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< Rooftop Prince > has gotten first place, in the “2012 So-Loved Awards” drama section organised by the Korean Cultural Center. After voting by European fans, it was chosen as the most beloved and popular Korean drama. In addition, in Germany’s Remarkable Awards 2012, the lead Park Yoo Chun in < Rooftop Prince > has also been chosen as number 1, proving his popularity worldwide.

Like a proven formula, Park Yoo Chun’s dramas sweeps across Asia. Last year’s drama < Rooftop Prince > has already broke past 1 hundred million 5000 views on Youku alone – a huge streaming video site in China. Totaling similar 7 large streaming sites, viewing has surpassed 700 million views, setting a record. < I Miss You > which started on the 17th, has currently been viewed 100 million times on China’s largest online site PPTV. China’s Sohu has also burst past 100 million views.

Last year has rewritten the record of Korean drama ratings in Taiwan in the past 2 years, and to commemorate this, played out an 8min special clip of Park Yoo Chun. Recently < Rooftop Prince > has also become number 1 in ratings on the Philippines channel’s primetime television. In China, Hong Kong and Taiwan combined statistics showed that last year’s < Rooftop Prince> and < I Miss You> has become the third and fourth most downloaded korean drama in recent years. As such, Park Yoo Chun has been recognised as the Drama King in Asia.

In Japan, < Sungkyunkwan Scandal >, < Rooftop Prince> and < I Miss You> which stars Park Yoo Chun, has been planned to be shown in the early half of 2013.

Source: TV Daily via Nate, Baidu
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Part I


During JYJ member Park Yoochun’s Media Day in Beijing, organised by South Korean agency C-Jes, Sina Entertainment had an exclusive interview with Park Yoochun.

Official visit to China; Beijing not as cold as imagined

Although it is not his first trip to China, it is the first time that the itinerary is without any concert, fan meeting or performance-related activities.  In this, Park Yoochun has shown the proper work attitude that Koreans usually have.  He said that because he had to film the drama “Missing You”, he was unable to take time out to personally thank the China media.  So this trip is made to specially thank them.

 Talking about his impression of Beijing, he said he was mentally prepared for Beijing to be very cold but it was not as cold as Seoul.  Regarding Beijing cuisine, he revealed there is a small restaurant they patronise so frequently that the boss now can understand Korean and gives him special privileges, and he can order items that are not in the menu.  This time in Beijing, the food that he wants to eat most is still mutton on skewers (kebabs).

Selects a work based on feeling; real character is Jung Woo and Lee Gak combined

In 2012, with 2 hit dramas “Rooftop Prince” and “Missing You”, Park Yoochun seems to be enjoying greater popularity than before.  Besides fans from his singing days, there are new drama fans; outside the press conference today, it is also crowded with his fans, there just to take a look at their idol.

 During the press conference, the hit dramas that he acted in became a topic that must be mentioned.  Regarding the great success of his works, he said that for the first work “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”, he did not know how to choose and just listened to the views of the people around him.  But for the recent “Rooftop Prince” and “Missing You”, he himself was moved by the script and decided to take it.  When asked which part of RTP left the deepest memories, he said he will always remember the wedding at the rooftop; the atmosphere was too sad and even the crew had tears falling.  When it was said that “Missing You” has more kissing scenes than RTP, he looked unconvinced and said, actually RTP has more kissing scenes, but viewers are affected by the heavy atmosphere in MY and have the wrong impression.

 When talking about his real character, he said it is a combination of Han Jung Woo and Lee Gak; he has Lee Gak’s sense of responsibility without losing freedom and Jung Woo’s traits of acting babyish and spoilt and also joking around.  He also took pride in his good interpersonal relations and said he maintains a good relationship with all the actors/actresses he has worked with, keeping in touch even until now.  About RTP having the highest number of clicks on the internet, Park Yoochun said he also had a shock when he heard it.   Regarding the finale of Missing You that everyone is most concerned about,  he is tight-lipped and said the script is not out yet, but he is wishing for a tragic end and asked the scriptwriter to make him die.

 Entering the China market possible anytime; wants to challenge a war movie

This media day activity is widely seen as the first step for Park Yoochun to enter the China market.  Regarding this, he was straightforward and said it can happen anytime if there is a suitable script.  He also revealed that he has received the invitation for several works but he has not made a decision yet.

