in connection with SM has went all lengths to kill JYJ but ending up in a shameful situation. The naked truth of evil deeds by the entertainment firm with considerable influence in Japan was revealed in the court.

 “There were 4 cases in process between Avex and Cjes Entertainment over Avex’ artists Junsu/Jejung/Yuchun(JYJ). Today, on January 18 in 2013, the Tokyo District Court ruled on the 4 cases. Avex is protesting against the ruling and appealing against it. “

Avex made decision to immediately appeal against the Japanese court’s ruling. Furthermore, Avex still insists that members of JYJ belong to it. Once evilly trampling on JYJ in order to disturb JYJ’s activity, Avex, now stuck in the mire, is shamefully insisting that JYJ belongs to it.

In Korea, SM has maliciously prolonged the lawsuit in order to avoid paying settlement money and Avex is showing the same dirty step. Avex must pay reparations worth 7.8 billion won. So, not to pay the reparations, Avex is highly likely to prolong the lawsuit as SM did.

JYJ is now set free both in Korea and Japan. There’s no reason to endure tyranny of large entertainment firms. True, there remain possibilities that invisible hands will exert their influence to oppress the group. Yet, JYJ is now legally free and has more various ways to reach their fans.

JYJ has met its fans in a variety of ways such as solo albums, and, now is time to begin its activities in the name of JYJ for numerous fans waiting for JYJ in Korea and Japan. In the age of oppression JYJ risked everything to correct absurd practices and finally won – this is very meaningful since JYJ’s victory will prevent further same errors in the future. Gaining the triumph from difficult fight, now it’s time for JYJ to be rejoicing.

 Source :  Dshower’s Hot Issue

 Translated by Chocolat


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The group JYJ finally wins the lawsuit against its Japanese agency, AVEX.

On January 18, Tokyo District Court in Japan orders AVEX, Japan’s biggest management company, to stop engage in acts such as claiming exclusive management rights to JYJ in Japan. The court also ordered AVEX to pay approximately 660 million JPY (approximately 7.8 billion KRW) as compensations for damages to C-JeS, JYJ’s agency.

Tokyo District Court acknowledged the fact that AVEX made announcements that defamed the chair of C-JeS, and consequently ordered AVEX to also pay approximately 1 million JPY (approximately 1.1 million KRW) for compensations for damages to C-JeS’s CEO.

After the injunction against SM Entertainment to terminate the effects of exclusive contract, JYJ signed an exclusive contract with AVEX through its agency, C-JeS, in February, 2010. When the two parties came into conflict regarding the range of activities, AVEX suspended JYJ’s activities in Japan arbitrarily through a unilateral notification in September 2010, making false claims about the chair of C-JeS’s connections to gangs.

In response, C-JeS notified AVEX on the termination of the exclusive contract with AVEX to continue [JYJ’s] activities in Japan, but AVEX have been interfering with JYJ’s activities such as concerts, claiming exclusive management rights to JYJ in Japan. Consequently, C-JeS filed request for prohibition of interference and claims for damages and received the judgments as described above on 18th.

C-JeS commented, “We are very pleased that Japanese judiciary have acknowledged and prohibited the interferences of AVEX against JYJ’s activities in Japan.” Also, C-JeS expects to resume JYJ’s activities in Japan based on this ruling.

JYJ have completed all legal lawsuits and have been set free with this ruling, following the settlement of the 3 years and 4 months-long exclusive contract dispute with the former agency, SM Entertainment, in November, 2012.

Source: Naver
Translated by: @inheaven_wJYJ

[NEWS] JYJ Wins AVEX Lawsuit – 7.8 Billion KRW to be paid as compensation

The group JYJ has finally won the lawsuit against AVEX, Japanese Agency, after long period of legal dispute.

“Tokyo District Court ordered AVEX not to insist on JYJ’s exclusive management right and pay 6.6 billion Yen (approx. 7.8 billion Won) to C-JeS Entertainment as compensation for damages”, said C-JeS Entertainment on JAN 18.

Tokyo District Court also ruled that “It is recognized that AVEX damaged reputation of the CEO of C-JeS Entertainment [Mr. Baek] and pay him approximately 1 million Yen (1.1 million Won)”.

JYJ made exclusive contract with AVEX in FEB 2010 through C-JeS Entertainment as an acting-agency after they had approval from the Korean court regarding the injunction to terminate validity of exclusive contact against SM Entertainment in Korea. However, when they had disagreement in opinions about the range of JYJ’s activities, AVEX unilaterally suspended JYJ’s activities in Japan insisting “the CEO of C-JeS is related to a gang of racketeers” in SEP the same year.

C-JeS sent notification for cancellation of the exclusive contracts to AVEX in order to continue JYJ’s activities in Japan. But AVEX has been interfering JYJ’s activities such as concerts, insisting that it had exclusive right for JYJ’s activities in Japan. C-JeS filed the lawsuits to forbid AVEX from interfering its business and claim compensation for damages.

“We are really pleased that Japanese court acknowledged AVEX’s interference in JYJ’s activities in Japan and ruled against them. We expect that JYJ would be able to resume its activities in Japan with the ruling”, commented a staff at C-JeS. He/she also emphasized the fact the court also ordered compensation for damage regarding its CEO’s damaged reputation, saying “It’s a shameless act to interfere the artists’ independent activities by malicious propaganda”.

JYJ also finished the legal dispute with SM Entertainment in NOV 2012, and as well as with AVEX this time which made them finish lawsuits regarding these issues.

Source: Nate
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Credit: JYJ3

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[PIC+VIDEO] 130114 Ad for Jaejoong’s “Your, My, & Mine” Concert FM on Daum & Naver homepage




Pic Credit: Daum, Naver via @Spica5124
Video Credit: republicofjyj


[FACEBOOK] 130114 JYJ Official Update – Jaejoong’s 2013 “Your, My and Mine” Mini Concert & Fanmeeting Bus Ads Schedule

Source: JYJ Official FB

[INFO/VIDEO] 130114 Jaejoong’s Song Choice for his “Your, My & Mine” Concert


김광석(Kim Kwangseok) [wiki] – 사랑했지만(Love has gone)

Info via: CJESJYJ FB + @JYJtack + @WidM_
Video Credit: momo86ist


[CAPS] Ad for Jaejoong’s “Your, My, & Mine” Concert Fanmeeting produced by Jackson Film

JYJ3′s Note: Watch the Ad in HD (Naver) or Youtube Link

The JJ ad basically says: “I’ll show you the real ME. I only need you.” (via @rubypurple_fan of JYJ3)














Naver Homepage




Credit: Jackson Film’s Blog


[NEWS] 130114 JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong, Advertises All Over the Country For Comeback


Group JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong is increasing his fans’ excitement through advertisements of his upcoming solo album.

