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By Xiaolong:

K-pop is an extremely competitive genre, a small country with a population of merely 50 million people produces new artists literally almost every day. The industry is like a ruthless stepmother: once you make a serious mistake, it might cost you your career and more.  Career ups and downs are normal in an artist’s life but in K-pop, once you reached the lowest part, it is very difficult to climb up the mountain again. Ultimate K-pop Survival Guide will be a short series on artists who have managed to turn their failing career from point zero back again or who had gone through a lot of hardships and still managed to remain successful. Not only rookie artists but we, the audience, can also learn a lot from them.

Avoid them as if they were lepers

The first installment of the series is dedicated to perhaps the biggest survivors of the dark side of K-pop:JYJ. Everyone knows what they have been through, but it doesn’t hurt to summarize and focus on how they actually managed to cope with the situation.

For the uninitiated: once there had been an idol band we can possibly call one of the greatest successes of K-pop ever: Dong Bang Shin Ki, or by their English abbreviation, TVXQ. The five-member boyband, consisting of Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin, was among the first successful wave of K-pop to set foot in Japan, and with blood and tears, they worked their way up the ladder, from performing to a mere handful of fans to filling the 50,000 seat Tokyo Dome in rows. Their fandom, Cassiopeia, was certified by the Guinness Book of Records for being the largest official fan club in the world. They reached unimaginable heights in Asia, thus their break-up was probably one of the biggest shocking events ever to shake the world of K-pop. Not because boybands are supposed to last forever, but because they were at the height of their careers and were known to be close to each other. When the news broke out that Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu started a lawsuit against their agency S.M. Entertainment, to nullify their 13-year contract, at first everyone hoped there could be a settlement but in October 2009 the Seoul court ruled in favour of JYJ, and as a result, the Fair Trade Commission started advocating the use of ‘model contracts’ to prevent agencies from having artists sign excessive deals.

Though the social impact of their lawsuit was huge, industry players were forced to rethink the ways they were treating their artists, and JYJ emerged as a moral winner, the real hardships were to begin just then. S.M. Entertainment appealed against the court decision and a three year desperate battle took off. Not long after JYJ announced the establishment of their new band, their initial supporter in Japan, Avex, suddenly had a change of heart, claiming sole rights to manage the band in Japan, dismissing claims that JYJ’s new management company, C-JeS Entertainment, had any rights to organize events for the band on Japanese grounds. They too, ended up in a long lawsuit, during which JYJ was denied any kind of rights to perform in Japan. At the same time, all doors in Korea closed as well. The industry suddenly started treating the three young men as if they had leprosy. In silent agreement, major broadcasting stations denied them appearances as musicians. Some were claimingthat they did not wish to get entangled in court related issues.

“At the time, we had no one to speak for us, and we could do nothing but silently stand our ground” – Kim Jaejoong

C-JeS Entertainment thus had to build a different strategy to promote JYJ. With no possibilities to appear on televised music shows and variety programs, the usual promotion cycle was out of question. The possibility of failure also lingered in the air, with the artists preparing themselves for the worst: that they might not be able to stand on stage again.

The rules of survival for JYJ were as follows:

1. Keep silent. Despite the constant rumours, the extensive media coverage, part of the torn fandom accusing them of betrayal, former label mates openly criticising them for their decision, JYJ kept silent. As they expressed in their 1000 day anniversary magazine, they decided to work silently and not be shaken by accusations and rumours.

2. If you cannot enter through the door, climb through the window. As they were denied the chance to promote through television, JYJ had to look for other ways of reaching their audience. They started separate activities, Yoochun and Jaejoong became involved in television dramas and movies, gaining wide followings as actors. Junsu began to appear in musicals and in a mere three years’ time, he went from being looked at as a ‘box office bringing tool’ to a highly praised and critically acclaimed musical actor on his own right. When the nation’s main broadcasters were not willing to talk to them as musicians, ironically, they became the sweethearts of the government, appointed as goodwill ambassadors and promoters of national and international scale events like the 2014 Asian Games, and were among the few selected artists invited to perform at President Park Geun-hye’s inauguration. The latter marked their first televised performance in three years in their home country. When local record labels were unwilling to assist, they went to the US and started working with American producers, despite their lack of English skills.

