JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong confessed that he had once broken up with his girlfriend of 4 years because the trainee days were so tough.

In the interview with Star Today on Nov 21, Kim Jaejoong said, “Many people had hard time during trainee period. It was hard for me too and at that time, I was dating someone. But it was so tough that we had to break up.”

He revealed, “We had met for about 4 years and 8 months. After I came to Seoul for my dream, we broke up. We still kept in touch after the debut of DBSK. But she was the one who told me first that we couldn’t continue to meet.”

Kim Jaejoong added while smiling, “I said that I was just trying to be friends but it seemed that she didn’t think the same. However, that person is in my memory. I think I’ll always remember her.”

“I was not that good at singing at that time I was accepted from the audition. Junsu was the living witness of it. Since I had no money, I often had to walk from the company (located at Apgujeong) to Euljiro. The music in CD player was repeated non-stop and I was humming all the way. I think that it helped a lot so that we have the me right now.”

Source: MBN via Nate
Translated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ
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