i keep replaying this video, ROFL
Jaechun never tired for tease Junsu ,


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On the 19th, a Chungmuro* rep said Park Yuchun has recently confirmed acting in ‘Sea Fog’ and is in the process of signing the contract. He was in discussion with the production team for a long period and has finally confirmed that he will act in it. His role is as sailor/seaman Dong Shik, with veteran actor Kim Yoon-seok as the captain; it is a charismatic role desired by many actors in the 20s and 30s. Filming is expected to start in mid October.

‘Sea Fog’ will be produced by Bong Joon-ho, the director of box office hit ‘Snowpiercer’ and this will be his first production. It will be directed by Shim Sung-bo, the screenwriter for ‘Memories of Murder’ and it will be his directing debut. The story is based on the original 2007 stage play of the same name and is about the crew of a ship dealing with stowaways…

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[TRANS] Thank you.. You have waited for such a long time, sorry for letting you know this late.. As much (as you have waited), I had many worries/considered a lot. For this project, I will do my best and learn a lot. Although you still have to wait for a long time, I will definitely repay you with great acting. Thank you. Everyone!! 

[TRANS] To all of you who believed in me, believed in Park Yuchun, and waited for me, I think my way of repaying your love is to do my best, earnestly and with sincerity. Thank you!!!^^

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Note: Incheon Development & Tourism Corporation aka Incheon Urban Development Corporation (IUDC) [former name]

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asiatoday: Kim Jae Joong, Solo Album ‘#1 Album in the First Half of 2013’…’Mine’ MV Exceeds 25 Million Hits

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Concert tickets for XIA Incredible Concert in Sydney are now available on Big Top Sydney website!

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Kim Jaejoong released his 1st solo album ‘I’ last January and has continued to be a constant topic domestically and overseas for its popularity.

Last week, Kim Jaejoong’s music video of ‘Mine’, which is the title track from his first solo mini-album, has surpassed 25M views on China’s largest music video site YinYueTai (www.yinyuetai.com).

C-jes Entertainment said, “Kim Jaejoong’s solo mini-album has been steadily receiving love. In addition to the amazing feat in China’s MV charts, it also rank no. 7 in Gaon charts cumulative sales chart for the first half of the year, demonstrating his powerful influence as a solo singer.”

Released last January, Kim Jaejoong’s first mini solo album ‘I’ has sold a record of 140,000 copies and his repackaged album ‘Y’ which includes ‘Only Love’ and ‘Kiss B’, sold 50,000 copies, both having experienced the ‘sold out’ phenomena. His album was also selected as the best album…

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Kim Jaejoong’s Mine MV reached over 25 million views in ChinaYinYueTai
Yinyuetait is one of the major MV sharing site in China
Currently, Jaejoong’s MINE is the most watched South Korean MV in 2013.
to watch please click HERE

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Overall Artists/Groups MVs from South Korea, ALL TIME Yinyuetai Ranking:

Kim Jaejoong’s MINE MV released in 2013 ranked at 2nd place, ahead of many popular korean groups, some of them pretty active in China. He is only behind viral video Psy’s Gangman Style (2012),
XIA Junsu’s Uncommitted (2012) also spotted at 18th place

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Overall Artists/Groups MVs, ALL TIME Yinyuetai Ranking:

Kim Jaejoong’s MINE MV released in 2013 ranked at 3rd place, ahead of many artists/groups, he is only behind viral video Psy’s Gangman Style (from South Korea, 2012) and Phoenix Legend’s 最炫民族风/The most unusual national wind (A popular duo from China, 2010)

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insa…….ah really bring a memories


As I promised, This is Singer Jaejoong Time! ^^

Note: It’s not included Jaejoong’s mini-albums I/Y, nor his solo performances at “Your, My & Mine” Mini-Concert, JYJ’s Concert in Tokyo Dome 2013, Grand Finale Mini-Concert in Yokohama.

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JYJ4SF  and JYJ3 joined together for this project, anyone who want show your love to Junsu’s second album (incredible) please join this project

in English

in Indonesian/ Bahasa

in Japanese

in Spanish

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‘Humour on stage, is it “well scripted” or “impromptu”?
Answer: Of course it’s unscripted! JYJ too, we are totally unscripted.’ ————> that ‘s why i really love u guys, no need a ‘crap’ script to be funny because u guys already funny, so natural and always be yourself….that was one of any other things that makes me really love you guys and Jun-chan you are always be a cute one,
‘Perhaps it doesn’t match his image, but shopping for cooking utensils is Jaejoong’s hobby.I am recently very interested in CHOPPING BOARDS and KNIVES’ ————> (ROFL)
‘Because we’re together for SO LONG, one another’s parents are like our own parents. We’re brothers already.’ ————–> Joongie – ah can you write and release your own book about interior design and cooking too please, it’s good right ? you guys have really a big family now, ^-^
“Kim Jaejoong’s sentiments towards his two brothers are extraordinary.”“Whenever he is with Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu, he[Jaejoong] is SO SWEET beyond words.” ————> indeed



  • Calling nuna refers to all my nuna fans. It’s like saying, “don’t just think of me as a younger brother”; don’t just think of me as a younger brother, don’t just touch my head and say im cute..im already 28.
  • When it comes to girls, we don’t care about age. Yuchun lived in the U.S. for a long time. A person’s vibe and charm is more important.
  • Have you ever sang ‘Nuna is my Woman’ to a nuna you loved before?
    Answer: No
  • Even if it was 5 years ago, holding an official concert with my name is an unimaginable dream.
  • (On his 31 Dec 2012 concert) that’s the most precious moment of a year..they come to my concert, I ought to treat them very well.
  • Humour on stage, is it “well scripted” or “impromptu”?
    Answer: Of course it’s unscripted! JYJ too, we are totally unscripted.
  • There’s no need to…

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