3. No regrets, no complaints. In their 1000 day anniversary magazine, the band members expressed that despite all the hardships they did not regret their decision, not once.  Having faith in your decisions is important for obtaining and maintaining the strength necessary to survive. They have also never complained of unfair treatment or the lack of opportunities because of the silent ban in Korea and Japan. They just did what they had to do: work hard and smile. I believe that having a positive attitude and being able to smile at their fans was an important factor in their success. Instead of giving in to striking waves of depression and self-pity, they rose above hard times by sticking together and supporting each other.

4. Don’t lose your trust. When unfortunate events happen, one can easily feel they are no longer able to trust other people. JYJ, too, had gone through this period. When Baek Chang-ju offered his help in 2009, they did not trust him, it took them months to open up and accept his helping hand. C-JeS Entertainment was established exclusively to steer JYJ’s boat through troubled waters and it went from a one person venture to a serious agency that employs over 40 people with sales amounting to 33 billion won (roughly 30 million USD) in only two years’ time.

 photo jyj-mahalo.jpeg

JYJ’s legal fights have just recently ended, but their battle is far from being over yet. Broadcasting stations are still treading carefully. Despite all the unfortunate events that had befallen them (appearances denied, concerts cancelled last minute, accusations, rumors, some of their own fans turning their backs on the band), JYJ never once gave up.

Their album, In Heaven, sold over 350,000 copies, Junsu’s Tarantallegra was one of the most successful solo albums of 2012 despite lacking in promotion, both JYJ’s and Junsu’s solo world tours were completely sold out. Their Tokyo Dome comeback concert in April this year had attracted 210,000 people altogether.

Besides part of the Cassiopeia fandom still supporting them as much as they support the duo TVXQ, JYJ gained a firm and enthusiastic new fan base as well, through their group and individual activities. Jaejoong’s limited edition mini album became  a huge success, Yoochun is virtually the most successful idol actor on the market and Junsu cemented his name as one of the best singers ever born in Korea. They are wealthier than most artists under their former agency, including their former band members Yunho and Changmin.

Were they lucky? I would not think so. Many of us would have given up such a grueling and frankly, seemingly hopeless battle against giant obstacles. What we can learn from JYJ is that you need to keep your faith, grind your teeth, work hard and believe in your own abilities. Only then will you be able to turn all unfortunate events into glistening success.

Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely of the writer and not of hellokpop as a whole.

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Credit : Maeil Business Newspaper via Xiahpress

Translated by : Xiahpress

i really like how Junsu said this : “Honestly since the legal dispute with SM started, it wasn’t that we experienced oppression or restrictions. There was a contract dispute, but in the courts they said not to interfere with our entertainment activites and favored us, and because we had the justification of an unfair contract, starting three years ago we were free. Yet, some persons concerned made an excuse for such oppression with the legal dispute but now they can’t do so. I’m happy with this point. I think that justice won.”

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(Seoul Union News) On the 18th, Seoul District Court sentenced an order to AVEX, management agent of Korea’s popular group JYJ in Japan, to prohibit the agent’s right to monopolize the management of JYJ in Japan.  AVEX was also ordered to pay 660 million yen (7.36 million USD) as reparation to JYJ’s Korean management company, C-JeS.

In addition, AVEX must pay 1 million yen (11,000 USD) as damages to the representative of C-JeS for defamation charges.

C-JeS side commented, “Japan Court’s acknowledgement of the interference of AVEX in JYJ’s activities in Japan and ruled to prohibit such actions made us very happy. With this ruling, JYJ hopes to resume their activities in Japan as soon as possible.”

While they were involved in the lawsuit with former Korean management agent SM Entertainment, JYJ signed a management contract with AVEX via C-JeS in Feb 2010. However, when AVEX disagrees with C-JeS on the scope of JYJ’s activities, AVEX began to claim that the representative of C-JeS is linked with doubtful groups (mafia, gangsters) and one-sidedly terminated all JYJ’s activities in Japan in Sept 2010.

C-JeS requested for terminating the exclusive contract with AVEX but, AVEX insisted its right to the exclusivity of managing JYJ in Japan and rejected this request.