Kim Jae Joong’s agency C-Jes Entertainment said, “We have officially started advertising for Kim Jae Joong’s upcoming album. We put on advertisements on billboards all over Seoul, various websites, etc.”

One song of his album ‘One Kiss’ that was previously released is currently still ranked 1 in numerous countries such as Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan, and his solo concert ‘Your, My and Mine’ tickets were sold out to more than 6,000 fans. Note: 16,000 tickets were sold out

Photo Credit: OSEN
Credit: Kpopstarz


[PICS] 130115 Jaejoong’s “Mine” Mini-Album Posters Up in a Synnara Record Store!

“I spy…”
(Can you find Jaejoong? XD)


Credit: @xiahwase1215


[NEWS] 130116 Kim Jaejoong ‘MINE’ MV will be unveiled today with “top quality expectations”

Kim Jaejoong’s solo mini album title song ‘MINE’ will be released today at midnight on the JYJ official youtube account.

It has garnered attention that Kim Jaejoong also wrote the lyrics for the mini-album. Last Jan 8, “ONE KISS” was released online which showcased Kim Jaejoong’s charming voice and outstanding singing ability. The song gained a hot response both on domestic and international charts. The high quality music video teaser with the ‘Dark Angel concept’ was also released last week.

C-jes entertainment said, “This is probably the most sensational video this year. The best staff was maximized to express this powerful music. The music video was filmed continuously for 60 hours full-time, with Kim Jaejoong receiving a compliment from the staff by demonstrating his ability to concentrate in spite of the threat of injury in order to come up with the best scenes.”

MV director Lee Sang Gyu said,”I felt the agony and loneliness of the artist trying to build his own way while reading the lyrics. To carefully express the artist’s desire, there are variety of symbolic images to substitute for philosophical image of the co-existence of good and evil within a complex inner world.”

An official said, “The “MINE” music video is made by using top-class mobilization and state of the art filming equipment and CG. The MV is made up of the aforementioned symbolic images such as snakes, crows, owls, etc. A camera capable of shooting up to 5300 frames is used to capture Kim Jaejoong’s emotional moments. The main set is about 10m by 25 m and is only one of the seven sets for this large scale music video.”

On the other hand, Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini-album, ‘Mine’, will be released offline on the 17th. In addition, he will hold a very special show, ‘Your, My and Mind’ on Jan 26-27at KINTEX Ilsan. All seats are already sold out.

Source: Star News via Nate
Translated by: Ruby of JYJ3


[NEW PICS] 130116 Jaejoong’s MINE Teaser Images




Source: MNET via jyjnormally


[PIC] 130116 Kim Jaejoong: “MINE” Mini-Album Poster



Credit: Hani_Shop_Korea + 那个镜子


[PICS] 130116 Kim Jaejoong “MINE” 1st Mini Album CD


Credit: tx78703


[HQ PICS] 130116 Kim Jaejoong “MINE” 1st Mini Album CD

Credit: kart_korea

[INFO] 130116 Kim Jaejoong’s 1st Mini Album “MINE” ranks #1 on Hanteo real time!

Source: Hanteo

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Part I


During JYJ member Park Yoochun’s Media Day in Beijing, organised by South Korean agency C-Jes, Sina Entertainment had an exclusive interview with Park Yoochun.

Official visit to China; Beijing not as cold as imagined

Although it is not his first trip to China, it is the first time that the itinerary is without any concert, fan meeting or performance-related activities.  In this, Park Yoochun has shown the proper work attitude that Koreans usually have.  He said that because he had to film the drama “Missing You”, he was unable to take time out to personally thank the China media.  So this trip is made to specially thank them.

 Talking about his impression of Beijing, he said he was mentally prepared for Beijing to be very cold but it was not as cold as Seoul.  Regarding Beijing cuisine, he revealed there is a small restaurant they patronise so frequently that the boss now can understand Korean and gives him special privileges, and he can order items that are not in the menu.  This time in Beijing, the food that he wants to eat most is still mutton on skewers (kebabs).

Selects a work based on feeling; real character is Jung Woo and Lee Gak combined

In 2012, with 2 hit dramas “Rooftop Prince” and “Missing You”, Park Yoochun seems to be enjoying greater popularity than before.  Besides fans from his singing days, there are new drama fans; outside the press conference today, it is also crowded with his fans, there just to take a look at their idol.

 During the press conference, the hit dramas that he acted in became a topic that must be mentioned.  Regarding the great success of his works, he said that for the first work “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, he did not know how to choose and just listened to the views of the people around him.  But for the recent “Rooftop Prince” and “Missing You”, he himself was moved by the script and decided to take it.  When asked which part of RTP left the deepest memories, he said he will always remember the wedding at the rooftop; the atmosphere was too sad and even the crew had tears falling.  When it was said that “Missing You” has more kissing scenes than RTP, he looked unconvinced and said, actually RTP has more kissing scenes, but viewers are affected by the heavy atmosphere in MY and have the wrong impression.

 When talking about his real character, he said it is a combination of Han Jung Woo and Lee Gak; he has Lee Gak’s sense of responsibility without losing freedom and Jung Woo’s traits of acting babyish and spoilt and also joking around.  He also took pride in his good interpersonal relations and said he maintains a good relationship with all the actors/actresses he has worked with, keeping in touch even until now.  About RTP having the highest number of clicks on the internet, Park Yoochun said he also had a shock when he heard it.   Regarding the finale of Missing You that everyone is most concerned about,  he is tight-lipped and said the script is not out yet, but he is wishing for a tragic end and asked the scriptwriter to make him die.

 Entering the China market possible anytime; wants to challenge a war movie

This media day activity is widely seen as the first step for Park Yoochun to enter the China market.  Regarding this, he was straightforward and said it can happen anytime if there is a suitable script.  He also revealed that he has received the invitation for several works but he has not made a decision yet.

