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The MBC drama “I Miss You” came as the number 1 drama that keeps the public engaged in the show.

On January 11, Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation revealed that “ A Program Engagement Index (PEI) was conducted as an online survey where “I Miss You” had the highest engagement ratings.”

Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation conducted the PEI survey online a day after the drama was air in the month of December. Around 13,791 people aged 13 to 59 participated in the survey.

“I Miss You” came with 132.1, which was the highest in the drama field. All in all, the drama came at four, while “Infinite Challenge” recorded 147.8 coming at first.

“I Miss You” will conclude with a total of 21 episodes.

Note : The drama will air in Malaysia on TV9 every Mondays – Tuesdays starting Jan 28th at 930pm

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[INFO] 130120 Kim Jaejoong tops HANTEO Weekly Album Chart with “I” Mini-Album

Weekly: 2013.01.14 – 2013.01.20

** Kim Jaejoong 1st Mini-album topped the chart after only 4 days of the week sales (Date of Release: January 17th).
** The Hanteo Chart is one of the biggest physical album-sale monitoring Charts in Korea.

Source: HANTEO
Credit: JYJ3


Day/Date Sales for the day Cumulative Sales
Day 1 – 17 Jan* 16,308* 16,308
Day 2 – 18 Jan 12,214 28,522
Day 3 – 19 Jan 5,826 34,348
Day 4 – 20 Jan 9,065 43,413

*Official sale started January 17th, but a few stores started selling on the 16th (~8,639), this number reflects cumulative end of day 17th

Source: HANTEO via PrinceJJ
Credit: JYJ3

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Can’t help grinning and smiling like a crazy people when see this post ^___________^


Kim Jaejoong’s solo mini album “I” was released on iTunes in 9 countries today and immediately climbed to the top positions in the Rock Albums category. “I” has also successfully claimed the No.1 spot in All Albums category in Japan and Thailand, and various spots in Top 10 Albums in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Let’s continue our support for Kim Jaejoong by buying his mini album “I”. Click here to see the list of online and digital music stores where you can buy the album. Rock on with Jaejoong!

Update: as of January 18, 03:30 KST, Kim Jaejoong’s “I” is has claimed #1 on Rock Albums charts in 9 countries (shown above).

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Jaejoong ‘ONEKISS’


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Mnet poll

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this is really great started of the year  Jaejoong-ah………. 😀 😀

130101 JYJ Jaejoong’s “Jackal is Coming”, 3rd Most Downloaded Digital Movie on New Year’s Day list of daily Top 10 Downloaded Movies on New Year’s Day was released. Jaejoong’s “Jackal is Coming” ranked third.

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130102 Kim Jaejoong OST for Dr. Jin  in Melon Chart Jump List

This is the Melon chart jump list. Chart jump list is based on how fast you climbed on the charts but not necessarily be the no 1 song at the moment (realtime chart). It’s determined by 40% streaming and 60% download.

Kim Jaejoong’s OST for Dr. Jin Drama jumped 563 places to be number 1 around 12 midnight on Jan 2. It’s good news alright, seeing the OST was released last July 13, 2012. It is still the highest no of jumps for the day (as of 8 am KST)

Source: Melon
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1. Best Drama
#1 – Rooftop Prince


2.Best Actor
#1 – Park Yoochun


4. Best Couple
#1 – Han Ji Min & Park Yoochun


8. Best Idol Actor
#1 – Park Yoochun
#2 – Kim Jaejoong

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Congratulations Yoochun-ah !!!!! Jaejoong-ah!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

Since there is a high posibility that 2013 JYJ Worldwide Concert Tour include Turkey. Foreign Fans that will be able to attend here, please complete this poll.

This poll was prepared by JYJ Turkey for a possible JYJ concert and to measure audience potential and profile.The video you see was prepared as in Turkish and English to be able to make the poll spread in a better and faster way both nationwide and internationally.

Direct link to the poll: PLEASE CLICK

For the ones who do not know, the poll application is pretty simple. After filling the options in appropriate way, click the button at the bottom of the page.Thus your answers will be included in the system.

REMEMBER, you can fill the poll only for once.There are some kind of restrictions put into the poll, so poll filling can not be done from the same IP more than one time.

This poll is not released by any company or governmental party. This is an on-going application by only JYJ Turkey.Remember that poll results are going to be used in official reports, that is why the answers for the poll carry much importance.

JYJ Turkey Managing Crew is waiting for everyone’s support, again with love and respect!

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– SBS Drama Awards –

Registration to vote –> Click Tutorial here

1) Popularity Award – Park Yoochun (Rooftop Prince) Link

2) Best Couple Award – Park Yoochun and Han Jimin (Rooftop Prince) Link

– MBC Drama Awards –

Registration to vote –> Click Tutorial here

1) Popularity Awards – Kim Jaejoong (Dr. Jin) / Park Yoochun (Rooftop Prince) Link

2) Best Couple Award – Park Yoochun and Yoon EunHye (Missing You) Link

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01 The genuine good looking guy of ancient Korea is me!

The stills of JYJ’s Jaejoong who tried acting in a period drama for the first time has been revealed.

He excels at his first attempt at a period drama, where he played the role of a police officer, Kim KyungTak who is good at martial arts and has a strong desire for victory, but behind those personalities, he holds the pain that no one could understand.

From that layer, he was said to readily bare a passionate acting and the interest of fans from within Korea and internationally heightened. To make sure that he could grasp the way of talking and actions of ancient times, Jaejoong devoted a lot of time practicing enthusiastically, and of course, he had also worked hard learning how to ride a horse.

Credit: Jeroica via JJ DC Gall
Translated by: Helly of JYJ3
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