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JYJ member Junsu revealed a picture he took on an airplane.

Junsu wrote on his Twitter on Sunday, “I’m going to Korea~ herongherong,” and uploaded a picture.

In the picture that seems to be taken inside an airplane, he’s seen wearing sunglasses and has blonde hair. His sharp jaw line gained attention.

Fans and internet users commented, “I want to see him,” “He looks like he lost weight,” “He’s so good looking~,” and “Welcome to Korea.”

Junsu finished his last performance on the 30th, in Oberhausen, Germany. This world tour, “2012 XIA World Tour,” lasted 6 month, and he is returning back to Korea.

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[Trans] There are quite a lot of people who wished for me to return to Twitter… So I returned like this. To commemorate my return, I give you sleeping JJ

[Trans] Now let’s laugh/smile to our hearts content ^^~

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[TRANS] My PS partner VIP premiere live coverage♥ This time the star right now is~~ Kim Jaejung-ssi!! Hallyu star also attended to watch PS Partner~ a shining star~

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Note :  June Hyoung Lee (@junelee1028) is a 15-year-old South Korean figure skater.  He is the 2012 Asian Trophy bronze medalist (Cr. wikipedia)

They’re talking about Jaejoong’s movie: Jackal is Coming

[TRANS] I’ll watch 3 times ㅋ

[TRANS] Okay^^I will tell Jaejoongie hyung of this~

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[ #Awerewolfboy_VIPpremiere ] The on-site scene in which the crowd went frenzy with excitement of JYJ Jaejung-ssi who came to support A Werewolf Boy.

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Photobucket[TRANS] Quite an interesting person ha





[TRANS] Oooh~ Sexy



Photobucket Photobucket


ssoogilove: @1215thexiahtic You are so cool~!! Junsu! You are doing fine and being healthy right? ^^

1215thexiahtic:  @ssoogilove The pictures were taken in US. Noona is doing good too right?


poimin73: @1215thexiahtic Where are you? (He asked in Japanese)

1215thexiahtic: @poimin73 in America. (He replied in Japanese)

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aww….i like your color hair junsu-ah…… 

the last pic…..yup junsu-ah really sexy…….your duckbutt LOL

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congratulations Jae-ah……maybe next week you hit one million followers 😀

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have some  jetlag again ? ^^ 


[TRANS] Woke up from my sleep…


[TRANS] at 2:46 AM… mm….

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[TRANS]Oh, Eru-hyung’s “I Hate You” is good

[TRANS] Eru to Jaejoong: Thank you dongsaeng^^


T/N. You can watch The MV here:

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OMG seriously i can’t stop laughing because of this boy act/word…….ROFLMAO Junsu-ah you always be a mood maker of JYJ 😀 😀 😀


There ’s so much I want to say so I will say it now. Random but I really want to say this on twitter. you are the best Koo Ja-cheol and Ki Sungyeung

~I password was wrong ah.yes.I tried it on 0101 instead of my new one 1215

~Password… it suddenly popped in my mind haha

 ~I found my password!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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