 JYJ member Kim Jaejoong has already entered the silver screen with ” Codename Jackal”; when asked if he would follow suit, Park Yoochun said he is in no hurry.  He said, “Wait til I am 30 or 40 years old when I can challenge more kinds of roles; for movies I can take my time.”  About the type of movie he would most like to challenge, he was given 3 choices, love, action or comedy.  He gave an unexpected answer– war movie.  He quipped, “Actually I really wanted to act in a horror movie, but I was too scared and gave up the idea.  Now I want most to act in a war movie, best with a scene of 5 hundred horses galloping at me.”


Part II


Suffered a lot for “Missing You”;  Harry’s role is too sick

Park Yoochun, because of popular Korean drama “Missing You”, recently received the attention of more and more fans.  The engaging performance of all the actors added colors to the story but the sad storyline and chilly weather gave Park Yoochun a hard time during shooting. When asked what was the most painful thing during the shoot, he said, “Because of too many crying scenes, the body lost a lot of energy.  My mouth always becomes frozen saying lines in the cold weather.”  He also said, “When the icy winds blows, tearing is not that easy”,  bursting viewers’ fantasy over Jung Woo’s lines “I am not crying; it’s because the wind is blowing” and appearing real and interesting.

When asked if his own character is closer to Jung Woo or Harry, Park Yoochun exclaimed “Of course I am more like Jung Woo, good at waiting!”  Trying to clarify, Park Yoochun explained, in the drama, Harry acted by Yoo Seung Ho, is a control freak with an obsession that is a sickness; as for himself, he wouldn’t be like that and will give adequate trust to the woman he loves without foregoing his principles.  In the drama, Jung Woo waited for 14 years for love, and Park Yoochun realistically said, “14 years makes the story look so beautiful, but in reality it is not easy, too long “.   When saying this, he made an expression like “I can’t imagine!” and that expression was very cute.

“Missing You” tragic ending is logical;  after completing shoot, looking forward to travelling to Cuba

During an earlier interview, Park Yoochun openly expressed that he hopes “Missing You” ending to be a tragedy. Towards the finale, there are 2 more episodes,  how will the story end,  it naturally became our topic of concern.  Regarding this, Park Yoochun said,  “Even though people around me don’t agree, my hope for a  tragic ending has not changed.”  At the same time, he explained, “Not because we must give the story a sad ending, but for the plot so far, only Jung Woo’s death would make the story sound logical and everything look rational.”

Year 2012, Park Yoochun acted in “Rooftop Prince” and “Missing You” one after the other, both receiving excellent results, but he was not able to rest well. When asked, after shooting, what is the thing he wants to do most and what place he most wants to go, he looked like he was drawing a beautiful picture in his mind, then he said, “After Missing You ends, I want to travel, and if I have to choose a place, it will be Cuba, where I can rest freely.”

JYJ album in the agenda;  wants to eat roast duck in Beijing

2013 has only just started, Park Yoochun has already placed JYJ’s new album in the agenda. Regarding other projects, he said there are no plans yet, but if there is a chance, it is possible that he might bring a music or TV project to the fans.  When asked what food he wants to taste in Beijing, Yoochun quickly said he had already requested the staff to take him to eat roast duck, and after eating, he will have a good sleep.  He was full of life and vigour but it could not conceal his tiredness which pained us.  When asked to speak a few Chinese words, Park Yoochun shyly said,”More than 10 years ago, I learned Chinese but now I have forgotten most of it.  Because I watched many zombie/vampire movies, I can only shout “jiu ming ah” (“救命啊” means “help!” in Chinese).  His words made everyone burst out laughing.

This trip to Beijing, from a certain angle, is Park Yoochun’s first step to enter China, even though he is humble about it and said he came to say hello and thank you to the China media.  But I believe after this activity, Chinese fans will be able to see him more often.  Regarding fan meetings,  Park Yoochun also said “Missing You” will be an opportunity for more fan meetings in more locations. 。(Thanks 红丽/文 郑福德/图 张大伟/视频)

Source from Sina Entertainment(1,2)
Special thanks to micky baidubar for the video link
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Credit: JYJ3

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[INFO] Tracklist for Jaejoong’s First Solo Mini-Album

Album Title:
(T/N: According to several news released on January 4th, Kim Jaejoong’s mini-album title is “MINE”. But below in the details of the solo tracks, it says Disc Title: “I”)

– All Alone

– Mine
– One Kiss
– 나만의 위로[Healing for Myself] (“Jackal is Coming” OST)
– 내 안 가득히

Source: Korean Music Copyright Association
Pic Credit: @_babyjaejoong


[NEWS] 130104 Jaejoong to pre-release “One Kiss” ahead of solo mini album ‘Mine’

JYJ‘s Jaejoong is almost ready to drop his first solo mini album, which will be called ‘Mine‘, but with eager fans desperately awaiting a taste of what’s to come, he will be unveiling a special treat!

The singer will be pre-releasing a track titled “One Kiss” off his upcoming album, on January 8th!

C-Jes Entertainment revealed the good news, stating, “Kim Jaejoong’s album title track is “Mine”, a rock genre song with a strong sound, which has been worked on with Kim Bada. A large-scale music video has also been produced to match with the lyrics. He’ll be pre-releasing “One Kiss” during the afternoon on the 8th. As a song showcasing Jaejoong’s unique emotional yet husky voice, it’ll be a sophisticated song that matches well with this cold winter season.”

They added, “After releasing the pre-release track on the 8th ahead of the January 17th release date of the album, the music video for ‘Mine’, its making-of footage, and teaser videos will be released in the following week.”

The album will also start its pre-sale on January 7th as well as the ticket sales for Jaejoong’s concert ‘Your, My and Mine‘ that will be held on January 26th and 27th.

Source: Allkpop

[NEWS] JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong to Release Preview Track ‘One Kiss’ on January 8

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong is releasing a preview track before releasing his first solo album.

According to C-Jes Entertainment, ahead of the release of Kim Jae Joong’s solo album MineOne Kiss will be unveiled online on January 8.

His agency added, “Kim Jae Joong’s new album’s title song, Mine was produced with Kim Ba Da and features a heavy sound in the rock genre and the large-scale music video was recently finished filming. We will unveil the track One Kisson January 8. It’s a song that features Kim Jae Joong’s husky yet emotional vocals and is a song that’s fitting for the cold winter.”

