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Standing Egg is the band who sings “Little Star— the song Yoochun likes to hum during/between his drama filming breaks Photobucket

[TRANS] Daebak ㅋㅋ Park Yuchun-nim, a featuring once please~haha

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< Rooftop Prince > has gotten first place, in the “2012 So-Loved Awards” drama section organised by the Korean Cultural Center. After voting by European fans, it was chosen as the most beloved and popular Korean drama. In addition, in Germany’s Remarkable Awards 2012, the lead Park Yoo Chun in < Rooftop Prince > has also been chosen as number 1, proving his popularity worldwide.

Like a proven formula, Park Yoo Chun’s dramas sweeps across Asia. Last year’s drama < Rooftop Prince > has already broke past 1 hundred million 5000 views on Youku alone – a huge streaming video site in China. Totaling similar 7 large streaming sites, viewing has surpassed 700 million views, setting a record. < I Miss You > which started on the 17th, has currently been viewed 100 million times on China’s largest online site PPTV. China’s Sohu has also burst past 100 million views.

Last year has rewritten the record of Korean drama ratings in Taiwan in the past 2 years, and to commemorate this, played out an 8min special clip of Park Yoo Chun. Recently < Rooftop Prince > has also become number 1 in ratings on the Philippines channel’s primetime television. In China, Hong Kong and Taiwan combined statistics showed that last year’s < Rooftop Prince> and < I Miss You> has become the third and fourth most downloaded korean drama in recent years. As such, Park Yoo Chun has been recognised as the Drama King in Asia.

In Japan, < Sungkyunkwan Scandal >, < Rooftop Prince> and < I Miss You> which stars Park Yoo Chun, has been planned to be shown in the early half of 2013.

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(Yes, KBS reported about MBC drama, “Missing You”)


The MBC drama “I Miss You” came as the number 1 drama that keeps the public engaged in the show.

On January 11, Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation revealed that “ A Program Engagement Index (PEI) was conducted as an online survey where “I Miss You” had the highest engagement ratings.”

Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation conducted the PEI survey online a day after the drama was air in the month of December. Around 13,791 people aged 13 to 59 participated in the survey.

“I Miss You” came with 132.1, which was the highest in the drama field. All in all, the drama came at four, while “Infinite Challenge” recorded 147.8 coming at first.

“I Miss You” will conclude with a total of 21 episodes.

Note : The drama will air in Malaysia on TV9 every Mondays – Tuesdays starting Jan 28th at 930pm

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Yoochun with the young actress who played Young EunJoo

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호호 누구랑 찍은거게?ㅋㅋ 멋있으시고 성격짱좋으시고 그냥 무조건짱 함께 작품을할수있어서 영광이였습니다 박배우님♥

[TRANS] Hoho, guess who I took this picture with?ㅋㅋ He’s handsome and his personality is good at the best, he’s just unconditionally “jjang” (T/N the best). It was an honour I could do this project together with you, Park Actor-nim♥

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[TRANS] Yoochunnie hyung is commemorating the closing party~ ke

[TRANS] Yoochunnie hyung at 2nd round dinner party keke

[TRANS] Is this the same picture?? I wonder what did I not remember to post for [there was] too manyㅜ;;

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Yuchun Thank You Speech – Acting in Missing You, I have learn a lot and most important and meaningful is to work happily with the crews till the end. I haven’t ended and people are getting ready to clap hand…
(laugh) Sorry that I’m a bit late today…At home when manager brought something, for a moment i thought it was the script for additional scenes…maybe because shooting just ended…again to everyone..You have work hard!!…Thanks

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With MBC’s I Miss You recently ended, the cast and staff came together for one last gathering to celebrate the conclusion of the series.

On January 18, MBC’s Cupitter blog revealed pictures of the I Miss You farewell party, which was held on January 17.

At the party were the main leads, Yun Eun Hye, JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun, and Yoo Seung Ho, as well as the many talented actors who shined, including Song Oh Sook, Oh Jung Sae, Do Ji Won, Lee Sae Young, Yeo Jin GU, Kim So Hyun, and Ahn Do Gyu.

The cast mingled with the staff members, creating a very bright atmosphere. The main cast, MBC’s chief of drama, and director Lee Jae Dong also grabbed the microphone to extend their gratitude to the staff who endured the freezing temperatures to make this drama work.

I Miss You will be followed up by Level 7 Civil Servant starring Joo Won and Choi Kang Hee.

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woa this person really lucky, he is not only work with Yoochun on Missing You but also work with Jaejoong on Dr Jin.

Wrap-up Party photos: part 2

eotjqrns was a part of “Missing You” staff
(He was also a part of “Dr. Jin” staff [and took pics at that drama’s wrap-up party here] too! xD )

[TRANS] Yoochunie hyung~ keke

[TRANS] 2nd round at the venue of closing party* together with Yoochunie hyung^^
(T/N: *party to celebrate ending of filming)

[TRANS] Cutting cake session to commemorate the closing party for Missing You?! keke

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Part 1

Yuchun: While acting in the drama “Missing You”, I felt happy to have met good actors and actresses as well as good staffs.
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