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Junsu’s message to fans

The day I stood on the stage alone as Kim Junsu for the first time in my life, Mozart allowed you and I to face each other once again. I will cherish the memories in my heart for a long time of how Kim Junsu soared over the tall walls into a new world, how you always silently sent applause and supported my challenges. Because I cannot express how thankful I am with words, I work hard again today to live up to that love. I want to treasure these moments, where the name Xiazart is no longer unfamiliar to me. Knowing that I am taking after him[Xiazart] and you are feeling my heart, I am happy today. Thank you..everyone ^.^

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Are we in the era of JYJ?

JYJ members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu are each excelling in films, dramas, and in musicals, drawing the attention of the fans and the industry giants alike.

First is the member Kim Jaejoong who has made his big screen debut with the movie ‘Jackal Is Coming’. He has demonstrated in television dramas that he is a more than capable actor and he’s ready to expand his potential into films. Kim Jaejoong plays an A-list star in the movie and he hasn’t shied away from making himself look ridiculous to make the character come alive. He’s been praised by the industry insiders for his passion and hard work.

Even though ‘Jackal Is Coming’ is Kim Jaejoong’s first film, he has shown acting abilities much beyond his experience and he portrays his character in the a perfect way, which is sure to hit a chord with the moviegoers. Kim Jaejoong has taken his first step in the film industry with the movie ‘Jackal Is Coming’ and many are curious as to how and if he will make a comeback with another hit at the box office.

At similar timing member Park Yoochun has started appearing on the MBC drama ‘I Miss You’, taking over the character Han Jung Woo from child actor Yeo Jin Goo. Park Yoochun will be playing the main character that lives his live in regret and sorrow for not being able to protect his first love. It’s expected that the actor will make many female fans cry from their hearts with his amazing acting.

Park Yoochun is an actor who gets praised a lot for his ability to express his emotions very delicately through his acting. His acting truly stood out in the drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ and his excellent acting skill is unquestioned. The viewers’ anticipation is high on how Park Yoochun will portray the deeply hurt Han Jung Woo, whose childhood experience still haunts him as an adult.

Lastly is the member Kim Junsu who’s won the ‘Best Male Actor’ award at the ’18th Korea Musical Daesangs’. Kim Junsu starred on several musicals including ‘Mozart’ and ‘Elizabeth’ and he’s an highly regarded actor in the musical industry.

Kim Junsu has also won the ‘Popularity Award’ for the third year in a row at the ’6th The Musical Award’ held in June of this year, revealing his incredible popularity as a musical actor. He’s finally enjoying the fruits of his hard work over the last three years as a musical performer and the fans are waiting in anticipation for his next musical.

It wouldn’t be so farfetched to say that it is an era of JYJ at the moment and 2012 has especially been special for members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu. The fans are eagerly awaiting to see what JYJ has in store for them in 2013.

Source: Newsen via Nate
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I don’t know how i must put these feeling into the words. There are many mixed feeling in my chest that right now. I always said this over and over again that i really proud to the boys….they never stop to makes me amazed with every thing that they already showed til now.

I am  sad because this boy still keep endure unfair and injustice treatment from some people, i also felt angry every time i read or saw how the government or some people still give a ridiculous or lame excuse for cover up the injustice that the boys get. But i also thought about this again and again……..there are many troubles that the boys must faced which in the end became a blessing for the boys.

Thanks to God, now the boys can started to be recognized as a group with a many talents. Even though they are not in a big entertainment agency, not being supported by a big amount of money like their condition in the past, not able to promote in music  show,  instead being disappeared or down which some people really wanna see it happen and i am sure many people really looking down them especially when the boys decided to walk out from their previous agency.

The boys proved them that they are wrong…….The boys keep stand up and learn to cope with everything that started changes and which makes me very glad. The boys keep being humble and always appreciate to everything that they have. The boys started to show their real talents that keep bury in deep of the darkness when they are still their previous agency. Even though they allowed to create a new songs or do what they can do but it seem that SM not give the boys chance to exploring their talents more and i guess i already figured out why those people do that and my suspicious about it is proved by how fast the talents that the boys have started to grew and showing the result after they left that agency.