The agency shared a special production video of Mine’s music video and the music video teaser would be unveiled next week before the full album’s release on January 17.

Photo Credit: C-Jes Entertainment
Source: enewsWorld

[NEWS] JYJ Jaejoong to Pre-Release “ONE KISS” from Upcoming Solo Album “MINE”

JYJ fans rejoice! It looks as though JYJ’s Jaejoong will pre-release the song “ONE KISS” from his upcoming solo album “MINE.”

On January 4 C-JeS Entertainment stated, “At 12pm on January 8, we will pre-release the song ‘ONE KISS’ from Jaejoong’s upcoming solo album.” The agency also added, “After pre-releasing the song, we will continue to release making of the music video, and teaser clips for the title song ‘MINE.’”

The song “ONE KISS” will show off Jejoong’s husky but sensual voice. The song will fit in perfectly with the winter season. About the title song “MINE,” a representative of C-JeS Entertainment stated, “MINE is a rock song that has a strong sound created by collaboration with Kim Bada. We are also creating a large scale music video that fits in with the lyrics of the song.”

You can pre-order JYJ Jaejoong’s solo album on January 7.

Source: Soompi

[NEWS] 130104 ‘One Kiss’ which is part of Kim Jaejoong’s solo album will be released on Jan 8

Kim Jaejoong will release ‘ONE KISS’ as a preview track on Jan 8, prior to the release of his first solo mini-album called ‘MINE’

C-jes entertainment official said, “MINE, which is the title song and album title of Kim Jaejoong’s first mini solo-album, was produced together with Kim Bada. A large scale music video for the heavy rock song was also produced.’ONE KISS’ will be released online on Jan 8 around 12 noon. It is a song which features Kim Jaejoong’s charming, husky yet sweet voice and is suited for the cold winter weather.”

Also,”We will release an MV behind the scence cut and MV teaser for ‘MINE’ on Jan 8″, he added.

Pre-orders (both online and offline) for Kim Jaejoong’s mini solo-album will begin on Jan 7. It will be available on offline stores like Kyobo Bookstore and Synarra record store, as well as online sites such as Kyobo, Synarra, Interpark, Yes24, and Aladdin. Pre-orders will end by January 14.

On the other hand, Kim Jaejoong will have a special performances on Jan 26-27 called ‘Your, My, Mine’. It will be held in KINTEX Ilsan and booking will start on Jan 7 at Interpark website.

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate
Translated by: rubypurple_fan of JYJ3


[INFO] 130104 Kim Jaejoong chosen as “The Hottest Male Artist” at the 4th Philippine Kpop Convention

Note: Kim Jaejoong is holding the title as The Hottest Male Artist for 3 consecutive years


[NEWS] 130103 The Fourth Annual Kpop Convention

For the Fans By the Fans

A jam-packed super-event which gathered an astounding 6000 plus audience, this is one way to describe the successful Kpop Convention 4. With their mission to raise funds for Gawad Kalinga Community Development Projects & the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, KCON 4 was the first and the biggest Fan -organized Kpop event in the Philippines. Fans of different Korean artists and idol groups gathered to enjoy and celebrate the Kpop Fever in Manila. The said event has gathered more than 50 fans’ clubs and each of them have their own booth where they showcased their love and support for their favorite Korean artists.

First held last December 2009, then the 2nd Phil Kpop Convention was held in December 11, 2010 at the PICC Forum while The 3rd Phil Kpop Convention was held in December 31, 2012 at the Megatent and the most recent was held on December 29,2012 in PICC Forums 1-3.

The Contests
The said event also highlighted the talents of Filipino Kpoppers through different contests and exciting performances!

There was the 4TH PHILIPPINE KPOP AWARDS where the fans hailed the best of the best in the Kpop world. Below is the list of the winners:

Hottest Male Artist – JYJ – Kim Jaejoong

Omitted (Read more here)

Source: Manila Korean Times


[INFO] Jaejoong’s MINE mini-album – Track List

[INFO] Jaejoong’s mini solo-album

From JYJ’s emotional, delicate, and beloved vocalist Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini-album “I”.

Co-produced by Kim Jaejoong, recognized as a singer-songwriter who worked on JYJ’s album and songs from his dramas and movies.

Kim Jaejoong wants to work on a rock genre album with collaboration from Kim Bada, vocalist of Sinawe and only Kim Jaejoong’s explosive vocals can give justice to the songs. After 10 years since his debut, the lyrics of all the songs directly captured and expressed all the emotions he felt while working as a singer and actor. It is also an honest confession about his life through music. To describe this album, it is simply a “piece of work”.

01 One Kiss (Lyrics – Kim Jaejoong / composer – Kim Bada / arranger – Sean)
“One Kiss” makes use of a full synthesizer, but the song combined with Kim Jaejoong’s husky treble voice, contains the base of rock elements such as hard playing of the drums and crunchy guitar sounds(T/N it is really a rock term). Despite its intense sound, the lyrics are melancholic and is all about remembering the past, creating a deep impression.

02 Mine (lyricist – Kim Jaejoong / Composition – Kim Bada, Sean / Arrangement – Kim Bada, Sean)
“Mine” is the the title track of the mini-album, it’s a song that was arranged by Kim Bada that showcases Kim Jaejoong’s outstanding singing abilities with his explosive vocals and exceptional interpretation of the song. The magnificent and crystal texture of the guitars in the middle of the track makes the listeners feel like one is racing through a tunnel.

03 내안 가득히 (lyricist – Jeon Haeseong / composer – Jeon Haeseong / arranger – PJ, Kim JinHoon)
It is a modern rock ballad that starts with Kim Jaejoong’s melodic voice and features his delicate emotions. The gentle melody and the lyrics fits the story about love, friendship, and relationship and about someone who is about to confess his love.

04 나만의 위로 (Healing for myself) (lyrics Kim Jaejoong / composer – Kim Jaejoong / arranger – Kwon Binji)
Sweet melody sad lyrics containing Kim Jaejoong’s yearning for a lover who has gone away. The gentle melody increasingly changes to a strong melody during the emotional part of the lyrics. In the second half of the song, Kim Jaejoong’s rock vocals is truly impressive.