 JYJ member Kim Jaejoong has already entered the silver screen with ” Codename Jackal”; when asked if he would follow suit, Park Yoochun said he is in no hurry.  He said, “Wait til I am 30 or 40 years old when I can challenge more kinds of roles; for movies I can take my time.”  About the type of movie he would most like to challenge, he was given 3 choices, love, action or comedy.  He gave an unexpected answer– war movie.  He quipped, “Actually I really wanted to act in a horror movie, but I was too scared and gave up the idea.  Now I want most to act in a war movie, best with a scene of 5 hundred horses galloping at me.”


Part II


Suffered a lot for “Missing You”;  Harry’s role is too sick

Park Yoochun, because of popular Korean drama “Missing You”, recently received the attention of more and more fans.  The engaging performance of all the actors added colors to the story but the sad storyline and chilly weather gave Park Yoochun a hard time during shooting. When asked what was the most painful thing during the shoot, he said, “Because of too many crying scenes, the body lost a lot of energy.  My mouth always becomes frozen saying lines in the cold weather.”  He also said, “When the icy winds blows, tearing is not that easy”,  bursting viewers’ fantasy over Jung Woo’s lines “I am not crying; it’s because the wind is blowing” and appearing real and interesting.

When asked if his own character is closer to Jung Woo or Harry, Park Yoochun exclaimed “Of course I am more like Jung Woo, good at waiting!”  Trying to clarify, Park Yoochun explained, in the drama, Harry acted by Yoo Seung Ho, is a control freak with an obsession that is a sickness; as for himself, he wouldn’t be like that and will give adequate trust to the woman he loves without foregoing his principles.  In the drama, Jung Woo waited for 14 years for love, and Park Yoochun realistically said, “14 years makes the story look so beautiful, but in reality it is not easy, too long “.   When saying this, he made an expression like “I can’t imagine!” and that expression was very cute.

“Missing You” tragic ending is logical;  after completing shoot, looking forward to travelling to Cuba

During an earlier interview, Park Yoochun openly expressed that he hopes “Missing You” ending to be a tragedy. Towards the finale, there are 2 more episodes,  how will the story end,  it naturally became our topic of concern.  Regarding this, Park Yoochun said,  “Even though people around me don’t agree, my hope for a  tragic ending has not changed.”  At the same time, he explained, “Not because we must give the story a sad ending, but for the plot so far, only Jung Woo’s death would make the story sound logical and everything look rational.”

Year 2012, Park Yoochun acted in “Rooftop Prince” and “Missing You” one after the other, both receiving excellent results, but he was not able to rest well. When asked, after shooting, what is the thing he wants to do most and what place he most wants to go, he looked like he was drawing a beautiful picture in his mind, then he said, “After Missing You ends, I want to travel, and if I have to choose a place, it will be Cuba, where I can rest freely.”

JYJ album in the agenda;  wants to eat roast duck in Beijing

2013 has only just started, Park Yoochun has already placed JYJ’s new album in the agenda. Regarding other projects, he said there are no plans yet, but if there is a chance, it is possible that he might bring a music or TV project to the fans.  When asked what food he wants to taste in Beijing, Yoochun quickly said he had already requested the staff to take him to eat roast duck, and after eating, he will have a good sleep.  He was full of life and vigour but it could not conceal his tiredness which pained us.  When asked to speak a few Chinese words, Park Yoochun shyly said,”More than 10 years ago, I learned Chinese but now I have forgotten most of it.  Because I watched many zombie/vampire movies, I can only shout “jiu ming ah” (“救命啊” means “help!” in Chinese).  His words made everyone burst out laughing.

This trip to Beijing, from a certain angle, is Park Yoochun’s first step to enter China, even though he is humble about it and said he came to say hello and thank you to the China media.  But I believe after this activity, Chinese fans will be able to see him more often.  Regarding fan meetings,  Park Yoochun also said “Missing You” will be an opportunity for more fan meetings in more locations. 。(Thanks 红丽/文 郑福德/图 张大伟/视频)

Source from Sina Entertainment(1,2)
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Now that Park Yoo Chun is gearing up to be in a super serious, super tragic melodrama (I Miss You), we decided that before we see Park Yoo Chun take on this challenging role, we want to remember just how hilarious Park Yoo Chun can be.Looking back on his past projects, we picked out a few moments that had us cracking up at the silliness that is Park Yoo Chun.

Elevators, the New Changing Room

There were many moments in Rooftop Prince where Prince Yi Gak (Park Yoo Chun) and his minions were confused by all the modern technology and this is one of those scenes that left a strong imprint in our minds.