Japan Source: Yahoo Japan
Translated by: Helly of JYJ3 + Jen_BabyLove
Credit : JYJ3

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JYJ photo: – After a lawsuit with their former agency SM Entertainment had won, boyband JYJ seem to want to rid themselves of another lawsuit, claiming victory against their former Japanese agency, Avex.

JYJ’s agency, C-Jes Entertainment confirmed the news saying, “Through trial in Japan on Friday (18/1), it was decided that Avex now has no right to disturb JYJ’s promotional activities in Japan,” as reported by

They added, “Once we receive the document official decision, we will provide a press release to media colleagues,”

The long road to promote JYJ in Japan seems to have been wide open ©

Previously, JYJ has undergone contract lawsuit against Avex since 2011 because Avex interfering with JYJ’s effort to hold a charity concert which devoted to the earthquake in Tohoku.

With this official decision, there most likely that JYJ is now free to do promotions in Japan just like their freedom to do the promotion in South Korea. (alk / aia)

Indonesia news Source :

[NEWS] 130118 JYJ Wins Lawsuit Against Avex in Japan

Thus, JYJ was relieved to finally be able to do promo in Japan again without stumbling block. – JYJ wins the case about what they are entitled to. Following the outcome of the trial of the case slave contract with SM Entertainment over the past year, JYJ can breathe easier now as they have completed the case of a lawsuit with his former agency in Japan, Avex.

The step of JYJ in Japan was hampered in 2011 due to dispute with SM Entertainment and Avex. Avex itself cooperation with SM Entertainment for the handling of SM artist career in Japan. When JYJ and TVXQ still be personnel involved in dispute with SM, Avex join “against” them, and prohibit JYJ career in Japan during the case has not been finished.

JYJ now has won the case. “During the trial in Japan on January 18, the Court ruled Avex can not interfere promo JYJ’s activities in Japan,” said a spokesman for the agency C-Jes Entertainment as reported by allkpop. “If an official document from a court settles down, we will announce a press release.”

Thus, JYJ was relieved to finally indulge again in Japan. Previously, Avex always jammed their steps when conducting activities in Japan. (wk / dn)

Indonesia News Source :

Translated And Shared by : miaw0730

Idol group JYJ have prevailed over the lawsuit on the exclusivity contract filed against Avex Japan.

According to Tokyo District Court, Avex should suspend the act of claiming exclusive management of JYJ in Japan. The court ordered Avex to pay reparations amounting to 660 Million JPY to C-Jes, JYJ’s management agency.

This ruling meant a lot for JYJ. When JYJ separated from TVXQ, they had to accept constraints on their activities due to various lawsuits. Last November 2009, JYJ received an injunction for the suspension of their exclusive contract with SM. They signed an agreement in February 2010 with Avex amidst false rumors like the C-Jes CEO being involved in organized crime group.

Due to the litigation, they turned to dramas and musicals. The fact that they can’t work in Japan was a major blow, despite having a considerable fanbase.

In fact, it is not unreasonable to say that TVXQ is used as the starting point of Hallyu wave in Japan. Currently, idol groups Kara, snsd, beast and 2PM are gaining popularity in Japan, but they pale in comparison with TVXQ’s popularity in the past in terms of depth and width of the fanbase.

With the court ruling, JYJ is expected to lead the recent Hallyu wave which has recently stagnated.

According to local sources, the Hallyu wave was reduced compared to before. The Dokdo dispute has contributed significantly to the decline of hallyu.

Resumption of JYJ’s activities in Japan is being viewed positively since they can target both music and drama markets. JYJ member Park Yuchun has solidified his position as an actor in his recent dramas.

Park Yuchun has increasingly gaining popularity for starring in several dramas such as Rooftop Prince, Miss Ripley, and I Miss You. His first drama, Sungkyungkwan Scandal, was successful in Japan. This will help in the resumption of their activities in Japan.

In prevailing over their lawsuits, fans are hopeful that it is the start of JYJ’s full-fledged activities. It is noteworthy that their comeback could be a game-changer and can lead to structural changes in the future of the hallyu wave in Japan.

