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WOOHOO!!!!! JYJ won the battle in Japan. Their Lawsuit with AVEX already end today and JYJ is won it !!!!! according my Tline, Avex also ordered to pay CJES 600 million yen in damages. This is approx $6.7 million USD. 13018 became JYJ independence day in Japan

Finally Winning The Lawsuit!

This is the article that I couldn’t stop myself from writing.

With this, the three of them can spread their wings freely in Japan.

The 3 years which the three of them had to vainly shunned away was unbelievably long.
But the three of them didn’t let it go to waste.
And, they didn’t lose the spirit and decided to not be defeated and carried on with that energy, which was because of the solid bond and support that the fans are giving to them.

I, would like to sincerely congratulate you (T/N:fans).
And of course, thank you.

I haven’t heard the contents, so details will be explained later.



Source: Hayato-san’s Blog
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31 December 2012
Ability Showed Amidst Adversity…… No, it could be through their hardwork

I came back to Japan late last night and couldn’t fight the sleep monster…. so sorry for writing this only now.

I was anticipating Jaejoong getting the Rookie award, but when I woke up, Yuchun got an acting award!!

To be sure, Rookie award you get to have only once in a lifetime….?….. To have it twice….. That’s amazing!
Yuchun’s award for acting is one which acknowledged his acting ability…… He now belongs to the “talented” sect right
Today I have high expectation for SBS too.

Each award was meaningful in its own way.

Yuchun’s acting award….. I was overcome with emotion when his name was called by presentor Jaejoong
That was my happiest moment
It brought back various memories for me like a revolving lantern

And, Junsu won the best male actor award this year for musical performance. It’s still so fresh in my mind like he got it only yesterday.

They can hardly appear in public……. Usually it is unavoidable for one to feel heartroken in such circumstances but I salute their hardwork

These are not awards easily obtained in a privileged environment
Among people who cannot get an award despite being put in a privileged environment, this means that the awards are gained through working even so much harder.

If I look back this year…… It wasn’t in any way a smooth sailing year

Different types of unfortunate occurences came attacking them one after another
Why are there so many tests being given to them to this extent?

Yuchun said to me….. “I wanted to run away then”
It was his response to me when I said to him: that was some great acting after your dad passed away when you were still
in grief. He said that he thought he needs to put in his best for the sake of those fans supporting him, his family and C-JeS, as well as his manager.

Jaejoong closed his heart for a while too.

Because of your support too, they were able to recover superbly.

I asked Yuchun on Jaejoong’s acting.

“I was surprised”

These were his first words.

When I talked to them….. Was when I went to LA.
It was one day before the airing of the last episode.
When I said to Jaejoong, you were great
You saw every episode?…. He asked, so I told him that the final episode is airing tomorrow so I haven’t seen that one….He probably wanted me to catch the last episode.

The scene where his dad died
It was no longer acting
Jaejoong has fully immersed into his Gyuntak role, I remember talking to Yuchun about this.

I think I will have a chance to write more about this incident in detail some time.

And then, this was a year which I was very saddened by a portion of fans making a fuss about C-JeS having neglected Jaejoong.

This also led to the boycott of Mahalo.
Who was the saddest from this? There is no need to elaborate.

There is no doubt that Baek-san is the one supporting these 3 guys.
The 3 of them also talked with Baek-san in LA about their future till late at night.

I can clearly say that Baek-san and C-JeS are the ones who have supported the guys through such storms these 3 years.

Jaejoong and Yuchun who managed to somehow appear active on public TV….. and a place for Junsu to remain active in solo concert, solo album on top of his musicals.

This had been a year of tolerance

The achievement of C-Jes shines as the management company in the shadow of the 3 guys’ hardwork this one year

I wrote this before.
If I am the manager I would have done the same thing
It’s unthinkable to have Yuchun doing a drama while overlapping with Jaejoong’s drama.

To say…… My Jaejoong is being neglected!!!

Its laughable when I think about it now but you should have understood by now that 3 of them are working on their future simultaneously while discussing it with Baek-san.

And so, tomorrow will be 2013.

It will be a year the 3 of them spread their wings freely as JYJ.
They are JYJ…… They must sing together as one next year.

I was observing their album production when I was in LA.
It is being produced with care and it will take a bit more time before completion but it is definitely progressing forward.
The JYJ of 2013, fully ready to go.

I wish for a great year for JYJ and everyone from the bottom of my heart.
31 Dec 2012

Source: Hayato-san’s Blog
Translated By: @Jen_BabyLove
Credit: JYJ3

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Whatever your own feelings or opinions are, please remember to respect Hayato-san’s.

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Agreement reached with SM

Agreement….. It’s difficult to truly grasp the correct meaning of this word at this point of time.

