‘sigh’ today is my b’day yet this kind news is come out…..
thank to u PDs for decrease my happiness today…….
i pray that our boys gonna be more popular day by day till those people doesn’t have any choice except invite our boys……amien……


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The viewer forums for the various music programs have heated up. On the 28th, after Kooki News report (Flood of appearance requests for Junsu to appear on ‘Inkigayo’, no response from the production crew..When will communication improve?), requests have flooded in even faster. Hundreds of appearance requests were posted to the viewer forums of KBS 2TV’s Music Bank (appearance director: Ha Taeseok), MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’ (appearance director: Seon Hyeyoon) and SBS’s ‘Inkigayo’ (appearance director: Kim Yongkwon)

Due to invisible backdoor pressure, JYJ have not been able to appear on a music broadcast since they left TVXQ in 2009 and because of this, the Fair Trade Commission of Korea issued a corrective action order against SM Entertainment and the KPCAIC for obstructing JYJ’s broadcast and singing activities. JYJ fans were anticipating the sight of JYJ members on public broadcast following the corrective action order. However, the situation is remains that…

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