Source : TV Daily via  Nate

Translated by : Ruby (rubypurple_fan)

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JYJ Wins the Case: Regaining Freedom from Avex and Sm’s Vicious Connection

SM and Avex all efforts to paralyze JYJ have ended in vain. The textbook example of vicious entertainment firms’ tyranny, SM and Avex must not continue their predatory behavior according to the judgment.



SM and Avex have been behaved as a powerhouse based on their capital power, which was clearly exposed during the lawsuit with JYJ. Like gangsters, they have controlled the mess media, enfettered their entertainers, and, if those entertainers don’t act as they demand, try to sink those entertainers deeply down. All these are now known to most. Their malicious and mean behaviors frankly speak volumes about greedy large entertainment firms.

 JYJ Thwarts Mean Attacks from SM and Avex

Pointing out SM’s problems and getting out from it, JYJ have been in hard times. It was out of great courage to point out the long-term contraction, so-called Slavery Contraction. This historic action by top group TVXQ served as an opportunity for the Korean entertainment industry to correct its absurd and irrationality. In this sense, JYJ deserves praises.

 Against SM who made a contract that gave thoroughly disproportionately high advantages to the firm, JYJ has challenged to lead the contract into more rational way for more than 3 years. And JYJ has been driven into a situation in which the group was unable to appear on TV. They were not only putting restrictions on TV activities but also criticizing and maliciously disturbing JYJ. Their behaviors were dirty and shocking.

If it had been not for JYJ and its fans’ power, it would have been rarely possible to gain winning from the large firms like SM. Myriads of fans have been firmly supporting JYJ and JYJ, gaining courage from fans’ support, has astoundingly paved its own way without bending its knee.

Performing excellently in dramas and musicals, JYJ has enlarged its potential not through domestic but through overseas tour. JYJ’s hardship paradoxically served as a chance to pioneer a new market. JYJ’s struggle eventually made SM succumb. The mighty firm has even acted as if it was above the law. Mobilizing interest groups in favor of the firms, pressing the broadcast companies, and exausting every means to drive out JYJ, the mean firms came to be not able to stand any longer.

JYJ even gave up profits from its activities in Japan and continued the lawsuit, and the lawsuit has ended in totally favor of JYJ. Until the very last moment, the firm showed their greed for money, raising criticism from the public. JYJ utterly gained victory through consent by giving up money with ridicule on the firm who can’t give up its greed for enormous profits from Japan.

SM’s Japanese partner, Avex has no difference from SM. JYJ found it hard to appear on TV or perform a concert due to pressure from the two powerhouses in Korea and Japan but now its victory in Japan’s court will lift restrictions.

 “We received a short news of winning the case at 2 PM from our Japanese attorney. We’re waiting for more details about the judgment.”

After prolonged litigation, the result was JYJ’s victory in Japan. It’s surprising that the group won the case in foreign country since it was really difficult even in its own country. For Japanese part, it’s more worthy because its court ruled that the foreigners, JYJ, were treated unfairly.

On January 19 the Tokyo District Court ordered Avex not to claim the exclusive management right for JYJ in Japan. In addition, the court ruled that Avex should pay reparations of 660 million yen(7.8 billion won) to Cjes Entertainment and 1 million yen(11 million won) to chief of Cjes.


 As we can learn from the reparations worth a whopping 7.8 billion won, Avex in connection with SM has went all lengths to kill JYJ but ending up in a shameful situation. The naked truth of evil deeds by the entertainment firm with considerable influence in Japan was revealed in the court.

 “There were 4 cases in process between Avex and Cjes Entertainment over Avex’ artists Junsu/Jejung/Yuchun(JYJ). Today, on January 18 in 2013, the Tokyo District Court ruled on the 4 cases. Avex is protesting against the ruling and appealing against it. “

Avex made decision to immediately appeal against the Japanese court’s ruling. Furthermore, Avex still insists that members of JYJ belong to it. Once evilly trampling on JYJ in order to disturb JYJ’s activity, Avex, now stuck in the mire, is shamefully insisting that JYJ belongs to it.

In Korea, SM has maliciously prolonged the lawsuit in order to avoid paying settlement money and Avex is showing the same dirty step. Avex must pay reparations worth 7.8 billion won. So, not to pay the reparations, Avex is highly likely to prolong the lawsuit as SM did.