Thanks to God for everything that the boys have and faced makes them became like now. I am really grateful that God give this path for the boys. It’s true that the journey is still long and hard but if it’s compared with the achievements and the unforgettable moments that the boys have, i guess it’s nothing…..I always believed that the banning thing is one part of trouble that disguised to be a blessing for the boys. Maybe God create a wall (with a banned matter) so the boys can achieve every things that they got now which they maybe can’t have it if they already got their freedom. Everything happen because there are a reason behind it and every problem always have the solution.

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Which idols are successful in holding two jobs?

(T/N: Two jobs refer to a main job and a side job.)


Idol members have the charisma to hold the audience’s attention on stage and they attract fans with their different and fresh charisma on broadcast.

These idol members are JYJ’s Kim Junsu, Park Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, After School’s UEE and Miss A’s Suzy.

“Music-dol” Kim Junsu who performed in Mozart and Elizabeth, was chosen as the idol with the strongest ticket power for three years consecutively.

Park Yoochun is a case of an idol who transformed into an actor successfully. He received recognition for his work in Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Miss Ripley. Through Rooftop Prince, he was named “acting-dol” for receiving favorable reviews from the viewers and his colleagues.

Kim Jaejoong’s ability to express emotions through his eyes in the recent drama, Dr Jin also received praise from distinguished senior actors.

(irrevelant parts omitted)

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He  is super popular. That friend, when I first saw him, he has slender body and he seemed like a child. I am not interested in idols or TV so I didn’t know much about him. He was so busy so he couldn’t participate in the first part of rehearsal so I thought “Okay, we will see later on. It seems like I will have to help you on stage”. So when we had a run rehearsal that before we go on real stage, we perform the musical from the beginning til the end, and I was so surprised. He is indeed a genius. The songs in musical Mozart are very hard. More than anyone else, he perfectly learnt by heart and perfectly portrayed the feelings. He finished the first half and I realized that my thought was wrong, I must stop my prejudice about him. Now my standard is that a musical actor who can reach Junsu’s level will be able to do well in musicals.

On top of all, he also sells tickets really well. Because he is so popular, everything is sold out. Above all, his acting is also good. Because there is someone like him working with us, the recognition of the actors also rises. Thanks to him, I’ve got to received the popularity award together with him. It seems like actress Ock Joohyun and actor Kim Junsu have created a transition in the industry. Right now, there are a lot of talks among us about how we should be thankful for the idols that came to the musical industry.

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JYJ’s Kim Junsu was chosen as the idol with the strongest ticket power for three years in a row.

The August 8 broadcast of OBS’ Unique Entertainment News lined up idols from no. 1 to 5 under the theme, ‘2012’s powerful musical idols’. The rank showed, in order, JYJ’s Kim Junsu for Elisabeth, Super Junior’s Sungmin for Jack the Ripper, B2ST’s Jang Hyun Seung for Mozart!, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun for Catch Me If You Can and 2AM’s Chang Min for La Cage Aux Folles as the idols that sold the most tickets for their musicals.


Kim Junsu, shining proud at no. 1, won two rookie awards with his musical debut in 2009. His debut piece Mozart! sold out the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, and his second piece Tears of Heaven also sold out 17 performances out of its total of 20.

For his third piece, Elisabeth, in which he acted as the otherworldly character Tod, all 32 of the performances were sold out just 10 minutes after their tickets were made available for sale. In the meantime, with every performance, he grew little by little as his own brand, recognized for his acting and explosive vocals.

He also won the Most Popular Star Award three years in a row at the 6th Musical Awards held in June.

Photo credit: OBS
Credit: enewsworld via JYJ3

In just 3 years of career in musical, Junsu gets:
2010 Mozart
2 Best Newcomer Musical Actor
2 Popular Award
Golden Ticket Award

2011 Tears of Heaven
Nominated for Best Actor
2 Popular Award
Musical Ambassador

2012 Elisabeth
Nominated for Best Actor
1 Popular Award

Managed to make Sylvester Levay:
– wrote a song for him (I vaguely remember Mr.Levay said that the song for Junsu, “I Think of You” took him 3mths to finish?)
– came to do a musical concert under his and Junsu’s name, and
– managed to make Mr.Levay delayed his flight to watch JS’s Elisabeth and said that JS’s performance was perfect and satisfying.

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This is the reason why i am really happy and excited every time the boys took their new solo project. From the past till now, these boys keep changing from a novice to be a mature on any field that they took. They never stop even though many people look down them and give many negative comment about their skill on act also because their idol status. Rather than give a reason like ‘it’s my first time so please understand’ or complain ‘it’s too hard for me to do this and that’ or ‘this is my limit’ etc…these boys choose to be a silence and learn also studied every detail of the role that they took and prove it through their action.

