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Update with English Subs

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Update with English Subs

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Missing You filming site teaser video
Making Film

Seoul, Dongjak-ku Bondong

The staff is in the middle of the filming preparation.

At that moment, younger Suyeon came to the filming site.

Suyeon and younger Suyeon are greeting each other~

Suyeon: The child actress is pretty, indeed~ haha Did you film well?

Younger Suyeon: Yes, I did.

Jungwoo, Suyeon and the Director are in the middle of a discussion.

Jungwoo: Did you talk with you hands?

The Director’s cool sign language ability haha

Heard the filming description~

Even the rehearsal is done meticulously~

Jungwoo: Oh~ it’s hot T_T

Even though the light bulb was hot, Jungwoo put up with it for the sake of acting~

staff: Let’s do it again when the light bulb cools down~ T_T

The filming started again…

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