JYJ is now set free both in Korea and Japan. There’s no reason to endure tyranny of large entertainment firms. True, there remain possibilities that invisible hands will exert their influence to oppress the group. Yet, JYJ is now legally free and has more various ways to reach their fans.

JYJ has met its fans in a variety of ways such as solo albums, and, now is time to begin its activities in the name of JYJ for numerous fans waiting for JYJ in Korea and Japan. In the age of oppression JYJ risked everything to correct absurd practices and finally won – this is very meaningful since JYJ’s victory will prevent further same errors in the future. Gaining the triumph from difficult fight, now it’s time for JYJ to be rejoicing.

 Source :  Dshower’s Hot Issue

 Translated by Chocolat


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JYJ3′s Note: This is how a Japanese tabloid is reporting JYJ and SM settlement agreement and the future JYJ’s activities in Japan. It’s not the first time these tabloids share bad press about JYJ
Please remind that we have a schedule of Avex and C-JeS Entertainment Court Judgement on January 18th, Link
To the people that follow the Japanese Lawsuit, AVEX have pointed the exclusive contract of SM and JYJ as a reason why JYJ is unable to hold activities in Japan, but with the recent news of SM releasing JYJ of any exclusive contract, we think AVEX is running out of arguments to defend their position. Hopefully things will improve in Japan despite what it says on this article.

On 28th Nov, the 3 members of Korean Idol Group JYJ and its former agency SM Entertainment (“SM”) reached court settlement in Korea on the dispute of exclusive agency contracts.

Jaejoong (26), Yuchun (26) and Junsu, 3 former members of Korean group Tohoshinki, applied for temporary injunction in July 2009 on their exclusive agency contracts based on the reasons that their 14-year contract was too long and there was unfair royalty distribution.

In addition, in April 2010, the 3 members sign-on a newly setup agency and formed JYJ.  This means wishes of fans for the “5 to re-group” again became in vain, and the group split up to become Tohoshinki with Yunho (26) and Changmin (24), and JYJ.

It’s been 3 years 4 months after the temporary injunction which started it all. With the court settlement this time, all law suits between SM and JYJ had been withdrawn, and both parties signed an agreement to “not interfere with each other’s activities”.

A Korean entertainment industry person talks about the future JYJ.

[Firstly, until now every media in Korea had shut off JYJ based on the “double contracts issue with SM”, leading to the members unwilling ventures into individual acting activities like drama and musical. The court settlement this time signals a complete separation between SM and JYJ, and although Junsu has dreamed of standing on stage as Tohoshinki again, the possibility of 5 members grouping-up again disappeared. However from now, the 3 members JYJ will be able to hold concert activities and TV appearances as JYJ. Of course, it will also be possible to release new songs]

If this is true, their activities in Japan will be something to look forward to. However, it’s a bit complicated.

[Now, JYJ has an ongoing dispute on contracts in Japan. Before this is settled, their activities in Japan will be impossible……] says someone in the music industry,

In actual fact, events planned by JYJ last year in Japan faced cancellations right before the scheduled dates continuously. The court decision will be out in January next year, but there is high possibility for an appeal. The trial looks likely to drag on. It may not be possible for JYJ to hold activities in Japan for the next few years until this is settled.

Source: Jyosei Seven (20th Dec 2012 issue) via news-postseven
Translated by: @Jen_BabyLove
Shared by: JYJ3

now AVEX can’t used the boys for their fake promise such they are gonna be ‘savior the reunited of tohoshinki’ anymore  since SM already releasing JYJ of any exclusive contract so….i wonder what dirty trick that they are gonna do for stop JYJ. I bet since SM already lose, these AVEX gonna give their best for stoping the boys to win of another battle. I am not gonna surprise anymore if there are gonna be many bad news with contain of lies and bad rumor that spread by these people to ruin JYJ image in Japan. But i always believe that the truth always in winning side, no matter how long or how hard the road it is, Justice gonna be won.


JYJ‘s Junsu discussed his thoughts on the ending of the legal battle with SM Entertainment.

