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Junsu’s message to fans

The day I stood on the stage alone as Kim Junsu for the first time in my life, Mozart allowed you and I to face each other once again. I will cherish the memories in my heart for a long time of how Kim Junsu soared over the tall walls into a new world, how you always silently sent applause and supported my challenges. Because I cannot express how thankful I am with words, I work hard again today to live up to that love. I want to treasure these moments, where the name Xiazart is no longer unfamiliar to me. Knowing that I am taking after him[Xiazart] and you are feeling my heart, I am happy today. Thank you..everyone ^.^

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Kim Junsu and his fans’ donation work is just as amazing as him becoming the double award winner of the Golden Ticket Awards

Kim JunSu of JYJ has become a double award winner of the Eighth Golden Ticket Awards. Even though idol singers trying out musicals have become some sort of a trend, Junsu is unique in a sense that no one else has been as active and successful as him. An important fact here is that his receiving two awards is not a mere act of fan service to please his idol fandom.

What is interesting about the Golden Ticket Awards is that this award is to celebrate ticket power. It is an award that shows true worthiness of successful musicals in a sense that the awards are given to so-called money-generating musicals. It is interesting to see that Kim Junsu received two awards for the Male Musical Actor and the Concert Musician in very specialized awards as this one.

JYJ Kim JunSu’s worth that dominates the musical market is simply amazing

The Golden Ticket Awards is rather interesting because it celebrates the persons with the most ticket power on the stage. [Getting this award] is a great accomplishment because it chooses the persons that are truly vouched for and recognized by producers.

 junsu xiah junsu

 Kim Junsu received the Popularity Award and the Best Male Lead award in 2012’s Korean Musical Awards.  He really is a musical star that possesses both popularity and capabilities. A fandom may be able to work hard so that a musical actor can receive the Popularity Award. However, the Best Male Lead Award cannot be influenced by fans in that fashion. Receiving the Best Male Lead Award means that the actor has truly exhibited excellent talent as a musical actor.

Interpark, a ticket selling and distribution company, recently announced winners for the Golden Ticket Awards after they processed relevant information such as the number of tickets sold, additional points based on ranking, and on-line polls. Kim JunSu took the first place in both Musical (Male Actor) and Concert.

Kim Junsu who played the lead role of Tod in Musical ‘Elisabeth’ showed strong ticket power through his solo concerts as well as ‘Xia Ballad & Musical Concert’ that was held for 3 days at the end of December. It is only natural that he took two awards in a sense that he boasted unmatched presence in terms of ticket power.

“Kim JunSu receiving Musical Award in the Golden Ticket Award after he received the Best Male Lead Award [in the Korean Musical Awards] is evidence that he is sincere about musicals as well as possesses high box-office values.”

“It’s surprising that an idol singer took the first place in Musical. Kim JunSu proved that he is much loved by audiences of all ages.”

It was natural that compliments poured in when he received an award for ticket power on top of the Best Male Lead award. There is a saying that goes “grasshoppers only last for a season” [T/N: popularity or something/something’s dominance in one area is fleeting]. There are people who only consider musicals a quick business to generate income. There are idol singers that plunge into musicals using their popularity.     

  xiah junsu

  The Idol singers’ advance into musicals seems to be a win-win business strategy between idols [and the musical industry]. Idols’ appearances in musicals have always been the target of criticisms because idols singers in musicals, rather than securing their place as sincere musical actors, were more about boosting ticket sales [using their popularity].

Unlike idols who considered musicals as dabbling into musicals and leaving their marks in the industry, Kim JunSu secured his place as a true star actor in the musical market. The fact that Kim JunSu proved his value as a true musical star, not just a mean to sell more tickets, confirms once again that he should not be called a mere idol singer. 

“I really received so much love this past year. I thank my fans that cheered for me every time I stood on the stage.”

“I hope the audience that was with me while I was on the stage felt happy and gained happy memories. I think the best way to repay their love for my performances and music is doing my best and performing well on the stage.” The Eighth Golden Ticket Awards double awards winner Kim JunSu did not forget to thank his fans who always supported him.

Some criticized that it was unfair for people who did musicals their whole lives. Their logic is that it does not make sense that all kinds of awards, almost impossible to receive even after doing musicals the whole life, were given to Kim JunSu who debuted only a couple of years ago.

If [an actor] has no talent and skills and still receives an award, he deserves criticism. The fact that these awards that even musical actors with long careers cannot receive were awarded to Kim JunSu means that he has that much of talent and he does his best. 

 junsu xiah

 What is even more interesting and meaningful than Kim JunSu receiving awards is this “donation culture”. His fans are also part of it. By donating all the gifts that poured in from all over the world for his solo concerts and musicals, he showed his quality as a star that act together with his fans.

Rice wreaths that his fans sent Kim JunSu were sent to the underprivileged such as children who cannot afford to bring lunch to school. 2,000 briquettes that 20 families can use for one month were sent to underprivileged senior citizens who live by themselves that use briquettes but cannot afford to buy them. 6,000 egg wreaths were donated to food banks nationwide to relieve malnutrition problems among the underprivileged such as children who live by themselves without parents and senior citizens who live by themselves.

