Even though he may be surrounded by beautiful ladies in every project he takes on, there are some people that JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun rather be around and they are his man friends – the biffles, the homies, and the bros.

After meeting so many people in the celebrity world, we wonder which lucky stars are called the Huckleberry Finn, Ron Weasely, Dr. Watson, and Hobbes in Park Yoo Chun’s life.

Park Sung Kwang

If you don’t know who he is, Park Sung Kwang is a comedian that appears on KBS’ Gag Concert, currently in a skit called ‘Brave People,’ where he blurts out dangerous truths that could potentially get him in trouble.

Most people didn’t believe it when the comedian first said he was actually close friends with Park Yoo Chun, so to prove himself, he uploaded pictures with Park Yoo Chun.

And to further provide evidence that they were indeed good friends, during an award show, Park Sung Kwang, in character of his comedy sketch, blurted out that Park Yoo Chun sleeps in the nude.

When Park Yoo Chun went on to win an award that night, he replied to his friend’s announcement, retorting that he at least wears underwear when he sleeps.

Ryu Dam

Another unlikely pair, but comedian Ryu Dam turned out to be another one of Park Yoo Chun’s confidantes.

The two first met on KBS’ Sungkyunkwan Scandal, but even after the drama closed its curtains, the two kept in touch.

When Ryu Dam called Park Yoo Chun on a show to prove their friendship, Park Yoo Chun was overflowing with aegyo.

When Ryu Dam asked what kind of person he is to Park Yoo Chun, he replied, “An older brother more than a celebrity.”

And thank you Ryu Dam for allowing us to hear Park Yoo Chun’s adorable, non–broadcast voice.

Lee Tae Sung

Although they were ready to kill each other in SBS’ Rooftop Prince, off-camera, Park Yoo Chun and Lee Tae Sung were actually very good friends.

The two proved their friendship by posting up pictures when they grabbed a couple of drinks, and even gave each other their autographs.

Their friendship especially shined when Park Yoo Chun’s father passed away and Lee Tae Sung sent some words of encouragement and support.

And only really close friends can take advantage of each other when one is sleeping.

Yoo Ah In

Like Lee Tae Sung, Yoo Ah In and Park Yoo Chun’s characters didn’t have the best relationship when they filmed KBS Sungkyunkwan Scandal together, but their friendship was alive and kicking even after the drama’s conclusion.

While they kept most things secret, the two actors treated fans with a touch of bromance here there, bickering and teasing each other on Twitter with lame jokes and insults.

When Yoo Ah In didn’t pick up his phone, Park Yoo Chun scolded him, saying, “Do you carry your phone as an accessory? I tried to call before going to the US, but it was turned off.”

Likewise, Yoo Ah In kept in touch with Park Yoo Chun despite their busy schedules in and out of the country.

Although Park Yoo Chun has since then closed down his Twitter account, we hope that the two are still staying close, leaving their phones on and sending each other cute messages.

JYJ – Kim Jae Joong, Kim Junsu

It’s a given that these three are close friends – so blatantly obvious that we probably shouldn’t even have to write about them, but we just couldn’t leave Kim Jae Joong or Kim Junsu out of this article.

After going through training together, making their debut together, struggling through incident after incident together, Kim Jae Joong, Kim Junsu, and Park Yoo Chun have stuck by each other like glue through all the good and bad that came in their lives.

There are no real words to perfectly describe the strong relationship that they have with each other, except that these three men are an inseparable trio that we sincerely hope will stay friends even after they grow old and grey.

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