05 All Alone (Lyrics – Kim Jaejoong / composer – Kim Jaejoong, Kim Sejin / arranger – Kim Sejin)
“All Alone”‘s outstanding piano melody evokes a lyrical atmosphere with Kim Jaejoong’s emotional vocals all throughout the song. The lyrics is about pulling a beautiful but sad memory stored at the back of your mind. If you listen with your eyes close, you will see a scene of the saddest but most beautiful memory.

T/N: I left the Korean titles as I’m not sure of the English translation for the songs.

Translated by: @rubypurple_fan of JYJ3


[INFO/PICS] 130107 New Pics + Seating Plan for Kim Jaejoong 2013 Mini concert & Fanmeeting “Your, My and Mine”


Sources: Play DB + Interpark


[NEWS] 130107 JYJ’s Jaejoong reveals poster for upcoming mini concert & fanmeeting ‘Your, My, Mine

JYJ‘s Jaejoong has opened preorders for his first solo mini album, ‘Mine‘ today. He also revealed the above poster for his upcoming mini-concert/fanmeeting ‘Your, My, Mine‘.

Jaejoong’s concert ‘Your, My and Mine‘ will be held on January 26th and 27th.

In other news, Jaejoong will be pre-releasing a track titled “One Kiss” off his upcoming album, on January 8th!

Source: Allkpop

[NEWS] JYJ’s Jaejoong Unveils Photo Teaser for “Your, My and Mine” Mini Concert and Fanmeeting

After sharing teaser pictures as well as video for his first mini album “Your, My and Mine“, JYJ‘s Jaejoong recently release a photo teaser for his concert and fan meeting.

Jaejoong will drop his first mini rock album January 17th. He will be holding a special mini concert and fanmeeting on January 26th and 27th to celebrate the launch of the album as well as to celebrate his birthday.

Are you ready for his first mini album?

Source: Go Kpop


[NEWS] 130107 Kim Jaejoong’s Solo Album is No. 1 in Pre-Orders in Japan

JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s first solo album has garnered attention and has become a hot topic in Japan.

Ever since the pre-order sales have started 5 days ago, Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini-album ‘MINE’ has occupied the no 1 position in the charts of online sites such as Gmarket and Rakuten. The fact that it topped the reservation chart of Rakuten, Japan’s largest internet shopping mall is impressive.

Due to agency problems, Kim Jaejoong does not have any activities in Japan. However, even if there are no promotions or activities, he still has the interest of local fans. The Protect the Boss OST, in which Kim Jaejoong has particpated, became number 1 last year in Gmarket Japan.

(T/N: to clarify, Gmarket JP and Rakuten started pre-orders since last week, ahead of the official pre-order date for Korean sites)

Source: enews24 via Nate
Translated by:
 Ruby of JYJ3


[INFO] 130107 Global Idol Kim Jaejoong Who Is Loved The Most In The World

Kim Jaejoong mini concert and fan meeting “Your My & Mine”

Global idol Kim Jaejoong who is loved the most in the world

Drama! Movie! Stage director! Singer-songwriter!

Multi-talented Entertainer Kim Jaejoong who is more active than ever.

Finally, he will come to you via a special concert for domestic fans.

This special concert prepared by Kim Jaejoong will be differentiated from the existing showcases, concerts and fan meetings. It will be a place where you can enjoy your time with Kim Jaejoong as he will share his honest stories which have never been told to anyone so far. Holding this concert on his birthday, he wants to create the only one stage in this world, which conveys his own life as the way it is.

This concert ‘Your My and Mine’ is divided into 3 parts, which provides time to create chemistry with the audience. Containing all of his stories, this concert will present to you a fantastic stage of Kim Jaejoong as a singer.

With an explosive vocal containing his unique personality, Kim Jaejoong will make you impressed with a hotter stage than any fantasy in your imaginations.

This concert that tells his own music and also his life story will come into the world as a work of large dimension.

Source: Interpark/Playdb
Translated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ
Credit: PrinceJJ + JYJ3


[FACEBOOK] 130108 JYJ Official Update – Jaejoong will be pre-releasing ‘ONE KISS’

Photobucket Photobucket

Source: JYJ Official FB


[NEWS] 120107 JYJ Jaejoong’s sold out concert, sets record for Interpark’s longest server downtime


16,000 tickets to JYJ member Kim Jaejoong’s 2-day first solo concert were sold out as soon as it started selling.

C-jes entertainment agency said, “After the start of the ticket sales for Kim Jaejoong’s first domestic show ‘Your, My, and Mine’ at 8pm KST, tickets were sold out completely even after the paralysis of the site’s server and is the longest downtime recorded in the site’s history. Explosive popularity has been proven with the server failure as soon as the tickets were up for sale, as well as being number 1 search term in major portal search sites and Interpark website.”

Kim Jaejoong will have a concert (Your, My, and Mine) for two days starting on January 26 at Kintex Ilsan.

His agency said, “This will be Kim Jaejoong’s first solo performance domestically which garnered a lot of attention. This will showcase Kim Jaejoong as an all-round entertainer at the top of his game from singer to actor to director. The event is comprised of 3 programs such as fanmeeting, work history talk, and a mini-concert.”

This concert, which became a hot topic both domestic and international, is to commemorate the release of his mini-album as well as to celebrate his birthday. Officials added, “As soon as the site opened for selling, the page displayed an error which stated that the server is down. It seems the whole world is focused on the ticket selling since Kim Jaejoong has a huge fanbase in Europe, North and South America, and Asia esp Japan and China. Interpark has recorded the highest number of active users with overseas IP address.”

ONE KISS, a song from his solo mini-album, will be released digitally on Jan 8 noon at several online sites such as Melon, Bugs, Mnet, Olleh, and Soribada.

