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Yoochun‘s noona fans have been revealed to have donated to charities under his name.

On January 22nd, his label C-JeS Entertainment commented, “Yoochun’s fansite ‘Blessing Yoochun‘ performed meaningful community service for the new year.” The fanclub is made up of fans who are over the age of 30. In 2010, they donated 10 million KRW (approximately $9,500 USD) for burn-related surgery for child Park Hyun Bin.

Since then, they have donated 80 million KRW (approximately $76,000 USD) to various charities. They donated to help children with cancer, build study rooms for children in need who suffered from water damage, and to provide free food at children centers.

The fanclub has been continuously donating to anyone they already met once through donations. When they heard that Park Hyun Bin needed more money for his second surgery, they donated an additional 7 million KRW (approximately $6,600 USD).

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(Yes, KBS reported about MBC drama, “Missing You”)

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[Entertainment Team] Part Yuchun’s ‘the best visual’ never been shadowed by tonsure has been an issue since yesterday.

The change in hair style can be a ‘light’ to the person who has it or can be a ‘humiliation.’ That is, so called ‘camouflaged by hair,’ hair style can play a great role to make overall facial look different and is recognized to be especially important to stars.

However, Park Yuchun’s tonsure broke such preconception of ‘‘camouflaged by hair,’ and it identified his best visual which could digest any hair style without awkwardness.

Throughout his works, he has tried various hair styles including short cut, bob, long hair as well as tonsure. Nevertheless, he has never experience any ‘humiliation’, but he has emitted his ‘handsome looking aura.’

Therefore, netizens who have witness his new hair style showed such hot reactions as follows, “Park Yuchun tonsure, it’s rather cool,” “Tonsure or long hair, what doesn’t fit him well? He is an actor who doesn’t even need a good hair style,” “Park Yuchun, the best visual indeed.”

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The MBC drama “I Miss You” came as the number 1 drama that keeps the public engaged in the show.

On January 11, Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation revealed that “ A Program Engagement Index (PEI) was conducted as an online survey where “I Miss You” had the highest engagement ratings.”

Korea Broadcast Advertising Corporation conducted the PEI survey online a day after the drama was air in the month of December. Around 13,791 people aged 13 to 59 participated in the survey.

“I Miss You” came with 132.1, which was the highest in the drama field. All in all, the drama came at four, while “Infinite Challenge” recorded 147.8 coming at first.

“I Miss You” will conclude with a total of 21 episodes.

Note : The drama will air in Malaysia on TV9 every Mondays – Tuesdays starting Jan 28th at 930pm

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part 4

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part 3

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