Thinking that an elevator is a safe place to change clothes, Prince Yi Gak leads his men to the room, only to deal with utter shame and shock soon after.

Prince Yi Gak Dances

While Prince Yi Gak refused to make an idiot out of himself by dressing up as an animal and dancing in front of strangers, he knew he could dance better than his men and couldn’t resist proving it, even if it was in his own personal space.

Party Crashers

Here’s a little bit of Sungkyunkwan Scandal to mix things up a bit.

It’s been two years since the drama ended, but this scene has somehow stayed alive in our memory.

Moon Jae Shin (Yoo Ah In) crashes in on Lee Seon Joon (Park Yoo Chun) and Kim Yoon Hee (Park Min Young)’s bed time, and with both wanting to sleep next to Kim Yoon Hee, Moon Jae Shin and Lee Seon Joon fight over the spot next to her, unlike the gentlemen they’re supposed to be.

Too bad things don’t go as planned and another member joins in on the party crashing.

Informality at Its Best

So used to being pampered and spoiled by all those in lower ranks than him, Prince Yi Gak gets a hard slap in the face, when his men decide to play the modern game of Yaja Time, where you can drop all formality for a given amount of time.

Prince Yi Gak’s men embrace the new cultural game and mock the prince, but unfortunately, they don’t realize they’ve gone too far until it’s too late.

Awkward Slumber Party

Moon Jae Shin crashes the party once again, and this time actually gets to sleep in the same room as Kim Yoon Hee. Unfortunately for him, he can’t sleep because of these unexplainable heart-fluttery feelings he gets for Kim Yoon Hee.

So when she starts creeping towards him, Moon Jae Shin has nowhere to go, except closer to Lee Seon Joon, who of course, freaks out at the close contact.

What were some hilarious moments in Park Yoo Chun’s dramas that you remember?

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Park Yoo Chun made his debut as a singer in 2003, but the JYJ member has managed to conquer the acting world through a number of successful dramas.

But behind every great man, there’s a great woman, so we’re looking back on some of heroines who helped make Park Yoo Chun’s journey to the top a smooth one.

Park Min Young

It takes quite the woman to make a (straight) man fall in love with you when you’re disguised as a man – just ask Park Min Young.

Park Yoo Chun made his official Korean drama debut in KBS’ Sungkyunkwan Scandal, in which he starred opposite Park Min Young, who played his gender bending love interest.

Despite it being Park Yoo Chun’s first Korean drama, the pair’s chemistry on screen was recognized off screen as well, as Park Yoo Chun and Park Min Young went on to receive the Best Couple and Netizens’ Award at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards.

The drama also earned Park Yoo Chun the Best Actor Award and Park Min Young an Excellence Award at the same award show.

Lee Da Hae

The following year, Park Yoo Chun was cast in the MBC drama Miss Ripley opposite actress Lee Da Hae.

We’re not sure how Park Yoo Chun’s character put up with the unpredictable and sometimes unstable Jang Mi Ri, played by Lee Da Hae. There’s something about Mi Ri, we guess.

Park Yoo Chun earned the Best Newcomer Award and Most Popular Actor Award at the MBC Drama Awards in 2011 and 48th Paeksang Arts Awards, respectively for his role, but we think Lee Da Hae deserves some recognition as well for her portrayal of the crazy chick.

Han Ji Min

Park Yoo Chun then took his talents to SBS, where he starred opposite Han Ji Min in the time bending drama Rooftop Prince as a Joseon era crown prince.

Han Ji Min′s sweet, yet strong character proved to be a perfect match for His Royal Highness, past and present.

Again, Park Yoo Chun’s chemistry with his on screen partner Han Ji Min not only won viewers over, it earned the actors numerous awards, including the Outstanding Korean Actor and Korean Actress Awards and the drama a Best Korean Drama Award at the Seoul International Drama Awards as well.

Yun Eun Hye

All of Park Yoo Chun’s leading ladies have certainly helped the actor shine on screen in the past, which leaves us all the more anxious to see how the dynamics between Park Yoo Chun and his co-star, Yun Eun Hye, in the new MBC melodrama I Miss You will play out.

In contrast to both Park Yoo Chun’s and Yun Eun Hye’s previous dramas, the darker tone of I Miss You has also heightened fans’ interest in the actors’ comeback piece.