Source: SSTV Hankyung
Translated by: Ruby of JYJ3


[PIC] 130108 New Image for Jaejoong’s Single ‘ONE KISS’ from “Mine” Mini Album


Credit: @onekiss9095 via JYJ3


[INFO] Kim Jaejoong’s single “ONE KISS” – List of Digital Music Stores


Album: [Pre-Release/Single] One Kiss
Song Artist: Kim Jaejoong (김재중) [JYJ]
Release Date: 2013.01.08
Genre: Rock
Price: aprox  US $1.29

1) MELON Buy it now

2) SORIBADA (English Site) Buy it now

3) MNET Buy it now

4) iTUNES Buy it now Th / Vn / Sg / Jp


[INFO] 130108 Kim Jaejoong’s “One Kiss” Tops iTunes Rock Chart


Photobucket PhotobucketPhotobucket

On the day of its release, Kim Jaejoong’s new single “One Kiss” from his upcoming solo album is topping the iTunes chart (rock category) in several countries. Let’s continue to support Jaejoong by purchasing his single. Click HERE for more info.

Kim Jaejoong’s 1st solo mini album is scheduled to be released on January 17th, 2013. Click HERE for info on where to pre-order the album.

Note: According to iTunes info, the release date of “One Kiss” is January 10th, which may explain why as of now it is only available in certain countries.

Credit & shared by: JYJ3


[VIDEO] 130108 SBS “Morning Wide”: Hot reactions for Jaejoong’s Concerts

Credit: jaef126


[NEWS] 130108 Kim Jaejoong’s ‘ONE KISS’ Got Hot Reaction


Kim Jaejoong released a new song ONE KISS through online music sites on the 8th.

ONE KISS was released ahead of Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini-album.

ONE KISS is song that contains intense music sounds with sad lyrics and in which Kim Jaejoong’s husky vocals stand out.

The lyrics for this mini album were all written by Kim Jaejoong. ONE KISS is about reminiscing and cherishing one’s memories.

ONE KISS topped real time charts of online music stores as soon as it was released to the public.

After hearing his new song, netizens commented, “Kim Jaejoong’s voice is so attractive.”,”The song goes well with winter.”

Source: Hankooki via Nate
Translated By: Ruby of JYJ3


[NEWS] 130109 Kim Jaejoong’s ONE KISS topped iTunes chart in 5 countries in just one day of its release

Less than a day after Kim Jaejoong’s ONE KISS has been released, it became number 1 on the iTunes music charts in 5 countries.

On the 8th, Kim Jaejoong has unveiled the track ONE KISS from his mini solo-album. Shortly after its released domestically, it became no. 1 on real-time charts such as Bugs and Cyworld. It also ranked #1 on iTunes music chart in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Kim Jaejoong also conquered the rock charts. Aside from the 5 countries, it has topped the iTunes chart rock category in Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia. This has proven Kim Jaejoong’s successful transformation to a rocker.

A music official said, “The intense sound and exquisite blend of Kim Jaejoong’s unique voice has managed to make trendy songs. Its sophisticated melodies will attract listeners from North and South America, and Europe. When the album is released, we can expect it to hit the global charts.”

Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini-album has heightened expectations since it also ranked no 1 on Japanese online music stores such as Tower Records, HMV, and Amazon.

Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini-album MINE will be released on Jan 17.

Source: Newsen via Nate
Translated by: @Rubypurple_fan of JYJ3

 note: Jaejoong’s ONE KISS topped iTunes Chart, Rock category in 9 countries  u can see it in above


[VIDEO] 130109 KBS News: Jaejoong’s 1st Solo Concert Sold Out



[FACEBOOK] 130109- 130110 JYJ Official Update – Jaejoong’s pre-released track ‘One kiss’ ranked #1 in iTunes music charts


Sports Chosun


PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketSource : JYJ Official FB


[NEWS] 130110 MV teaser images revealed for Jaejoong’s upcoming release


JYJ‘s Jaejoong is on a roll with the release of various teasers that are pumping up fans for the unveil of his solo album, ‘Mine‘. He is expected to tease you all again tomorrow with the most exciting teaser yet, the MV teaser, but before he does so, a few captures from the MV have been released!

From the release of these photos, it is apparent that the music video will include some dramatic scenes that are sure to leave you in awe.

Having impressed fans with his pre-release, “One Kiss“, which is quickly rising to the top of various music charts in several countries, the anticipation for his full release is growing even more.


Source: Allkpop

[NEWS] Jaejoong reveals stills from “One Kiss” MV teaser

After recently pre-releasing a new track titled “One Kiss,” Jaejoong teased fans even more with a few stills from the track’s music video.

The album containing the three stills is captioned: “‘One Kiss’ rocks all music charts!! Do you know that Jaejoong’s music video teaser will be released tomorrow? Before you see the MV teaser, you have to see the MV teaser images!!!”

These three images are have already garnered much love and attentions from fans, each boasting over a thousand Facebook “likes” already.

Each image has a mysterious aura surrounding it, promising fans an exciting music video for the rock-inspired song.

The first image has Jaejoong hidden behind a silver mask. Although fans can’t see his face, his sleeveless outfit shows off his muscular arms. In the next still, Jaejoong’s dramatic eye make-up and red hair are the focuses of the shot. Lastly, the third photo is the most dramatic of all three as he is dressed all in black with an even heavier smoky look. As the final touch, he has a pair of white angel wings on his back, completely contrasting the dark mood of the picture.

Are you excited for the music video teaser?

Source: Koreaboo

[NEWS] JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong Reveals Mystical MV Teaser Images

Preparing a drastic change for his first solo album, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong went to the dark side for his upcoming music video.

On January 10, C-Jes Entertainment dropped three photos from the set of Kim Jae Joong’s music video set. Dressed mysteriously in all black, Kim Jae Joong hid his face behind a jewel-embedded mask and spread his wings in a mystical setting.

C-Jes Entertainment announced that Kim Jae Joong’s music video teaser will be unveiled on January 11 before the album release on January 17. The release will be followed by Kim Jae Joong’s mini-concert

With the pictures, the JYJ Facebook wrote, “′One Kiss′ rocks all music charts!! Do you know that Jaejoong′s music video teaser will be released tomorrow? Before you see the MV teaser, you have to see the MV teaser images!!!”

Meanwhile, Kim Jae Joong’s pre-released song One Kiss has been receiving much love from all around the world.

Source: enewsWorld

[NEWS] Kim Jae-Joong’s music video still-cut revealed, ‘handsome as CG’

Kim Jae-Joong revealed his music video still-cut. Kim Jae-Joong’s music video will be released in January 11, although beforehand his music video’s still-cut was revealed, igniting the expectations of his solo step-up.