Junsu took part in a press conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Essen, Germany to mark the ending of his 1st World Tour. He said, “The legal battle lasted for 3 years and 4 months. To be honest, it should have ended earlier… But at the same time I also feel that the results came out suddenly. Having had a hard time for 3 years and 4 months, I felt like that time was not spent in vain… I heard the news when I was leaving for Germany, so I actually don’t know all the details of the settlement.”

He continued, “Because of that, it’s hard to say too much on this. The important thing is that we were able to obtain good results. I haven’t talked to the members yet, but I want to when I get back to Korea.”

When asked about what JYJ has been able to gain from the settlement, he responded, “I’m happy not because we achieved what JYJ or we wanted to achieve, but because we might have helped our hoobaes. I think we helped in making the environment better for our hoobaes. Contracts of 13, 10 years have been changed to basic contracts, and even that alone was consolation during our lonely legal battle. It’s what kept us going.

On the issue of appearing on variety shows, he said carefully, “If this type of result allows for us to appear on broadcast, then it should have been possible three years ago when we first filed (to become independent).” He added, “I don’t know if it will be possible for us to appear on variety shows through this result. We always dream about it, but I want to ask all you reporters, do you think we can?“

One unfortunate result of the lawsuit was that there will probably never be a 5-membered TVXQ. On that subject, he said, “A lot of time passed, but one unfortunate fact is that we can no longer have activities under the TVXQ name. We wanted to fight against the company’s unfairness, it wasn’t that we wanted to leave TVXQ. It just had to happen. It’s regretful and saddening. I feel sorry to the fans, but the title of TVXQ will remain forever. But realistically, it’s going to be difficult to promote as TVXQ again.”

Source: Newsen
Translated By: Allkpop

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[NEWS] XIA Kim Junsu mentioned his wish of standing as TVXQ infront of the fans in the future.

T/N: The translation has been done very carefully, to make Junsu’s intention clear and accurate.

Kim Junsu held a press conference at a hotel in Essen on 29th, ahead of his last solo concert to end the world tour on 30th at Oberhausen, Germany.

JYJ and SM Entertainment settled the dispute over the exclusive contract by agreement on 28th. Many fans are wondering about TVXQ’s future activities.

Kim Junsu said, “For the present I feel it is unfortunate that we cannot stand under the name of TVXQ infront of the fans. I became a singer and made my debut as TVXQ, so the current situation is sad and regrettable.”

He continued, “We intended to fight against the unfairness of the company, not to abandon the title of TVXQ. Many situations occured in the process of accomplishing our goal.”

Kim Junsu’s affection for TVXQ remains unchanged. He said, “I’m sorry to the fans, but the title of TVXQ will always remain in my heart. I think everyone will remember the 5 years I had activities under the name of TVXQ. It is very unrealistic, but if I get a chance to stand as TVXQ someday, I would be happier than ever.”


Original Source: SBS E! News
Translated and Shared by: XIAH Press

XIAH Press Translator’s Note: What Junsu is saying about TVXQ is closer to ‘something he wishes but probably isn’t going to happen.’ He is saying he would be happy ‘if’ it happens, but realistically it is close to impossible.
However, the memories of TVXQ will be precious to him.
The nuance is very subtle so here I add a short explanation to clear any misunderstandings.

Please do NOT omit, add or re-edit, INCLUDING the Translator’s Note.


[INFO] K-Netizens’ Responses

Article: Kim Junsu “Lawsuit settlement with SM, I’m surprised as well… I hope it becomes a foundation for my juniors”
Source: OSEN via Nate [allkpop article here]

1. [+737, -97] Seeing as how SM did edit the contracts for the rest of their artists after JYJ followed that lawsuit, there must’ve been something wrong with them. JYJ just took charge for it.

2. [+597, -93] To all of the SM lovers… Why are you so proud of a company that contracts you for 14 years and takes all of your money? So what if JYJ bought foreign cars? That’s not the problem, the problem is that there wasn’t a clear distribution of income. The problem is that the company was stealing their money.

3. [+566, -86] I honestly think a lot of juniors will be glad for them. Now all I need is to hear their voices on public broadcast… I didn’t care about them when they were five but you gotta admit that Junsu’s awesome.. ㅋㅋ

Article: JYJ Junsu “The title of TVXQ will always remain in my heart”
Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+273, -33] I looked up his songs after finding out that he won the best male award for his musical and he was really good. How’re people like me supposed to know unless they come out on TV?

