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Caption: Ideal type? Park Yoochun oppa!

Sohyun: It’s Park Yoochun oppa. I’ve said this so many times…

Sohyun: Not long ago, there were articles too… But as an ideal type, it’s not in a romantic manner, so there’s no need for the fans to worry

Sohyun: We even share the same birthday and blood type (T/N: the caption was wrong, they have the blood type O, not B)

Caption: “Micky Yoochun’s Princess”

Sohyun: I like it. I like it, but it’s not through calls where he calls me princess, just sometimes through messages or Kakaotalk.

Sohyun: Yoochun oppa, the weather is really cold, so take of your health. Not long ago, you and Yoon Eunhye unni had a date wearing red scarfs. In the future, if we have the chance, let’s go and have some delicious food! Himnae, fighting!

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Child actor Kim So Hyun revealed an anecdote that happened while working on a TV series with Park Yoo Chun.

Kim said in an interview with MBC’s Section TV Entertainment News that aired on January 25: “I once revealed Park Yoo Chun is my ideal type of man. After that, I found myself working with Park, so I was hiding my feelings as my heart was fluttering. Then, Yeo Jin Goo and the director I was working with started making fun of me, and they wouldn’t stop. Since then, everybody stares at me every time I’m just around him, which makes me really embarrassing.”

No wonder Kim is on cloud nine but shy at the same time when she’s around the heartthrob.

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When she was asked who her ideal is, she said “I’ve been saying this everywhere for a while now, but it’s Park Yoo Chun. I even worked with him for 2 dramas already. He’s nice and funny and everything about him is good.”

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With MBC’s I Miss You recently ended, the cast and staff came together for one last gathering to celebrate the conclusion of the series.

On January 18, MBC’s Cupitter blog revealed pictures of the I Miss You farewell party, which was held on January 17.

At the party were the main leads, Yun Eun Hye, JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun, and Yoo Seung Ho, as well as the many talented actors who shined, including Song Oh Sook, Oh Jung Sae, Do Ji Won, Lee Sae Young, Yeo Jin GU, Kim So Hyun, and Ahn Do Gyu.

The cast mingled with the staff members, creating a very bright atmosphere. The main cast, MBC’s chief of drama, and director Lee Jae Dong also grabbed the microphone to extend their gratitude to the staff who endured the freezing temperatures to make this drama work.

I Miss You will be followed up by Level 7 Civil Servant starring Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee.

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Ok….Yoochun-ah you must take a responsibility for this young girl, it seem that she really fallin’ for u 😀 (she already mentioned it before in Here )

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In the interview that followed, Kim So-hyun commented “I wish my partner would be humorous, carefree yet caring” and chose Park Yoochun of the MBC drama ‘Missing You’ as her ideal type.

She continued, “I have no experience in relationships, so romance acting are difficult for me”. She also revealed a surprising side, commenting “I like Doenjang Jjigae, rather than pizza, and sad and slow ballads rather than idol music”.

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Park Yoochun’s strength is his natural acting skills which allows him to digest any kind of role. Unlike other idol-turned-actors who feels awkward as they cannot throw away the charisma meant to be used on stage, Park Yoochun provides stability to the drama with his natural showcase of acting ranging from normal-life acting to emotional acting. As a member of group JYJ, his worldwide fandom aids is another strength as it aids in the production investment.

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[TRANS] Had an enjoyable time attending Missing You’s fanmeet as a surprise guest and I’m about to return home ㅎㅎㅎThere were really many fans who came from Japan!!! Thankful for being invited to such a nice place^^ Yoochun oppa was really shocked~

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Among my friends, there are a lot of Yuchun oppa’s fans. They all say they envy me. At first, when Yuchun oppa called me “Little Princess” on Twitter, I was suprised but I felt happy. Even lately, he still calls me time to time “Little Princess”.

Once I got to film together at three with Jingu oppa and Yuchun oppa and Jingu oppa told me “Whenever you’re with Yuchun hyung, your laughing starts to sound different” and “The one who is acting with you is me. You mustn’t act this way, Sohyun”.

Both of them are charming and take good care of me. I think Yuchun oppa is a bit more my style than Jingu oppa. I feel like Yuchun oppa is cute. There are times when I feel like he’s acting younger unlike his age. I think his charms are really overflowing (T/N he possesses a lot of different charms).

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hehehehe….so the little princess have a crush to Yoochunnie……. 😀 😀 well i can’t blamed her though……the charm of the prince totally can’t be resist………I am glad that the boys have a connection with younger one in the industry. Sohyun really give a great support and she also ever mad over the unfairness that happen to Yoochun when she became a guest on Come to Play because those people cut the scene when she told about Yoochun. She totally brave child.

R: It’s the second time you and Yoochun worked together for the same drama.

KSH: Not long ago, we met at the filming site and we even took photos together. After filming ‘Rooftop Prince’ I received another new drama & got to know that we will be working for the same drama again. I felt very happy to meet each other again.

R: It seems like you really like Yoochun-ssi, what are his charms that attracted you?

KSH: It was a little unexpected. I thought he was a quiet person, but instead he joked a lot and I had a gentle image of him. Initially I don’t really pay any attention to any artists, but after meeting Yoochun oppa for the first time, he spoke to me first ‘You and I share the same birthdate, right?’. He really seemed to be a nice guy.

R: It is said that Yoochun-ssi addresses you as ‘Princess-nim’? Do you remember the first time when both of you met?

KSH: That’s true. But he doesn’t call me that when we’re actually talking in person, but only sometimes when we’re texting each other (laughs). When I first met him Yoochun oppa came wearing the red tracksuit and was scratching his tummy,  ’He seems easy-going’ I thought, thats why I wanted to be friend with him.

R: Have you heard Yoochun-ssi’s songs?

KSH: I liked ‘An Empty Place For You’. I also listened to many of JYJ songs and I really liked ‘In Heaven’.

Source: My Daily
Translated by: Stephanie @5StarsAs1
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When i firstly saw her acting, to be honest i am felt amazed….She is really a good actress ^^. I am very happy that So Hyun liked Yoochun and JYJ songs too and to be honest i don’t mind if someday she became like a little sister for the boys. 

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