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Congratulation Soulmate (JaeChun) ^^. Proud to these boys……they didn’t have any promo or activities at all except the charity concert, i hope they can perform again in Japan, really miss their Japanese song >_< 

The survey started from October 12 to October 23 of 2012

Top 10 List:
1.- Kim Jaejoong (JYJ)
2.- Park Yoochun (JYJ)
3.- Song Seung Heon
4.- Kwon Sang Woo
5.- Lee Min Ho
6.- Jang Keun Suk
7.- Lee Jun Ki
8.- Hyun Bin
9.- Won Bin
10.- Lee Seung Gi

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i always wanna said this since beginning. I found many people who already read and watch the original one felt disappointed when they watch this and don’t like this version. Even though i never watch the original but i can understand their felling about this beside both the manga and Jdrama is really success in Japan so it’s must be really hard to accept that there are a very different story from Korea even though the story itself based from same manga . 

I am Japanese freak (before knew about Jaejoong and Tohoshinki and then following him and became JYJers)  for a really a long time. I always found that Japanese people really love to make a new version story line for their anime or drama even though it’s based on manga. For example Full Metal Alchemist have 2 version anime : the story that really based on the manga which already ended and the story that have a  different story since it’s made before the manga get ended or Bishojo Soldier Sailor Moon action drama which really have a different story from manga and anime, or samurai Deeper Kyo which have a totally different story both the manga and the anime ( confession : i felt little disappointed with the anime version though) or anime Uraboku which have a little bit changes on the characteristic for the main character from the original manga  ( which makes me felt so irritated  too since even though main character on the manga is not strong but he have a strong will and gonna do anything for help his friends but in anime he became so weak, can’t do anything except crying or whining over everything ) so that’s why i can understand how those people who felt disappointed with the Korean version of Dr Jin even though i am not watch the original one yet. 

So that’s why i suggest to anyone who already watch or read and felt so mesmerized to the original, and wanna tried to watch the Korean one for not compared both of the drama story because of you do that, you are only gonna felt confused. Because even though the story is based on Japanese manga but please don’t forget that Korea history is not same with Japan so that’s why the writer and the director must create a story line that really fit with the Korean one. I guess it’s also the reason why the writer also create a new character (Kim Kyung Tak) for make sure that the story can run like what should it be. But i am not gonna blamed or pushed you just because you still not satisfied or disappointed with the korean version since every one have their opinion rite ?


MBC drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin” starring by Kim Jaejoong (JYJ), Song Seung Hun, Park Min Young, etc. will be aired in autumn 2012 on DATV Channel Japan.
Additional Information: ‘Dr. Jin’ is based on the Japanese manga of the same title by Murakami Motoka, and is a medical drama that tells the story of the best Korean surgeon in 2012, who travels back in time to the Joseon Dynasty in the 1860s.

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In BS Japan program “Premium Korea Hallyu Factory” the host went to the salon where Jaejoong frequents. He sat on the chair where JJ usually sits. ^^; “This is the chair that Jejung san uses.” (with in heaven bgm) the girl quickly sits.
He also got a haircut similar to Muwon (Protect The Boss) from JJ’s hairstylist lol.

JJ’s hairstylist said “Jaejoongie likes cooking. He had a housewarming party & cooked for us when he bought his house for the first time. The most delicious one was 갈비찜 (Beef Short Rib Stew) among his food.”
The Japanese fans then said, “I want to eat…I want to eat Jaejung’s Kalbi Jjim.” ME TOO.

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