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She was at “Jackal is Coming” VIP Premiere, along with LeeU & Yi Han here
Jeon Se-Hong’s wiki-d

[TRANS] Early happy birthday to J.J. ^^!!

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[TRANS] LeeU: Jaejoong-ie hyung’s early Birthday Party ~♥ Family group photo before the wall of pictures~~ Haha Seontae hyung, Seokcheon-ie hyung, Yihan-ie hyung, FACE, Jaejoong-ie hyung, me, Sanggon-ie hyung. Happy birthday to you Jjoong-ie hyung ♥. Thank you for being born oh oh ~~~^-^♥

[TRANS] Jin Yihan: keke I love ya’ll~♥

[TRANS] FACE: Happy Birthday Jaejungah!!! Family group photo against the photo wall~Suntae Seokchunie hyung Yihanie hyung Jaejungie Seunghyunie Sanggonie hyung

Source: @LUsyndrome + @YiHan_Jin + @faceinmusic
Translated by: @The_little_pear of PrinceJJ + @neonoenjena

Credit: JYJ3

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[TRANS] Proof pic of Jaejoong-ie hyung’s album!! with Yihan-ie hyung, me, Jaejoong-ie hyung, Sanggon-ie hyung, Face hyung, Seokcheon-ie hyung, all in album jacket pose LOL We’re Jaejoong fanclub.. ♥

+++Untweeted pic!+++

Source: @LUsyndrome
Translated by: Hannah(@The_little_pear) of PrinceJJ
Credit: JYJ3

Can i join too ? ^____^ Jae’s friends truly awesome and btw…….Jae’s face look cute

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[TRANS] GET Jaejoong-ie hyung’s album!!!! As expect of my hyung~ Fabulous ♥♥ Buy buy everyone ~~!!!!

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Translated by: @The_little_pear
Credit: JYJ3

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[TRANS] Goodbye Busan~!!!

Photobucket @egoist722 is Lee Sang Gon (from Noel)

[TRANS] It was fun kekeke Now departing towards Seoul~!!



[TRANS] Still alive~
(T/N: Apparently it’s Busan dialect as in ‘Ah still healthy/fine/well’)


Credits: @YiHan_Jin, @egoist722, @faceinmusic
Translated by: Ruby of JYJ3 + @neonoenjena
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[TRANS] Came back from the premiere of “Jackal Is Coming”^^ Although Jaejungie had went through a lot while filming the drama in parallel together with the movie, it is a fun and enjoyable movie!!! All the actors and actresses had also worked hard!! Seunghyun. Jaejung. Yihan. Sehong. ^^

[TRANS] Came back from Jackal-rie~~We also got together!♥+_+ Jackal was to~~tally fun


[TRANS] Jackal Is Coming ㅡ We came too !! kekekeke Left bursting out laughing ㅡ November 15th is the premiere release of Jackal Is Coming!!!! Best wishes for it to hit the jackpot!!!! Anyhow I’m helpless with these three no mannered guys.. ㅠㅠ

Credit: YiHan_Jin + LUsyndrome + JeonSeHong
Translated by: @neonoenjena (1, 2, 3)

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Finally Jae can get some rest more than before even though he must finishing the jackal filming.


Jaejoong : Seunghyun~ You’re so cute, cuteㅎ


Jaejoong : May I have a toast with water?


Note : Seunghyun (LeeU) is former member of  ‘F.Cuz’ who get inspired by Jaejoong to audition in musical. He is the one who play as Rudolf in Elisabeth musical together with junsu.

If i am not mistake, he meet Jae for the first time through Happy together 2010/09/08 when Jae have same show with Seughyun father. Here is the video, he appeared around at 7.17

Source: @mjjeje
Translated by: @theyoungestmin
Credit :  JYJ3

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