The drama may be off to a slow start in terms of ratings, but with Park Yoo Chun’s and Yun Eun Hye’s impressive track record in the drama world, we haven’t lost faith just yet.

Which leading lady was your favorite?

Photo credit: KBS, MBC, SBS

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(T/N: This is the same issue of Movieweek with Jaejoong as one of the ‘Irreplaceable Young Actors’ too.)


Park Yoochun – Convincing The Public With His Sensibility

[Rooftop Prince] (SBS) [Miss Ripley] (MBC, 2011) [Sungkyunkwan Scandal] (KBS2, 2010)

The basis of an actor is, “To have the ability to make the audience in unison”

This is the first time I met an actor who blends in his own speciality with the character and at the same time, allowing the audience to feel the same. From another aspect, I feel that Park Yoochun is one who was born with such talent. This is Park Yoochun who was able to control the stage’s ambience since his days in TVXQ. Though he was also a vocalist, but did not have any fanciful falsetto and choreography parts, he is always able to use the sensibility of the songs to replace all these. Park Yoochun expanded this talent greatly in his drama. During the broadcast of his debut drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, there was none of the criticism like ‘unrefined’ and perhaps it was due to the same reason.

If it were to be the usual idol stars who have been relying on bright lights and magic of cosmetics, they would cause a distant feeling when they appear in dramas. However Park Yoochun is different, his clean face is on the contrary more brilliant. As a male actor, not only does he has a clean image, he also have the looks of the usual ‘neighborhood boy’. Even though armed with the background of ‘flower boy’ and ‘idol star’, he already reached the state where he does not need any other fanciful accessories. On stage he is one of the fewer idols who does not ‘overact’; therefore his attitude and expressions were not seen as though he is immature. However while doing that, an amusing clash and nervousness would show on his face. This was depicted as character’s realism. It is indeed a talent not to be missed. Compared to the drama scenes, this forte will be proven more effective on the big screen. From ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ to ‘Miss Ripley’ and ‘Rooftop Prince’, Park Yoochun successfully maintained this amazing state.

Not that he succeeded with the tries at dramas or with ‘technique’, it was his strong defense for his own ‘sensibility’. And thus his acting was presented more naturally, and became the “good actor” that more people have accepted. What is surprising is that there is still no movie related to him. But it is obvious that there are many scripts awaiting his choice. According to his representative, they mentioned that the chances of him taking on a drama would be high.

Park Yoochun and Son Ye Jin are both anticipated to be the leads for drama ‘Missing You’ (MBC, slated to broadcast in October). If Yoochun is to act in this drama, it would be a new exciting challenge for veteran actress Son Ye Jin and it was not bad a choice too. But this also meant that we can only appreciate Yoochun’s acting on the TV screen for the time being and the movie stint will have to be set aside for now! But the movie world will not give up any chance on collaboration.


Source: movieweek via JYJ3
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Kookmin Ilbo carried out a survey targeting 10 drama critics on Aug 29, asking who has the most impressive acting ability among Acting-Dols (=Idol+Actor, a newly-coined word in Korea to call idol singers who has acting career). The critics recommended the top and 2nd places each. 2 and 1 points were given for each recommendation.


#No.1 is Yuchun Park, Eun-Ji Jung named the next rising star

The top-vote getter(9 points) was Yuchun Park, a 26-year-old member of the trio group JYJ.
He had a debut in 2010 ‘SKK Scandal(KBS2)’ and established acting career in ‘Miss Ripely(MBC)’ and ‘Rooftop Prince(SBS)’. He also showed off his presence as an actor at 2012 Seoul Drama Awards after named on the top of People’s Choice, voted by 4 million people around the worlds.

Eun-Ji Jung of A-Pink earned 8 points with her debut-drama ‘Recall 1977’ and took the 2nd place.
Su-Ji (Miss A) and Eun Jung (T-ARA) followed on the 3rd together.

#Critics’ comments on Yuchun Park

“He is one of a kind among Acting-Dols and does not have any controversy about acting ability.” – Seok Hee Jung
“He exactly knows what he can do the best in acting.” – Ina Yoon
“He has proper voice and vocalisation that an actor ought to have.” – Young Mi Lee

(irrelevant parts are omitted)

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Oho…..Yochun’s charm not only attract the older people but also the kids idol ^^. It seem that JYJ fans really…..really have a wide age range than before. From a little kid to the oldest people started to like and adore them doesn’t matter as a group/solo singer or as an actor. Good Job and  Congratulation Yoochun-ah !!!