Looks like we may have to wait and see for a while more.

At this moment I want to stop writing carelessly about this.

But I would want to perceive this as something positive.

Instead of reaching an “agreement”, I think we should take this as “being liberated”……

how about that?

To the guys, it doesn’t matter if the word “agreement” or whatever is being used….. the fact is

that they have been liberated from the troublesome matters now

Whatever happens with SM, the guys are only looking at what’s in front of them now

Because in the heart of this “future” that the guys see in front of them, SM etc no longer exist

Fact…. Whatever SM tried to do, they could not stop the guys from gaining success…… And

with this behind them, next year will be a year when the guys will be able to jump even higher…..I am so looking forward to this just thinking about it

I look forward to the guys spreading their wings flying all over the world however much they like.

And so how about Japan?…… Many of you have asked me that….

I take a positive stance to this….. Let me just write this only.

Source: Hayato San’s Blog
Translation Credit : @Jen_BabyLove
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‘the fact is that they have been liberated from the troublesome matters now. Whatever happens with SM, the guys are only looking at what’s in front of them now. Because in the heart of this “future” that the guys see in front of them, SM etc no longer exist. Fact…. Whatever SM tried to do, they could not stop the guys from gaining success…… And with this behind them, next year will be a year when the guys will be able to jump even higher…..’ ———–> i am so totally agree with you Hayato -san. No matter happen in the future, the boys always gonna move forward to reach what their new goal/dream. I am truly glad that i watched almost every process that the boys through from these past 3 years till now. Step by step but for sure they are became more matured but yet still became humble. I felt their sadness, hesitation, anger, hopeless, hurt, etc like it’s own my feeling on those process. Let’s move on, don’t dwell on the past life,and let’s observe and watch the boys again together. Thank you for always support the boys Hayato-san

Do not let your shadow walk you.  You are not a slave of the past.  ~Dodinsky

The past is never there when you try to go back.  It exists, but only in memory.  To pretend otherwise is to invite a mess.  ~Chris Cobbs

Our past is like a footprint. It only confirms we were there. No burden on our future does it bear. Bring the rain, clear the pane of clutter. ~Jeb Dickerson

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Jejung’s smile
The moment of looking at photos after he finished signing the photobook

Jejung’s contented smile
Everyone get along, if you do not, Jejung will be sad

Uploaded photo despite my policy.

Source: Hayato’s Blog
Translated by: @rubypurple_fan of JYJ3

Credit : JYJ3
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Incomparable to mine

The attack I got from antis was as brash as (sorry for the bad word)… Die Hayato…
It’s better if you were killed by the tsunami… it fired up my eyes

At one time last year, these type of words were left at the comment section and this type of enumeration continued (of course it was set as private) (t/n: if you ever commented on Hayato-san’s blog, he always kept the comment as private for him to filter before it appears on the blog)

But, I wasn’t badly hurt by the anti’s words, instead it was the words coming from JYJ fans which pierced through my chest… Depression… I even thought of closing down the blog

And then, the warm supporting words…that had given strength to the depressed me

Words of those anti’s heart that the three of them had to face…rumors…the amount that they had are incomparable to mine

But, the bond between them is deep… Their bond is stronger when the big tides came

At the time when Yoochun lost his father, Jaejoong and Junsu had came together and shared the sadness…and then the sasaeng problem, the three of had stick together and overcome it together

These kind of guys who could never hurt each other…because the three of them need each other

And also, I could say that they had been able to overcome it all due to the love from C-Jes and all of you… sticking together with them, how much had that encouraged them through it all

For each and everything that pops out, they needed each other, they respect each other…parts where they were hurt, their bond got stronger

If (things are) tearing them apart, that will only solidify their unity

But, I feel like they are now in a very deep sadness…or am I thinking too much?

Spreading rumors among fans…hurting each other…What I’m worried about is the change of antis of JYJ fans…Did you all do the same vulgar things those antis did?

Why…can’t you fully believe them?

Their sadness is also…incomparable to mine

Image Credit: Hayato’s Blog
Translated by: Helly of JYJ3
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read this blog makes me sad.

i am not ask other people to love the three like i did because it’s okay if you have a bias but the one thing that always make me sad, angry/ disappointed is people like Acgae fans who love 1 member only but also hate the other members. They spread a bad rumor about the other two and started to create fanwar. Because of this, many people who choose to leave the fandom too.

Just because you love only one member then you hate also look down the other members. That’s why Acgae fans is more worse than anti fan. Because their selfishness, they not only hurt the other fans but also they hurt the boys heart.

This maybe look so simple but people always forgot about it. Each of member of JYJ have their own weakness and strength but because of these when they are together they are complementary among each other which make them look perfect. So because they are together, JYJ is exist.