It is a beautiful thing that a star and fans come together to share what they have with their neighbors in need of help. Kim JunSu who was recognized as a talented musical actor. Kim JunSu who proved his top worth through awards that celebrate ticket power. Kim JunSu is a true star with both talent and skills.

And his fans that makes their star even more special by actively participating in charity work makes everyone around them happy. Kim JunSu and his fans’ charity work feels even more amazing than Kim JunSu becoming a double award winner. And maybe it is because Kim JunSu and his fans seem to have beautiful souls that help the less fortunate neighbors around them.

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Fans of the male idol group JYJ (Jaejoong Kim, Yuchun Park, Junsu Kim) are drawing people’s attention by their unique way of encouragement for election.

The 18th President Election is ongoing on DEC 19 (today) and JYJ fans’ are uploading their proof of vote voluntarily this time too, like they did in April’s election of members of National Assembly.

Especially, fans are uploading their proof-of-vote with the phrase “JYJ goes to TV , We go to the Polls” together. It is known that they encouraging people to participate in vote as well as urging JYJ’s enter TV broadcasting.

Beforehand, JYJ and SM Entertainment finished their legal dispute on 28th last month after 3 years and 4 months’ debate. All contracts between them were finished as of July 31st, 2009, the date of the application for an injunction. After this, public’s attention is now focused on the possibilities of JYJ’s expanded activities in the future.

Jaejoong Kim also tweeted, “It’s cold and everyone’s busy, but Please visit the polls and exercise your rights as people in this country if there is a candidate who has vision for your ideal future”.

Source: Nate
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[NEWS] 121219 Fans Vote in the Presidential Election with JYJ in Mind

Replaying what happened during the National Assembly elections in April, JYJ fans have gathered together again to cast their votes for the next President of South Korea, while thinking about JYJ.

On December 19, after making their votes count, JYJ fans uploaded proof shots online, by posing in front of signs of the ballot offices while holding up pictures of JYJ.

What stood out from some of these photos is that it had the slogan, “JYJ to Broadcast, Us to the Polls.” JYJ has been barred from appearing on broadcasts due to the lawsuit with SM Entertainment. However, with the lawsuit now ended, fans are hoping the group will be allowed on television again.

Meanwhile, on December 18, Kim Jae Joong encouraged his fans to vote by tweeting, “If you have an ideal future in mind or a candidate you find suitable for the position, even if it’s cold or you’re busy, do your duty as a citizen and exercise your right.”

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I don’t know how many times already i said this, but i can’t help to said this. JYJ fans is not limited by ages, nationality,gender, occupation, religion, language,etc. I don’t know how about the other fandom but i can say that JYJ fandom is have a very large age, occupation wide. So how can i not be so proud with this boys ?.

JYJ is not only a group who can singing or dancing  in the stage. They are a 3 men who have many talents which never afraid to try anything new to wider their skill in any area that they found very interesting. Despite being treated unfairly and get hated by many people but it’s doesn’t stop their step to reach their goals, to get their freedom fully back. I never regret to following these 3 men step even though it’s hard but i am always felt grateful because in these every rollercoaster moment, i learn many things both from the boys or the situation itself.

Quotes about Life experience

  Satisfaction consists in freedom from pain, which is the positive element of life.

—— Arthur Schopenhauer Quotes

To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

—–Anatole France

When one is willing and eager, the Gods join in.

———-Aeschylus Quotes

The reward of suffering is experience.

——-Aeschylus Quotes

Wisdom comes alone through suffering.

——–Aeschylus Quotes

A wise man turns chance into good fortune.

———-Thomas Frank Quotes


Translation Note : The article talks about how the fandom works. I only pinpoint the statements about JYJ.


There’s an article in Nate that says JYJ has 40 year old and older fans. They interviewed one who is a lawyer but he used a pseudonym (Mr Lee) during the interview lol. He went to the JYJ expo and attended the fanmeet.

“I like JYJ but I am not one of those sasaeng fans that go in front of their houses.”

The article also stated that JYJ has a lot of ahjumma and ahjussi fans that can be very instrumental in their success due to their position/occupation.

Mr Lee, married for 11 years this year: “I went to Thailand, one of the countries where they held their world tour, and watch the JYJ concert with my kids. Watching them lessens my stress”

Sources :  Nate

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Quotes About Music

“The key to the mystery of a great artist is that for reasons unknown, he will give away his energies and his life just to make sure that one note follows another . . . and leaves us with the feeling that something is right in the world.”
———-Leonard Bernstein Quotes

“Music is harmony, harmony is perfection, perfection is our dream, and our dream is heaven.”

———Amiel Quotes

“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.
Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents.”
—–Ludwig van Beethoven

“Great music is that which penetrates the ear with facility
and leaves the memory with difficulty.
Magical music never leaves the memory.”
——–Sir Thomas Beecham

“Music does bring people together.
It allows us to experience the same emotions.
People everywhere are the same in heart and spirit.
No matter what language we speak, what color we are,
the form of our politics or the expression of our love and our faith,
music proves: We are the same.”
———-John Denver