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This is the reason why i am really happy and excited every time the boys took their new solo project. From the past till now, these boys keep changing from a novice to be a mature on any field that they took. They never stop even though many people look down them and give many negative comment about their skill on act also because their idol status. Rather than give a reason like ‘it’s my first time so please understand’ or complain ‘it’s too hard for me to do this and that’ or ‘this is my limit’ etc…these boys choose to be a silence and learn also studied every detail of the role that they took and prove it through their action.

They are keep be patient and give all their best for reach their goal. Every day they keep changing themselves to be a more better than before and to be honest all of them is really a fast learner which sometimes makes me felt so scare but in the same time amaze by their passion and strong will. It makes me became so curious about what is their next roles/project, how they are gonna do it ? how far that these boys gonna evolve ?, etc. For that i am gonna be patient and keep monitoring them.

JYJ Yuchun, Junsu, Jaejoong are growing rapidly as actors.

JYJ Yuchun, Junsu, Jaejoong are grand idol stars with fandoms all over countries. It’s hard for them to appear on a TV program, but releasing albums and holding concerts in order to frequently meeting with fans.

And now, these guys are starting to expand to drama, musical, movies and other areas. There were some biased opinions regarding their idol occupation. Some people looked at them negatively, saying that they were in leading roles without proving their worth. But in 2012, assessments about JYJ members have completely changed. Now JYJ members can confidently add their titles with actors and musical actors.

Park Yuchun has been an actor since KBS “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” MBC “Miss Ripley,” but to him SBS “Rooftop Prince” is a special one. Park Yuchun, who was a bit novice before, became matured in his role from “Rooftop Prince” as an actor.

Park Yuchun’s one of much strength is his clear voice tone and his ability to send message well. Because of this, Park Yuchun could control his up and down voice, and his expression has been surprisingly smoother. Also Park Yuchun blending into his fellow colleagues helped him to be a better actor.

Kim Junsu debuted as a musical actor through musical “Mozart!” in 2010. Kim Junsu’s musical went sold out but it also had revealed some problems.

The problem is Kim Junsu’s high payment. Because of him, ‘Mozart!’ was sold out and Kim Junsoo is right to be compensated. However, this will make other colleagues discouraged and hiring idols just for the profit became more frequent. Some people even said Kim Junsu’s this musical will also be his last. Just like any other idol stars.

But Kim Junsu was different. After ‘Mozart!.’ he participated in other musicals such as “Tears of Heaven,” “Mozart!,” “Elizabeth” and started to create his own character. Kim Junsu himself was enthusiastic about musical and is constantly improving himself.

Critics pointed out his lack of voice range and voice tone, and criticized that he cannot effectively read lines, but his ability to dominate the stage, powerful vocal, expression are Kim Junsoo’s specialty as well.

In the musical “Elizabeth” ended last May, Kim Junsu performed sexy and attractive death perfectly. His dancing on the stage was perfect just as an idol singer, and his singing also was flawless. Because of his great performance, Kim Junsoo was nominated for ‘The Musical Awards The Best Actor.’ It’s safe to say that Kim Junsu would soon win the award as well.

Kim Jaejoong started his career as an actor in SBS “Protect the Boss” last year. And right now, he is acting in MBC “Dr. Jin” as Officer Kim Kyungtak. Kim Kyungtak is a tragic person who is a bastard and is abandoned by his lover.

When Kim Jaejoong has first announced his acting career in a historical drama, people weren’t too happy about it. They said in order to be in a historical drama, one has to master historical tone and action as well and for Kim Jaejoong, it might have been too early for him. But when Kim Jaejoong in ‘Dr. Jin’ was first showed, he showed much matured performing.

Unlike his rigid form in the beginning, now Kim Jaejoong has completely mixed into his role, Kim Kyungtak. Kim Jaejoong perfectly performed Kim Kyungtak’s longing for his father and lover.

In particular, Kim Jaejoong showed his cynical smile to his best friend and performed emptied face while reminiscing. When he kneeled in front of his father and asking to kill him, Kim Jaejoong cried deeply and dearly. Kim Jaejoong’s devoted acting made audiences feel sympathy for him.

Kim Jaejoong will also participate in the movie “Jackal is Coming,” following “Dr. Jin.” Kim Jaejoong’s another transformation is highly expected because of his successful roles in “Protect the boss,” and “Dr. Jin.”

Sources : KpopStarz

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Yoochun-ah i miss you >________<

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