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The official Japanese movie poster for The Jackal is Coming has been unveiled.

The movie has slowly been readying its release in Japan by opening an official Japanese homepage for the movie in December and then unveiling the movie poster on January 24.

The movie is titled Code Name: Jackal in Japan and will allow Kim Jae Joong fans in Japan not only to see his acting chops but hear his music including the movie’s ending song Stay and his other in-movie songs, My Own Comfort and Kiss Be.

Those wanting to catch the movie in Japan will have to wait some time though as the movie will premiere in theaters on May 3.

Photo Credit: Lotte Entertainment

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this is really great started of the year  Jaejoong-ah………. 😀 😀

130101 JYJ Jaejoong’s “Jackal is Coming”, 3rd Most Downloaded Digital Movie on New Year’s Day list of daily Top 10 Downloaded Movies on New Year’s Day was released. Jaejoong’s “Jackal is Coming” ranked third.

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130102 Kim Jaejoong OST for Dr. Jin  in Melon Chart Jump List

This is the Melon chart jump list. Chart jump list is based on how fast you climbed on the charts but not necessarily be the no 1 song at the moment (realtime chart). It’s determined by 40% streaming and 60% download.

Kim Jaejoong’s OST for Dr. Jin Drama jumped 563 places to be number 1 around 12 midnight on Jan 2. It’s good news alright, seeing the OST was released last July 13, 2012. It is still the highest no of jumps for the day (as of 8 am KST)

Source: Melon
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Lotte Entertainment scored a performance of 290% growth in overseas sales compared to last year.  Especially, the profit from Japan of < Code Name : jackal>, the movie with appearance of JYJ Kim Jaejoong who stands in the center of Hallyu wave, was incredible.

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“As an actor, kiss scene and undressing scene are also the kind of work that I’ll have to do.”

Kim Jaejoong, a member of JYJ, challenged the film after the drama.

In ‘Code Name: Jackal’ that he was working with Song Jihyo, the junior of his company, he opened many kinds of charms that he had never shown before..

In that film, the most attractive scene of Jaejoong is the action scene in historical drama that Choi Hyun filmed with long hair.

– Honestly, I was surprised by kiss scene with Kim Sungryoung. Aren’t you afraid of your fans’ reaction?

▲ If I can’t do it because I’m afraid of my fans’ reaction, I think it’ll make me stop my growing as an actor. In the end, it’s the thing that I’ll have to do. I filmed it with the determination of everything I do..

– Nevertheless, the most difficult scene that you’ve filmed..

▲ The scene that I relieved myself, not wearing pants in front of Jihyo.. I felt afraid.. and ashamed.. I could film the undressing scene of my upper body but.. somehow, I felt ashamed about the undressing scene of my lower body. I think it would be better if I were naked.. And I also felt a bit uncomfortable when she saw my action.

– Why did you choose ‘Jackal’ as your first film?

▲ There were also several other scenarios. But I had chosen it because it was not a kind of serious or a kind of blockbuster. So I had no pressure to act and I could act comfortably. And I also liked that it’s a new character that I haven’t shown ever before.

– Did you have any pressure about the comical role?

▲ I felt positive at that point. I wished to show the comical role when many people thought that I didn’t care about it..

– Evaluate your acting in your first movie.

▲ Actually, it’s difficult to evaluate it because it was my first time watching my face on the screen. Dramas are evaluated in real time, but movies are evaluated after filming and editing for a long time.. I feel the difference just like that..

– What did Yuchun & Junsu say about your film?

▲ They told me it was good and funny..

– What did the people around you say about working with Oh Dalsu?

▲ Many actors of my age told they envy me.. Definitely, he has something much more than others. The funniest part of our team is.. we–Oh Dalsu, Han Sangjin, Song Jihyo and me–were constantly talking about something.

– What was his[Oh Dalsu] advise to you??

▲ Originally, he is a man of few words. He told me only two things.
The 1st meal that we had before we filmed, he said.. ‘You took a hard role.. It’ll be harder for you.’
And then the after-party that we had after the premiere.. he told me.. ‘I think it’ll be better to act in film continuously. This film is yours and you did so great.. Act continuously in movies.’
He is famous for giving not advice others. So I feel honored and thankful to him because he told me like that.

– How similar are the sasaeng fans in film compared to reality?

▲ It was so more [in the film] than in reality. It was exaggerated. Actually, it was so funny to me when I read the scenes that Choi Hyun’s sasaeng-fan was sleeping next to him and she put a taser to him. And, honestly, she who played as the sasaeng fan did really great. I heard that she was on the top in the acting audition. As the audiences might be worried in some scenes, I intentionally had comical reactions.

– I could strongly feel the critical eyes about the problems such as sasaeng, sponsors and the kinds of shadows in pop culture..

▲ I think they were used to expressing the situation around Choi Hyun, not to criticize or satirize the pop culture industry. Actually, someone has the problem like sponsors, stalking or something.. but how can all these things be happening to only one person? We just wanted to make some rumors in this industry more interesting.

– Like Choi Hyun, I heard that you had experienced many kinds of part-time jobs…

▲ I had experiences when I was a teenager. I did it for only 3 years, but I felt it was really long.
Because of that experience, I’ve learned lessons from it… ‘Never stand alone as a teenage.’
I’ll never allow the independence of my kids if he or she is a teenager.
I had to make money to pay the monthly rent and to make a living… All these things were too hard to do..
When I portrayed his hard times, I could do it well because it reminded me [of myself].
The funny memory is.. I was washing dishes in the kitchen of ‘** Garden’.. Everybody liked me..