They are keep be patient and give all their best for reach their goal. Every day they keep changing themselves to be a more better than before and to be honest all of them is really a fast learner which sometimes makes me felt so scare but in the same time amaze by their passion and strong will. It makes me became so curious about what is their next roles/project, how they are gonna do it ? how far that these boys gonna evolve ?, etc. For that i am gonna be patient and keep monitoring them.

JYJ Yuchun, Junsu, Jaejoong are growing rapidly as actors.

JYJ Yuchun, Junsu, Jaejoong are grand idol stars with fandoms all over countries. It’s hard for them to appear on a TV program, but releasing albums and holding concerts in order to frequently meeting with fans.

And now, these guys are starting to expand to drama, musical, movies and other areas. There were some biased opinions regarding their idol occupation. Some people looked at them negatively, saying that they were in leading roles without proving their worth. But in 2012, assessments about JYJ members have completely changed. Now JYJ members can confidently add their titles with actors and musical actors.

Park Yuchun has been an actor since KBS “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” MBC “Miss Ripley,” but to him SBS “Rooftop Prince” is a special one. Park Yuchun, who was a bit novice before, became matured in his role from “Rooftop Prince” as an actor.

Park Yuchun’s one of much strength is his clear voice tone and his ability to send message well. Because of this, Park Yuchun could control his up and down voice, and his expression has been surprisingly smoother. Also Park Yuchun blending into his fellow colleagues helped him to be a better actor.

Kim Junsu debuted as a musical actor through musical “Mozart!” in 2010. Kim Junsu’s musical went sold out but it also had revealed some problems.

The problem is Kim Junsu’s high payment. Because of him, ‘Mozart!’ was sold out and Kim Junsoo is right to be compensated. However, this will make other colleagues discouraged and hiring idols just for the profit became more frequent. Some people even said Kim Junsu’s this musical will also be his last. Just like any other idol stars.

But Kim Junsu was different. After ‘Mozart!.’ he participated in other musicals such as “Tears of Heaven,” “Mozart!,” “Elizabeth” and started to create his own character. Kim Junsu himself was enthusiastic about musical and is constantly improving himself.

Critics pointed out his lack of voice range and voice tone, and criticized that he cannot effectively read lines, but his ability to dominate the stage, powerful vocal, expression are Kim Junsoo’s specialty as well.

In the musical “Elizabeth” ended last May, Kim Junsu performed sexy and attractive death perfectly. His dancing on the stage was perfect just as an idol singer, and his singing also was flawless. Because of his great performance, Kim Junsoo was nominated for ‘The Musical Awards The Best Actor.’ It’s safe to say that Kim Junsu would soon win the award as well.

Kim Jaejoong started his career as an actor in SBS “Protect the Boss” last year. And right now, he is acting in MBC “Dr. Jin” as Officer Kim Kyungtak. Kim Kyungtak is a tragic person who is a bastard and is abandoned by his lover.

When Kim Jaejoong has first announced his acting career in a historical drama, people weren’t too happy about it. They said in order to be in a historical drama, one has to master historical tone and action as well and for Kim Jaejoong, it might have been too early for him. But when Kim Jaejoong in ‘Dr. Jin’ was first showed, he showed much matured performing.

Unlike his rigid form in the beginning, now Kim Jaejoong has completely mixed into his role, Kim Kyungtak. Kim Jaejoong perfectly performed Kim Kyungtak’s longing for his father and lover.

In particular, Kim Jaejoong showed his cynical smile to his best friend and performed emptied face while reminiscing. When he kneeled in front of his father and asking to kill him, Kim Jaejoong cried deeply and dearly. Kim Jaejoong’s devoted acting made audiences feel sympathy for him.

Kim Jaejoong will also participate in the movie “Jackal is Coming,” following “Dr. Jin.” Kim Jaejoong’s another transformation is highly expected because of his successful roles in “Protect the boss,” and “Dr. Jin.”

Sources : KpopStarz

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[NEWS] 120703 Discussion on the true nature of the Musical Hallyu in 2012: “Before Kim Junsu, After Kim Junsu”


[Note: Only parts related to Kim Junsu are translated.]

(Takahara Yoko is curently an active Korean-Japanese performance coordinator.)