According to official JYJ Facebook, the music video still-cut was released in January 10, and it received huge raves from the fans, which hinted Kim Jae-Joong’s solo debut to turn out as a success. In the picture, Kim Jae-Joong displayed his mystical grotesque image of himself.

CjeS Entertainment mentioned that the music video will be released on the 11th, and yet the story is unrevealed, Kim Jae-Joong will express his inner-self in various aspects. Through the still-cut image, Kim Jae-Joong showed his ‘handsome CG’ appearance, and he also raised the expectations for his solo album and the upcoming music video.

Meanwhile, Kim Jae-Joong’s pre-open song ‘ONE KISS’ topped #1 in iTunes Rock Chart in nine countries such as Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, and etc.

Source: Innolife


[NEWS] 130110 Jong Taese wants to watch JYJ Kim Jaejoong’s performance

During the press conference on the 10th, when asked what he wants to do aside from football in South Korea, new Suwon Bluewings striker Jong TaeSe (29) has answered he wanted to watch Hallyu Star Kim Jaejoong’s performance.

Aside from Kim Jaejoong, he is also acquainted with JYJ members Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu.

Jong TaeSe and JYJ’s ties dated back to June 2011. Jong TaeSe participated in the Asian Dream Cup, a football charity match in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. JYJ were also there to hold a concert to celebrate the charity game. Friendship was built after meeting on this event.

Kim Jaejoong posted a photo with Jong Taese on his twitter after finishing the charity match saying “Tae Se, let’s meet up again”. Jong TaeSe is looking forward to watching Kim Jaejoong’s performance when he comes to Korea.

However, it seems like he will not be able to meet him. He will come back to Korea on Jan 28 after joining the training camp in Guam while Kim Jaejoong’s concert will be on Jan 26-27.

Source: SportalkKorea
Translated by: @Rubypurple_fan of JYJ3


[TRANS] 130110 Kim Bada mentions Jaejoong in his recent Interview

Extract of Kim Bada’s Interview  for SOL Republic

Q: We heard that you wrote a song for JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong. What kind of song is it?

– Since we are producing Jaejoong’s first solo album, we wanted to change his concept a bit. Jaejoong has already lived as a singer for a long time, so he has a lot of ambition in terms of music. Jaejoong and I were already friends over music, and he asked me for a song, then of course I wrote him one. After that, we kept in contact and I ended up writing another song for him. What I didn’t expect was that I was able to write music happily for Jaejoong and at the same time create the kind of music style that I’ve always wanted. I really liked the work that I was doing so I wrote the music very diligently. The work was musically satisfying and I felt satisfied, and thus the production was very meaningful to me. I was also very glad to see that Jaejoong, who debuted as an idol, holds so much passion for music. And through this collaboration with Jaejoong, I have became more enthusiastic and gained more creativity. So I’ve very thankful to Jaejoong as an individual.

Source: SOL Republic  via @Joongy
Translated by: G.fanns of JYJ3

Before, Kim Bada said that he really don’t know who is Jaejoong really is ( see in Here) so i guess in this interview, he meant because they share the same passion and ambition to create good music, they can be called friends over music. He may not truly know him personally before this collaboration.


[NEWS] 130111 Kim Jaejoong will hold a special event on his solo concert


On Jan 26-27 in Kim Jaejoong’s concert ‘Your, My and Mine’, he will have a special event in which he will sing one requested song on stage.

The event will be held in JYJ official FB page on Jan 12, 7-9 pm KST. Fans are allowed to leave a comment on the FB page on which Korean song they would like Jaejoong to sing on stage. Application is limited to one song per person. Result will be published on JYJ FB page on Jan 14.

C-jes entertainment official said, “Your,My and Mine is a new format that combines mini-concert and a fanmeeting. Kim Jaejoong planned special performances as a gift for fans.”

Meanwhile, The MV teaser of Kim Jaejoong’s title song ‘MINE’ will be released on January 11.

Source: Nate
Translated By: rubypurple_fan of JYJ3


[VIDEO] 130111 KBS News: Jaejoong’s One Kiss ranks No. 1 on iTunes chart in 5 Countries

‘One Kiss’ was played in the background during the news report^^

Source : JJYCJSYJJ + jaejoong860126

Credit : JYJ3

Shared by : miaw0730

Yoochun winning Male Excellence Acting Award for Drama Special


Yoochun & Jung Yumi’s Skit before presenting awards


Yoochun’s Interview on the Red Carpet


Yoochun’s New Year Greetings



Yoochun and Han Jimin wins Best Couple Award

Credit: t4rw3n
Shared by: JYJ3 + miaw0730

It is virtually impossible for male group JYJ to appear in music and entertainment broadcasts. How to announce a new song, if you can’t come to a music program that allows the singer to promote new music and to meet fans?

Nevertheless, JYJ has survived well in 2012. Despite the adverse conditions, the 3 member group composed of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, and Kim Junsu have managed to succeed.

“I was truly worried to release a solo album in the current situation.”, but in May last year, Kim Junsu stood tall as a solo artist with the release of his solo album “Tarantallegra”. He also went on a world tour that span many countries such as Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, New York, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and Germany. There was no request for him to appear on TV broadcasts so he made his own stage to have performances thru the world tour and reached out to fans by online marketing such as youtube.

For example, on Dec 29-31, the 3 terrestrial broadcasting stations have their own music festivals but Kim Junsu did a musical and ballad concert alone on the same dates for 21,000 fans. The concert has intense dance atmospheres, stronger performances, and a lot of conversations with the fans. Even the reporters who attended the concert were impressed.

On the other hand, Kim Jaejoong and Park Yuchun, who appeared on TV dramas, have established their positions as actors. The two attended year end drama awards that were held late last year. Kim Jaejoong won rookie award for Dr Jin while Park Yuchun was awarded best actor and popularity awards for I Miss You and Rooftop Prince.

Kim Junsu has chosen to showcase his singing talent via musicals. He has also won the Best Musical Actor in the 18th Korea Musical Awards for his role in Elisabeth. This is the highest award a musical actor can get.

Kim Junsu was surprised to find out that he has young fans. During his concert, he asked, “I don’t appear in broadcasts, how did you know me?”

In 2012, because they are well-rounded entertainers, JYJ has proven that one can survive and be successful despite being at a disadvantage.

