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I tried to translate it into english but it’s kinda difficult to write it into english since i can’t really find the proper words for some [Bahasa] words. I hope u guys still can understand it


male host : Still [news] about Boyband, came from  a member from…..Junsu…i mean JYJ…..Junsu after  success for his previous album Tarantallegra, Junsu released his new album with the tittle Incredible

female host:  behind [from] his busy life as a musical actor and a singer, Junsu apparently also have a pent desire ie want to be a singer like Michael Jackson 

news start on 0 : 27

Vocalist boyband from South Korea JYJ, Xia Junsu is one of a vocalist who known to have a golden voice. His first solo album which have a tittle Tarantallegra success cure the fans longing from this former members of the boyband TVXQ and now the man who also success starred in a variety of musical performances and also fill a some of korean drama soundtracks came back with his new album with Incredible.

Junsu : the new album that i was working is different from [my] first album. The title of this album describes the summer which can be enjoyed by everyone.

Q :  what is the most proper word to describe [of ] Junsu ?

Junsu : at the beginning of my career i always thinking how I can get into the ranks of the top singers or winning awards. But now I will be happy if called by the fans as a singer who seemingly everlasting by the time.

Junsu : Even since I was a kid, music has become an important part of my life. Music is the only one that I know and I can do. Before I became a singer too, listening to music, and singing has become an important part of my life, does not mean excessive but music is my selfMusic is an old friend or something that can describe me well. Music will always be in my life

Q : The great moments in Junsu life

Junsu : It is difficult to choose because there are a lot of great moments in my life, but if I have to choose…. when  first debuted in Korea and Japan, as well as performing at the Tokyo Dome for the first time is a precious moment in my life.

I want to be a singer like Michael Jackson

– Xia Junsu –

Junsu : My all-time favorite singer is Michael Jackson, and I think his music has influenced many people. His music always be remembered, and it is amazing that the albums until now  still sound great. And I wish I could be a musician like him.

male Host : wuuh…….

female Host : This afternoon entertainment news special with boyband news…..full with boyband news…..just now from Junsu

male Host :  yes exclusive ….[Laugh]

Female Host : yes….exclusive….. and if talk about his inspiration which want  to be like Michael Jackson, I think  every singer wanted to be a legendary singer like Michael Jackson right?

Male Host : [he] can [do it]…[he] can [do it]….[he] can [do it]

Female Host : especially his dance also cool right?….. Junsu definitely can [do it]

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I never thought that this day gonna come……Jae covering Glamorous Sky, one of song that i really loved which composed by Hyde, Mika nakashima is the one who singing it first but Hyde also ever cover it with his band L’arc n ciel  (Laruku). I also heard that Hyde, Gackt also came to JYJ concert on the last day………So basically other celebs that came from day 1 to the last day are :  Shirota Yuu, Hyde, Yamapi, FC Men, KARA’s Nicole and hara, GLAY’s TAKURO, JUNO, Yoohwan, LeeU, Baek Seung Heon, gackt, Hyde, EXILE’s Atsushi & Takahiro, Takei Saki, Yamamoto Yuki, Ooshima Mai (AKB48), Kinami Haruka, model Mao Nagai, producer Josh/Keibo, actress Kumaga Imami, Japanese Broadcast President Miki, actress Takei Emi, Abu Chan, many more

Day 1 ( 130402)

Day 2 ( 130403)

Day 3 (130404)

One Kiss + Glamorous Sky

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– 3. CONCERT –

One Kiss

My Only Comfort

사랑했지만 Love has gone

All Alone


Talk + Fans singing PTB ost

헤어진후에 After breaking Up (short)


Jaejoong’s video call to Junsu

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Caption: Ideal type? Park Yoochun oppa!

Sohyun: It’s Park Yoochun oppa. I’ve said this so many times…

Sohyun: Not long ago, there were articles too… But as an ideal type, it’s not in a romantic manner, so there’s no need for the fans to worry

Sohyun: We even share the same birthday and blood type (T/N: the caption was wrong, they have the blood type O, not B)

Caption: “Micky Yoochun’s Princess”

Sohyun: I like it. I like it, but it’s not through calls where he calls me princess, just sometimes through messages or Kakaotalk.

Sohyun: Yoochun oppa, the weather is really cold, so take of your health. Not long ago, you and Yoon Eunhye unni had a date wearing red scarfs. In the future, if we have the chance, let’s go and have some delicious food! Himnae, fighting!

Source: Sina

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[PICS + VIDEO] 130126 Arab fans celebrate Jaejoong’s birthday

Saudi Arabia

(1) Saudi Arabia


(2) Egypt


(3) Emirates


(4) Morocco


(5) Iraq


(6) Palestine


(7) Jordan

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JYJ Minidays episode 2 : Christmas day

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2012 saw JYJ’s Jaejoong steal the show as one of Korea’s most promising rookie actors, but 2013 brings back the idol singer fans have adored for almost a decade. Making his solo debut with the rock-themed I, Jaejoong sits down with MTV K for an exclusive interview to give you the scoop on his debut album and upcoming plans for JYJ. Stay tuned!

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