Reporter: Which actor has set the beginning of the Korean musicals trend?
Yoko: It can be seen as ‘Before Kim Junsu, After Kim Junsu’. Since ‘Mozart’ created a big impact in 2010, there was a big change in the industry.

[…some parts omitted]

Reporter: Then which musical do Japanese audience want to see the most at the moment?
Yoko: The most anticipating musicals are musicals produced by EMK. ‘Mozart’ and ‘Elisabeth’ were already performed in Japan so the audience knew what these musicals are about. Above all, they are interested in whether Kim Junsu would participate in the performance or not. I think starting of like that, they gradually take interest in Korean musicals more and more. Now they even planned to go to Dae-hak street just to watch the musical ‘Washing’.

Source: Play DB
Translated By: @SweetieXiah
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[NEWS] 120710 JYJ’s Junsu tops the Asian Music Chart in Germany with “Tarantallegra”


JYJ’s Junsu (XIA) recently topped the Asian Music Chart in Germany with his solo song, “Tarantallegra.”

On July 10, C-jes Entertainment, Junsu’s agency, reported Junsu ranked first on the monthly Asian Music Chart in Germany, which was updated recently, with the lead track of his solo album, “Tarantallegra.”

Big Bang ranked second and B.A.P ranked third. Junsu also proved his worldwide popularity as he ranked first on the iTunes Chart in Japan, tenth on the Billboard’s World Albums Chart, and first on the monthly Music Video Chart of a Chinese site last month.

Junsu is currently having a concert tour in Asia. Starting in Seoul in May, he went to Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and China, attracting over 30,000 audiences.

A spokesperson for Junsu says, “JYJ became very popular after they had their exclusive concert in Berlin, Germany. They were the first Korean singing group to hold a concert there. Junsu is also very popular in Europe as a leading character of Mozart and Elizabeth, the famous German musicals.”

Source: Starnews
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[NEWS] 120625 Why does Kim Junsu have many male fans?


The most special mark of Kim Junsu’s first solo concert held in Taiwan University’s Gymnasium on June 23 is the wide range of his fans – regardless of ages and genders. It was also particularly noticeable that many male fans came to the concert venue alone.

Even Kim Junsu noticed this point on the stage, “I can see some male fans here and there. If you are a male fan, please make some noise”. Quite a few of male fans on the spot waved their hands and let out their ‘deep outcry’. Even the female fans at the venue tried to imitate male voice and that scene made all the audience burst into laugher.

Then, what is the reason that Kim Junsu has so many male fans like this? Out of curiosity, after the concert ended, our reporters asked some fans about it. After analyzing their answers, we came up with the conclusion that Kim Junsu’s unwavering talent is the primary reason.


Liao Fei Ling, the reporter of ‘Korean celebrity’ corner at the magazine ‘Sense of hallyu’, appraised “We were also very surprised to see this many male fans at the concert venue. This is not even a concert of a group. With this many male fans who gathered here just to see Kim Junsu’s exclusive concert, it is proved that he has such a wide range of fans.”

Another reporter explained “Recently, there are many Taiwanese men who like Korean singer. However, the fact that so many of them became fans of Kim Junsu but not of any other girlgroup has a special meaning. Because most of the men only like male singer who has talent. Today, as this many male fans came to the concert, it means that Kim Junsu’s talent is outstanding enough to turn even men into his fans.”

While being asked “Above all, is Kim Junsu’s ability really excellent?”, unanimously, everyone said “It is not simply because of his outer appearance. Because Kim Junsu is a talented man who is blessed with amazing singing ability that allows him to hit the high and low notes as freely as he wants even in an intense dance performance, there are many male fans who really like him.”

Li So Young, a fan who lives in the center of Nantou city said “I think he is gifted with lots of talents. Also, he can stir up tender sentiments while being powerful. He can be beautiful when giving out a strong scent of his masculine beauty. Men seem to particularly like him more for all of those reasons.”

Wang Eui Jung shared his own analysis “Kim Junsu is the first singer who can make me feel such warm emotions in his music. It seems like male fans not only want to learn from his singing ability but also the mournful sense that melts down every heart.”

A fan lives in Banciao, Taipei asked back “He is known for making a lot of donations and he has lots of good characteristic to follow after so will that make the male fans follow his steps too? In today’s concert, he even asked where the male fans were sitting and showed them his considerations so how can the men not like him?”

