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Pro-gamer Yum Boseung’s Stories About Junsu

I always watch Yum Boseung’s broadcasting, and here are some stories about Junsu I remember
(T/N: Yum Boseung is a pro-gamer close to Junsu)
(T/N2: Africa BJs are people who have their own broadcasting channel on Afrca TV-Broadcasting Jokey)
 1. He’s really bad at typing so he only types with his index fingers. And Junu’s talking style is noticable even when he’s chatting online
2. Junsu hyung is really really nice. Everytime they meet he pays for everything including meals
3. Yum Boseung bought Junsu an expensive brand-name shoes because BS was so so so thankful to Junsu and Junsu always pays for the meals and everything. Junsu thanked BS so many times and when Junsu went to see Yum Boseung’s broadcasting, Junsu said he’s using it well and thank you again.
4. Yum Boseng became a pro-gamer at such a young age. When Starcraft 1 League disappeared and BS had to ‘choose’ between entering a game company and becoming a BJ at Africa TV, Junsu hyung gave courage to him that you can really do it well.
5. So when everyone was badmouthing Yum Boseung, he could be always confident because Junsu hyung trusted him and said you can do well lol Besides Yum Boseung’s room rule is that it’s ok to badmouth BS, but if anyone badmouths Junsu, they’re immediately kicked out and blocked.
6. There is a group consisted of Junsu+Pro-gamer…And Yum Boseung doesn’t drink or smoke too lol So he always says all the people he hang out with don’t smoke or drink, and just play games lol It makes me almost think is that the condition to enter that group?
7.  Non-fan men always complain about playing XIA Junsu+JYJ songs (there are about 2000 viewers during the broadcasting) but he plays it anyway lol Especially after he went to the concert Song Joonki’s ‘Truly’ is added! But the trap is, a lot of non-fans become fans because of it lol
8. Yum Boseung promised to take a picture with Junsu at the waiting room and upload it but he lost his phone at the concert venue so the picture is lost T.T No one returned the phone so he lost it foreverㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
9-1. The thing I realized everytime I heard stories about Junsu is that he is really a genuine person! Yum Boseung is also well-known to be nice in that dirty Africa BJ world. Birds of a feather flock togetherㅠㅠ
11. When the group meets up they usually go to PC room-drink coffee(lol)-sometimes play soccer-play Winning… Yum Boseung said they never hang out with girls lol Once BS tried to pay but Junsu never let him do that T.T And people often laugh at BS saying why does a world star like XIA Junsu play with you? But BS says they really spend a good time together
(December 19th tweet) Junsu just said ‘Boseung-ah I really like the shoes you gave me!’ at Boseung’s chatroom and took off T.T So cute!
(December 19th tweet) And when BS asked Junsu if he doesn’t have a schedule today, Junsu said he’s tired because he practiced until dawn the day before! And he shyly said his typing is slow
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