– You have lots of fans but because of that, I think you feel uncomfortable to live..

▲ There are some problems in my normal life. It’s hard to go to a famous place or a place that is crowded.
It could be possible if I go to the party with staffs after working..
But I can’t imagine eating some delicious food with my friend at a famous restaurant..

– PSY is so hot, all around the world.. How do you feel about that?

▲ I think he really deserves it.. He has lived so hard and has made songs diligently.
He is a greedy person when he is working but he also takes care of the people around him well.
He always accepts calls and messages anywhere in the world.
And when he has a concert, he always calls and then invites people to his concert. I think his humility made him [who he is] now.

– JYJ also receives many supports and loves from abroad, but I think you want some more..

▲ Honestly, it’s a huge thing that he would be ranked within 100th on the Billboard charts. But he is on the top.
He did very big things. He has inspired Korean singers who want to work in the US pop industry.
He shows that anyone could succeed in the US, although he is not young or not handsome and not American traditional pop-style..
We also have plans to release a worldwide album in English. We’ll also challenge the world stage continuously.

Original texts from: Hankooki via Naver
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Angel Jaejoong

Uncle JaejoongPhotobucket

Jae: Precious baby, you smell so nice, uncle wants to give you a kiss ♥


Reporter Jaejoong
Jaejoong News reporting and warning viewers to be careful during the typhoon (just like he did on his twitter.)

Jaejoong from Movie Week

Jaejoong for NII

Cute Kyungtak

Jaejoong in two different poses

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Jackal Is Coming



++ Plus Other Fanart: Jaejoong in India ++

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At ‘Werewolf Boy VIP

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Code Name : Jackal First Day In Theaters

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Coffe Cojjee Lucky Draw

[TRANS] “I will eat my meals well in the future T.T”

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Sleeping Jaejoong with Chibi JJ


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Santa JJ is Coming to Town


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It has been confirmed that the Korean-comedy film, “The Jackal Is Coming/Code Name: Jackal” starring actress Song Jihyo and singer/actor Jaejoong of JYJ, will be officially released in Japan on May 3, 2013.

Prior to its official release in Korea last month, the film’s distributor confirmed that the movie had been sold to six countries including Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.

Meanwhile, Jaejoong has shown his strong skills in acting following the success of Korean dramas “Protect The Boss” and “Dr. Jin.” In “The Jackal Is Coming,” Jaejoong plays the celebrity Choi Hyun. Song Jihyo plays the female lead, the assassin “Jackal” who is sent to go after Choi Hyun.

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Japanese release date for “Code Name: Jackal” on May 3rd, 2013


When the news was released, Jaejoong ranked #1 and JYJ ranked #2 in Twipple Talent

Jackal ranked #1 and JYJ ranked #3 in Twipple Hotword

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The article below says Code Name: Jackal will be released in Japan on May 3rd, 2013


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# Kim Jaejoong, and also JYJ

“It always takes me long time to get acquainted with my co-stars. Even if I try hard, it still takes me a long time to open myself up to someone. It’s my weak point. But this was not the case with Jaejoong, which was a big advantage for me. It was great that I didn’t feel any burden towards him as we were acting together. However, the downside is that because we’re too close to each other, I couldn’t take on an objective view of Jaejoong. Just by looking, I can tell that he indeed worked very hard, did very well and I just find it admirable.”

Song Jihyo didn’t have a love line with such lovely little brother Kim Jaejoong, which is somehow regrettable. “Many people looked at the movie poster and were looking forward to the love line between me and Jaejoong. Actually, one of the reasons for me to choose this movie was that I wouldn’t have love line with him. If, instead, I were to have a love line with someone I didn’t know, then I would be able to fully concentrate. But if I had a love line with Jaejoong, I would feel uneasy. He’s one of my lovely younger brothers. If I had love line with that younger brother, it would be so embarrassing that we wouldn’t be able to face each other. Therefore, rather than regret, I think it’s a relief.”

Song Jihyo revealed that acting with Kim Jaejoong has inspired her.

“I don’t know if Jaejoong has more practical experience than me but his sense of realism, ad-lib and flexibility are very remarkable. Although this is his first movie, I was indeed the one who was inspired. When I acted with the seniors, I had to follow the scenario. But when I worked with Jaejoong, there were many witty surprises; the ad-libs were good and we made many NGs too. Many scenes came out better thanks to Jaejoong. To the point that director-nim didn’t make the ‘cut’ sign in the scenes with Jaejoong. He said that he was curious about what Jaejoong would do.”

“This is Jaejoong’s first movie. Since he tried very hard and gave his all, I think instead of just praising him, I should give him a round of applause. A Kim Jaejoong who stayed strong under any circumstance and perfectly digested his role should be praised. I hope that many people won’t see Jaejoong as Jaejoong but as the character he plays.”

Come to think of it, the bond between Song Jihyo and JYJ’s members is deep. She appeared in a music video with Kim Junsu and has close relationship with Park Yoochun.

“People usually say ‘God is fair’. But I don’t think so when I look at Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu. If you look at Jaejoong or Yoochun, they can compose songs, write lyrics and can act well too. I went to watch Junsu’s musical. He was so good. Those guys have great abilities that can amaze people.”

“One of the reasons that I was able to freely get close to my brothers JYJ was that many of their fans kindly welcomed me. I think they feel like I will protect my little brothers. They even came to my fan-sign event and said ‘Please take care of oppa’. I’m thankful that they support me a lot. Thanks to JYJ’s fans, we’re able to be close like sister and brothers.”

Source: OBS News
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