Source: TodayKorea
Translated By: @SweetieXiah
Photo Credit: TodayKorea + enewsworld
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About the fanboys, actually when Junsu came to Jakarta, there are also many male fans who came there. Even though i can’t come but from the local broadcast i can figured about that because almost all of the fans who get interviewed is a male fans. I ever asked about their (male fans ) reason and they are always said that the boys (JYJ) have the looks, the vocals, the talents which proved that as a boy group, JYJ not only into singing and dancing, they showed more in various area  also their life story which can give fans some inspired to keep fighting and never gave up.

As we know that Junsu really…..really love singing, so i guess his decision to tries a musical worlds is a good choice. In there he’s not only learn about musical but he also find his another love and also his own spirit again.Through his first role as Mozart, he finally get his spirit back and his love to sing again.


The musical ‘Mozart!’ reinterprets the dynamic life of the musical genius Mozart with a variety of musical genres such as rock and jazz.

The beginning of Xiahzart

EMK who is gonna held Mozart musical must take a long way to reach Junsu even though actually since beginning they already targeted Junsu for Mozart role but the situation that Junsu also the other JYJ members had is the hard one. Many things happen to them in the short time so no wonder Junsu  also felt a doubt for the first beside the viewpoint that musical viewers have  for an idol who turned to be a musical actor is not good too because many an idol who failed miserably and makes the musical story ruined with their lack acting skill. Here is the process that EMK must took before finally they get reach Junsu

From EMK director, Yoo HeSung’s, interview for a Japanese Magazine “韓流・華流ブック 2010・春”

Q: About casting Junsu

A: 「I was in charge of the entire casting, including the ensemble. About Junsu, I really wanted to cast him as “Mozart” from the beginning, but unfortunately, because of his problems with his management company, I gave up on him for the time being. I then held auditions and casted Jo Sung Mo, but he got hurt during a TV program…(omit)」

2) From an interview given by Park EunTae (one of the cast members who played “Mozart”)

Q: How did you get cast for “Mozart?”

A: “I applied for the role after seeing an ad for auditions. I was actually rejected in the beginning and singer Jo Sung Mo, musical Star Park Gun Hyung, and Lim Tae Kyung was triple cast. But Jo ended up dropping out and I was casted for the role of Mozart. At first, it wasn’t even an official casting. They first offerred to cast me as a “cover” (a person who stands on stage in place of the lead actor), but thankfully the company pushed for quadruple-casting and for me to become one of the official actors for the role of “Mozart.””

3) From a post left in a Naver Cafe by a staff from the musical “Mozart”



I’ve previously told you that our company will be hosting “Musical Mozart!” next January at 새종문화회간. Lim TaeKyung, Park GunHyung, and Jo SungMo were cast as the lead role of Mozart, but due to Jo’s leg injury, we’ve cast the person we originally wanted to cast but were forced to give up on, Kim Junsu.

I was encouraged by Jo SungMo’s casting, but his leg injury made me quite pessimistic. However, with Junsu’s casting, I thought “ah! I hope we can turn the misfortune circumstances to our advantage”

In November, the first round of ticket sales (nowadays, we divide up the ticket sales for the sake of promotion) were held without a certain confirmation of Junsu’s casting for the second show. However, with rumors that Junsu will be starring in our musical, the tickets sold for the second Mozart show sold out in two hours…. And we opened second round of ticket sales today at 12pm…

We opened with Junsu starring in the fifth show in a week’s worth of shows (the entire Mozart musical consists of 40 shows per Month), and Enterpark’s (= Korean Ticketmaster) server crashed for 2~30 minutes and right now, it’s been about 15 minutes, but we’ve already sold out 1,000 tickets and it looks like the fifth show (15,000 seats total) will be sold out soon.

It’s really good news… but it also worries me a bit, perhaps because I’m older now. I really felt how great the power of idol artists actually is.

an interview given by Um HongHyun, EMK’s representative
How did you cast Junsu for Mozart? At the time of the casting, weren’t DBSK’s 3 members (Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yuchun) in the middle of a lawsuit with their management company?

A: Yes, they were. We tried contacting Junsu numerous times but no one got back to us (SM was blocking them from ever reaching Junsu). But then by chance, we found out that Director Jo from the production team knew Junsu’s older cousin.

So we asked Junsu if we could meet him, and sent him videos, music, and synopsis from Mozart before our meeting. After reviewing the materials, Junsu decided to participate in the musical and contacted us. It took us an entire month just to meet Junsu (laughter).