2. [+234, -28] Do well on your concert~~ I trust that more great things will be happening!!!

3. [+191, -116] TVXQ was the best when they were five… Their stages feel so empty now that they’re separate… I’d love it if they came out on TV later like g.o.d. saying they reunited ㅋㅋㅋ

Article: Kim Junsu “I’d be really happy if I could stand on stage as TVXQ someday”
Source: SBS E! via Nate

1. [+572, -70] Wherever you are, I’ll always be supporting you. Kim Junsu fighting!

2. [+594, -192] People keep saying that TVXQ was legendary, but don’t they realize that they could only be legends because of the three JYJ members? The true TVXQ is not the current TVXQ but the old TVXQ including the JYJ members. The reason that couldn’t be protected was because of SM. Please leave the past in the past and go our separate ways now. Kim Junsu fighting! JYJ fighting!

3. [+438, -72] JYJ, thank you for walking the path of justice!!! We’ll always be with you until the end. Do well at your Germany concert, daebak!! I believe in you because you are Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu!!! In the end, it’s JYJ!!!

Credit: Netizen Buzz
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Junsu-ah i am really like your bold answer. I am really proud to you and JYJ, despite being hated by some people who always said that you guys greedy or called you as a traitor but in fact you done  a hard but very meaningful job. You guys know what the consequence from your guys act but you let yourself became a sacrifice for all of these long battle to create abetter environment to anyone who wanna be an idol. So if there are still many people hates and called you as a traitor then let it be…….because there are a fact that never gonna be changes, there are no more 13 or 10 years contract for hoobae because your effort. It’s no matter if you can or not to appear on TV, your fans always gonna stay with you, watching you and support you like always. 

u can see the same related topic video in  here

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Agreement reached with SM

Agreement….. It’s difficult to truly grasp the correct meaning of this word at this point of time.

Looks like we may have to wait and see for a while more.

At this moment I want to stop writing carelessly about this.

But I would want to perceive this as something positive.

Instead of reaching an “agreement”, I think we should take this as “being liberated”……

how about that?

To the guys, it doesn’t matter if the word “agreement” or whatever is being used….. the fact is

that they have been liberated from the troublesome matters now

Whatever happens with SM, the guys are only looking at what’s in front of them now

Because in the heart of this “future” that the guys see in front of them, SM etc no longer exist

Fact…. Whatever SM tried to do, they could not stop the guys from gaining success…… And

with this behind them, next year will be a year when the guys will be able to jump even higher…..I am so looking forward to this just thinking about it

I look forward to the guys spreading their wings flying all over the world however much they like.

And so how about Japan?…… Many of you have asked me that….

I take a positive stance to this….. Let me just write this only.

Source: Hayato San’s Blog
Translation Credit : @Jen_BabyLove
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‘the fact is that they have been liberated from the troublesome matters now. Whatever happens with SM, the guys are only looking at what’s in front of them now. Because in the heart of this “future” that the guys see in front of them, SM etc no longer exist. Fact…. Whatever SM tried to do, they could not stop the guys from gaining success…… And with this behind them, next year will be a year when the guys will be able to jump even higher…..’ ———–> i am so totally agree with you Hayato -san. No matter happen in the future, the boys always gonna move forward to reach what their new goal/dream. I am truly glad that i watched almost every process that the boys through from these past 3 years till now. Step by step but for sure they are became more matured but yet still became humble. I felt their sadness, hesitation, anger, hopeless, hurt, etc like it’s own my feeling on those process. Let’s move on, don’t dwell on the past life,and let’s observe and watch the boys again together. Thank you for always support the boys Hayato-san

Do not let your shadow walk you.  You are not a slave of the past.  ~Dodinsky

The past is never there when you try to go back.  It exists, but only in memory.  To pretend otherwise is to invite a mess.  ~Chris Cobbs

Our past is like a footprint. It only confirms we were there. No burden on our future does it bear. Bring the rain, clear the pane of clutter. ~Jeb Dickerson