Source: enews via Nate
Translated by: @rubypurple_fan of JYJ3
Credit: JYJ3

Shared by : miaw0730

That’s why JYJ became very special group in my heart but i wonder why almost in every articles like this, no reporter  mentioned about the reason why JYJ can’t be seen on TV shows in SK

Kim Jaejoong’s album cover teaser for his first solo mini-album has been released.

The photos were released on JYJ’s official FB account ( and has garnered a hot response.

In the photo, Kim Jaejoong’s eyes were closed but did not reveal the hairstyle and outfit. C-jes entertainment said, “Kim Jaejoong wrote the lyrics of all the songs in his album. His solo album contained everything about his life and music. The published photo depicts a sense of happiness and sadness at the same time which reflects Kim Jaejoong as an artist.”

In another photo, you can see a glimpse of the props and costumes used, like the leopard pattern jackets with funky style. Expectations have increased with the release of the photos.

C-jes said, “The album cover concept is “fatal beauty” and Kim Jaejoong has produced an outstanding result.”

“For the rock genre concept, he opted for the avant garde style instead of metallic or cool props. The luxurious and mysterious image of Kim Jaejoong has produced a unique fashion using innovative prints and patterns.”,he added.

Kim Jaejoong’s album will be released on the 17th and before that, the MV teaser will be released.

On the other hand, he will have a mini-concert/fanmeeting called ‘Your, My, and Mine’ to be held on Jan 26-27 at KINTEX Ilsan. Selling of tickets will be on Jan 7. Booking information can be found at Interpark.

Source: Asia Today via Nate
Credit: @rubypurple_fan of JYJ3

[NEWS] 130102 JYJ Kim Jae Joong Goes Dark in First Mini Album Jacket Images

C-Jes Entertainment is giving fans a first look at Kim Jae Joong’s upcoming solo mini album.

The JYJ official Facebook revealed new image on December 2 for Kim Jae Joong’s upcoming first solo mini album.

One cut shows a close-up on Kim Jae Joong’s pale face which stands out against the black background. With his eyes closed and a light tint on his eyelids, elaborate extensions are seen glued to the singer’s eyelashes.

Also included were two cuts of black and white photos of what appears to be Kim Jae Joong′s stage outfits.The description for those pictures read, “Jaejoong’s 1st solo mini album that focused on his life, music and you is coming soon!Today album teaser image is released!! (FYI Music video teaser is coming up next week)
Literally, He is beautiful in that picture.. what you think?
Please give him a lot of support^^.”Kim Jae Joong’s agency shared the singer not only wrote all the lyrics for all the songs on the upcoming album but the lyrics were personal, reflecting his life and music. The released teaser images also followed with this meaning and to show Kim Jae Joong as an artist and his dilemmas and happiness.The agency also added that despite the title song being in the rock genre, instead of a cold or heavy metal sound, Kim Jae Joong had selected an avant-garde style while the singer looked to show his unique fashion as well through the new album.The music video teaser will be unveiled sometime next week while the full album drops on January 17.

Photo Credit: C-Jes Entertainment
Credit: Enewsworld

[NEWS] JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Reveals Album Jacket Teaser

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong revealed his album jacket teaser for his first solo mini album.

On January 2, the teaser was uploaded on JYJ’s official facebook page and was received with a hot reaction. A representative from C-JeS Entertainment shared, “We revealed his album jacket teaser before releasing a video teaser. The solo mini album contains his lifestyle and music he wants to share with the fans. Please look forward to it.”

The first two pictures hint the costumes he wore for the album’s concept. It portrays a funky style with leather and leopard print. An official working on the album concept shared, “The results came out great. Kim Jaejoong has a deadly beauty. The world will be able to meet Jaejoong portraying a homme fatale image.”

The last picture shows a close up of Jaejoong. His milky white complexion is contrasted with the black background and he has his eyes closed. His face angle and the blurred background emphasized his unique eye extensions.

Meanwhile, his album will be released on January 17.

Credit: Soompi

[NEWS] JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong becomes an homme fatal

Recently, JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong appealed with his “homme fatal” charm through his soloist album

On January 2, teaser images for Kim’s solo album and props were posted on the official Facebook page of JYJ.

In the picture, his pure white face, unusual eyelashes, and red lips generate a mysterious atmosphere. In other album jacket images, his funky costume and the leopard pattern stand out.

C-Jes Entertainment that manages the singer says, “For this upcoming album, Kim wrote all the songs in the album. His first solo EP has everything about him including his life and music. We ask for your support and love.”

His EP will be released on January 17 and the teaser for music video is also to be revealed soon. On the 26th and the 27th, he will hold a mini-concert combined with a fan meeting with the title “Your, My and Mine.”

Source: Xportsnews
Credit: En.korea

[NEWS] Three more teaser images released for Jaejoong’s upcoming solo album

After announcing that JYJ‘s Jaejoong would be releasing his first solo mini-album, various teasers have been steadily revealed to give fans an insight into what’s to come!

Following the releases are three new photos, which well, definitely do tease, as they unfortunately don’t reveal much at all.

The new photos were released through the group’s official Facebook with the words, “Jaejoong’s 1st solo mini album that focused on his life, music and you is coming soon! Today album teaser image is released!! (FYI Music video teaser is coming up next week) Literally, He is beautiful in that picture.. what you think? Please give him a lot of support^^”

Check out the photos and stay tuned for the MV teaser coming up later!

Credit: Allkpop

[NEWS] Official photos for Jaejoong’s upcoming solo album released

C-Jes Entertainment releases the official teaser photos to Jaejoong’s upcoming solo album.

On January 2nd, C-Jes Entertainment released three photos featuring Jaejoong and the elements that inspired his concept. It was stated that his 1st solo album will focus on his life, music and fans. They also revealed that they will be releasing the official video teaser next week and further asked fans to support his upcoming promotions.

Last December, Jaejoong announced that he will making his debut as solo artist this January and has released a photo and video teaser. He will be promoting under a “rock star” concept and has enlisted the help of rock star Kim Bada on the production of the album. Jaejoong was also revealed to have participating in the writing of the lyrics.

Jaejoong’s first solo album will be released on January 17th and will also hold a special concert to celebrate his album launch and birth on January 26th and 27th.

Credit: Koreaboo
Shared By: JYJ3 + miaw0730