1. Mozart was Junsu’s role “from the beginning”

2. SM prevented the Mozart team (EMK) from reaching Junsu -> EMK gives up

3. After giving up on Junsu, EMK holds auditions -> Jo SungMo, Park GunHyung, and Lim TaeKyung are cast as Mozart through auditions

4. Jo SungMo gets injured -> EMK asks numerous celebrities (including BigBang’s Seungri) and Park EunTae is cast as the substitute

5. Thanks to production team’s Director Jo’s connections, they are able to reach Junsu, the person they “originally” wanted to cast.

6. Junsu is successfully cast as Mozart!

( Translation by: (@_withjyj)
Credits. 꿀담샤 in DNBN  )

The reason why Mozart became a special roles for Junsu

Mozart is not only a role that he must play on the musical but also the important figure that makes Junsu get his spirit back after get trapped together with his brothers on the dark world. His decision to be a Mozart truly not only give him self a new goal to get reached and hope but also give his brothers (Jaejoong and Yoochun) a new strength. Mozart already like a friend for him

“When it was decided in 2009 that I would appear in “Mozart,” it was a time that was difficult for me in many ways. At that very moment, the place that took me in to allow me to come out into the world again was ‘Mozart.’” He revealed his reasons further: “To me, it is a work that is more than a musical. I nagged the agency affiliate to decide to appear in “Mozart” again.”

Continuing, he boasted his camaraderie: “At the time, I had more disappointments on the stage rather than satisfaction. In order to fix the lacking areas to make perfect I wanted to stand as Mozart again. I also felt that I wanted to again breathe together with the amazing actors that I worked with back then. If the many actors did not back me up with the amazing songs, I could not also have done this.”

In 2009 Kim Junsu withdrew from TVXQ to form JYJ with Park Yoochun and Kim Jaejoong. During that process he was mired in legal disputes and experienced difficulties. When he had run up against barriers so that it was difficult to do entertainment activities, Kim Junsu and JYJ was allowed a route through which to breathe in Mozart, and also received positive effects for outside activities.

Source: KukiNews

Translation Credit: JYJ3

A musical in which the musical stage and audience breath as one, ‘Xiahzart’ Kim junsu

(Credit: Xiah-sshi Forums )

The Result

  • The musical ‘Mozart!’ was first performed in Korea in 2010 at the Sejong Arts Center and broke records by bringing in over 100,000 audience members in just one month.
  • The musical then proceeded to collect a total of 11 trophies in various musical awards ceremonies in 2010 and one of them is for Junsu who won  the Best New Male Actor Award for the 4th Musical Awards and the 16h Korea Musical Awards. Because of this, junsu get a new nicknames as Xiahzart
  • The musical Mozart! became #1 for the musical attracting the most foreigners among the domestic performances of the first half of 2011
  • Junsu is known as the actor who has received the highest appearance fee in history by receiving approximately 30,000,000 KRW (approximately 30,000 USD) per appearance. He appeared for a total of 15 times and so received 450,000,000 KRW (approximately 450,000 USD).
  • Junsu successfully debuted as a musical actor and get praises by many people such Professor Lee Yuri of Chungkang College of Cultural Industries, Ku Jaheung, president of Myungdong Art Theatre, A European musical star-guest of  MOZART! and ELISABETH in the Olympic Stadion in Seoul/South Korea Uwe Kröger, Director Yoo Heesung, Levay, etc.

Actually that time i’m not really give much attention to Junsu because the first one who attract me to them is Jaejoong since they are still on DBSK,  till i saw their Thanksgiving concert in Japan DVD. i started to felt ‘oh he is cute n funny too’ then i look back to their old videos and yup….i can’t stop laughing every time i watch his dorky side  and his innocent statement which always give me more laughter also give his brothers chance  to tease him. My love to him started to bloom

These adorable boy finally truly attracted me completely after i saw Mozart DVD. His adlib and his voice, his charm truly can makes the actors and audiences became one like one body. Finally these boy found another new world for him to explore beside the soccer and singing world.  God must be already prepared this door for him. After Mozart who has lived 300 years ago , junsu continued his Musical journey to Tears of Heaven as a Korean soldier Joon who lived  during Vietnam war.The next part gonna be the progress of Junsu in TOH.


Video Sources :  emkmusical

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(to be continued)…..